Easily get a Germany Schengen Visa appointment date.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, Germany has something to offer for everyone. Be it the unmatched German innovation in machinery or the dazzling brilliance of the medieval castles, Germany offers something for all. But you just can’t get an appointment date for your Germany Schengen Visa. Don’t worry yourself over not being able[…]

How to Apply for an Italy Schengen visa at the Toronto Consulate?

Situated in Southern Europe, Italy was once the centre of the formidable Roman empire. It is undoubtedly one of the fascinating countries as well as home to world’s greatest number of UNESCO heritage sites. Italy lightheartedly lifts up your spirit and elates you like no other. Explore the country during your holidays and uncover several[…]

How to Apply for Spain Schengen visa at the Toronto Consulate?

Spain is the abode to the third largest number of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Snow-capped mountains, castles made of stone and colossal monuments and there is much more than you can see in Spain. Its cultural and historical uniqueness tend to grab everybody’s attention. Explore Spain during your holiday and treat yourself to some[…]

How to Apply for France Schengen visa at the Montreal Consulate?

France is culturally and historically one of the most vibrant countries of the western world. This beautiful nation is known to invite its tourists with its unwavering culture that attracts people from all around the globe. Make sure that you explore its village-square markets while in France and grab few French baked food from the[…]

How to Apply for Switzerland Schengen visa at the Montreal Consulate?

Situated in central Europe, Switzerland is a landlocked country which has France on its west and Italy to its south. It is a flourishing and a peaceful nation. Look beyond the chocolate and Alpine mountains and discover a new Switzerland. This holiday season, travel to Switzerland and witness the once-in-a-lifetime-journeys. We assure you won’t be[…]

How to Apply for France Schengen visa at the Toronto Consulate?

Located in Western Europe, France is girded with Alpine villages, world-class architecture and art, medieval cities, and serene Mediterranean beaches. French cuisine and wine are world renowned. Explore France during your holidays and witness one of the world’s most beautiful places that exist. According to the official statistics of 2016, France holds a visa rejection[…]

How to Apply for Italy Schengen visa at the Vancouver Consulate?

In terms of international tourism, Italy is the fifth most visited country in the world. The country alongside Greece is considered as the place where western culture originated. In Italy, you are bound to discover mesmerising art and monuments all around the country. This holiday season, we suggest that you pack your bags and pay[…]

How to Apply for France Schengen visa at the Vancouver Consulate ?

France is one of the most-visited tourist destinations, well, for all good reasons. Its cuisine, wine, and architectural beauty attract people from all across the globe. The exceptional landscapes and striking museums will scream for your attention. Do not forget to capture them in your cameras and relish them forever. It is clearly evident that France’s[…]

How to Apply for Switzerland Schengen visa at the consulate in Manila?

Explore Switzerland and discover its urbane culture, admirable architectures, and striking places to visit. The country is well known for its hiking trails and ski resorts. Swiss watches and Swiss chocolates are famous in the whole world. Don’t forget to grab them for yourself while you are there. Switzerland owns a visa rejection rate of[…]

India E-Tourist visa for the citizens of Malaysia in two days

India is full of beautiful places, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari it has all-time favorite tourist destinations such as Thar deserts, frozen lakes, snow-capped peaks, Mahabaleshwar hill stations, Jog and Sivanasamudram Falls, beautifully landscaped gardens and naturally mesmerizing places. Apart from the tourist destination the largely diverse cultures seen in India has always been a matter[…]

India E-Tourist visa for the citizens of Singapore in two days

India and Singapore have both been important to each other even going back to their colonial days. Many Indians who migrated to Singapore after it’s independence from Malaysia have played a key role in making Singapore the financial powerhouse it is today.India recognizes this and has made it easy to get India E-Tourist visa for[…]

India E-Tourist visa for the citizens of Ukraine in two days

India isn’t just a country, it is a phenomenon. The only place in the world where one can find cultural diversity, linguistic diversity, religious diversity, natural diversity, etc. India has always been a matter of amazement for people all around the globe. It is for this reason most people come to India.Realising the fact that[…]

How to Apply for a Switzerland Schengen Visa at the Swiss consulate in London?

A land of four languages, Switzerland is all about once-in-a-lifetime journeys, urban culture and its heart racing Alpine pursuits. We suggest that you look beyond the cuckoo clocks and chocolates and experience the beautiful country in a whole new manner. Switzerland has a visa rejection rate of almost 7%. Hence, follow this guide to understand[…]

What is the right way to get an Austria Schengen visa from Manila?

The majestic yet gorgeous landscapes of Austria is something not any mountain lover would like to miss. In the year 2016, Austria welcomed more than 250000 people around the world. The image below shows that the Consulate General of Austria received almost 3000 visa applications, some of which were unfortunately rejected and 2890 visa applications[…]

Applying for a Denmark Schengen Visa in Manila, Philippines

Experience Denmark like never before with its chart-topping contentment, blockbuster dining, and a great quality of life. It is the country where fairy-tales come to life. Find some quintessential Danish loveliness beside a lake or on a long sandy beach or while admiring a Rennaisance castle. Denmark is about all that and more. From the[…]

How to Apply for a Spain Schengen Visa at the Spanish consulate in London?

Passionate, urbane and devoted to living large, Spain is diverse country. It is the country with the third-largest number of UNESCO world heritage sites right after China and Italy. The extent of culinary experience that awaits you is sure to be the highlight of your Spain trip. While compared to France, Germany and Italy, Spain holds a[…]

How to Apply for France Schengen visa at the consulate in Manila?

France is all about world-class art and architecture. The country is famous for their culture, several monuments, and remarkable places like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre etc. Experience France, the fashion capital in a whole new manner with its unfalteringly familiar culture, cafe terraces and lace-curtained bistros. France has a rejection rate of a striking 11%[…]

How to Apply for an Italy Schengen Visa at the Italian consulate in London?

Italy is home to many of the world’s greatest art and architecture. It is one such country where life and art are seen to intermingle effortlessly. Explore Italy and discover its powerful mark on western culture and cuisine and abode to the greatest number of UNESCO world heritage sites. People from all over the world come[…]

How to Apply for Netherlands Schengen visa at the consulate in Manila?

The Netherlands, located in north-western Europe, it is considered to be one of the world’s most densely populated country. Bounded by the North Sea to its north and the west, Netherlands is a country full of many breathtaking tourist spots. Visit this mesmerising country and witness its artistic masterpieces, candle-lit cafes and groundbreaking architectures. The Netherlands[…]

India E-Tourist visa for Canadian citizens in two days

Bilateral ties between India and Cannada is becoming stronger day by day and the number of people migrating to Cannada for higher studies from India is increasing steadily. Similarly, the number of tourists from Canada visiting India has increased too. Introduction of E-Visas done by the government on India holds full credit for it because[…]

India E-Tourist visa for Spanish citizens in 2 days

Along the length and breadth of the country, India holds a variety of different cultures, traditions, languages, art forms which makes India a perfect getaway place for exploration. Be it for backpacking or a group tour India has the best destinations for it. Introduction of E-Visas by the government of India in 2015 made it[…]

India E-Tourist visa for citizens of the Republic of Korea in two days

India is much more than curries and Bollywood. The vast cultural and linguistic diversity India has always amazed the rest of the world. Understanding it’s potential the government of India in 2015 introduced E-Visas thereby making it easy to get India E-Tourist visa for citizens of the Republic of Korea. So no more long queues in[…]

India E-Tourist visa for the citizens of Netherlands

The mesmerizing beauty of each and every part of India has been acknowledged worldwide, thereby, welcoming lakhs of tourists every year. India has always opened its gates wide to tourists and in 2015 to make the entire visa application process easier the government of India implemented E-Visa. Which made it easier to avail India E-Tourist visa[…]

How to Apply for your Netherlands Schengen Visa from Washington, DC?

Located in northwestern Europe, Netherlands is famous for its rich culture, beautiful landscapes, tulip fields, windmills, and canals. According to the statistics shown below, Netherlands is seen to have welcomed thousands of people from all across the globe. The Consulate General of Netherlands in Washington accepted visa applications from 993 applicants, but only 915 were approved[…]

How to apply for Belgium Schengen Visa from the Consulate General of Belgium in New York, NY?

Belgium is a country in western Europe and has visitors from all across the world. It had close to 2.5 million visitors and it also has a high visa rejection rate. The visa rejection rate was 15.32 which is one of the highest among the Schengen nations. Knowing the Belgium Schengen visa application process well[…]

How to Apply for your Belgium Schengen Visa from Washington, DC?

Belgium is a country filled with attractive alleys and visionary canals. Its alluring open-air markets are edged with eminent towers, significant churches, and dated almshouses. As you can see from the official statistics given below, The Consulate General of Belgium in Washington, DC received around 600 visa applications. But the number of visas that the[…]

How to Apply for your Austria Schengen Visa from Los Angeles, LA?

While the Austrian Alps form the physical backbone of this Schengen nation, its eminence can be credited to its geographical positioning. The Austrian landscape is known to secure its character from the mighty mountains and thick forests. According to 2016 official statistics, The Washington consulate of Austria received 452 visa applications, whereas only 450 were[…]

How to Apply for your Austria Schengen Visa from New York,NY?

Located in the central Europe, Austria is one country that waltzes effortlessly between the urban and the outdoors. In Austria, you will find yourself cresting alpine summits on one day and swanning around imperial Vienna, the other day. As per 2016 official statistics, The New York consulate of Austria received close to 1,100 visa applications, but only[…]