An Overview of India Visa for Sri Lankan Citizens

India visa for Sri Lankan citizens

India shares an undefinable bond with its neighbouring countries. While there are similarities there are also differences. And, it is this unique blend of familiarity and distinction, which allures the neighbouring nationals. Sri Lanka is one such neighbouring country frequenting India and vice versa. Thus, this blog aims to cover all the aspects related to India Visa for Sri Lankan citizens.

A Brief on India Visa for Sri Lankan Citizens

India visa for Sri Lankan citizens is an online or e-visa, which differs from its other counterpart, which is the traditional visa or paper visa. While the latter must be applied via an Indian Mission, an e-visa is rather a convenient option. However, only a little over 165 countries are eligible for an Indian e-via. (Source)

Collectively, there are different types of India Visa for Sri Lankans including and not limited to;

  • Tourist visa
  • Transit visa
  • Business visa
  • Project visa
  • Student visa
  • Intern visa
  • Employment visa
  • Medical visa
  • Medical attendant visa
  • Conference visa
  • Film visa

Out of all the India visas, only five are e-visas. Needless to say, when you are looking to apply for the other categories, you must apply via an Indian Mission.

Types of India e-visa for Sri Lankans

  1. Tourist e-visa
  2. Business e-visa
  3. Medical e-visa
  4. Medical attendant e-visa
  5. Conference e-visa

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Did you know?

Holders of diplomatic passports whose nations are otherwise eligible for India e-visa are not eligible for India e-visa.

About India tourist e-visa for Sri Lankans

Typically, this India e-visa is granted for various purposes including and not limited to recreation, sight-seeing, visiting friends and relatives residing in India.

One can also use it to visit the country for short-term courses (non-formal without the issuance of certificate/diploma at the end of the course) or programs on yoga, music, dance, crafts, etc. However, it is essential to ensure that the duration of the course/programme does not exceed six months.

Tourist e-visa may also be sought on the grounds of volunteer work in the country. Nevertheless, the voluntary program must not exceed 30 days. Also, it must not involve any form of monetary payment or otherwise in return to the volunteer service rendered.

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About India business e-visa for Sri Lankans

It is a multiple-entry type visa, which entitles you to a stay period of 180 continuous days for each entry made. The validity of this visa is 365 days.

Typically, this visa is a non-extendable and non-convertible visa. Also, one cannot use a business e-visa to visit restricted/protected areas or cantonment areas. Sri Lankan applicants holding diplomatic passports cannot apply for an India business e-visa as they may enter the country without a visa.

About India medical visa and medical attendant visa

Basically, the type of entry for an India medical e-visa is triple. Meaning, one may visit the country thrice using this visa. The stay period is 60 days from the time of arrival.

As a rule, which also applied to the other types of India evisa, the passport must have a validity of at least six months and a minimum of three blank pages for entry and exit stamps respectively.

The terms and validity of the medical attendant e-visa are the same as the medical e-visa. However, the former is granted only to two accompanying individuals of a medical e-visa applicant.

About India conference e-visa for Sri Lankans

Unlike the other India e-visa, a conference e-visa is a single-entry type visa. It enables a stay period of only 30 days. For more information, refer


For all the types of India e-visa, the biometrics of the applicant shall be mandatorily captured on arrival at the immigration desk.

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What are the India e-visa requirements?

The list of common requirements remains the same for all types of e-visa. Needless to say, certain additional documents are mandatory, which are determined by the purpose of the e-visa.

List of common documents

A colour-scanned copy of the biodata page of your passport on PDF format.

Copy of your photograph taken against a white background with no frames or borders.

For the list of specific requirements for the different e-visa categories, read India Visa Requirements blog.

What is the India e-visa fee for Sri Lankan nationals?

You can find India Visa Cost for Sri Lankan Citizens mentioned below,

Indian Visa Types India Visa Fee Visa Validity
e-Tourist Visa 30 Days $25 30 Days – Double Entry
e-Tourist Visa 1 Year $25 365 Days – Multiple Entry
e-Business Visa $25 365 Days – Multiple Entry
e-Conference Visa $25 30 Days – Single Entry
e-Medical Visa $25 60 Days – Triple Entry
e-Medical Attendant Visa $25 60 Days – Triple Entry

Note: Banks charge an additional 2.5% of the above amount as their service charge.

India eVisa Application Process

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  • Visit
  • Fill in the basic details like your name, type of visa, number of visa applicants, etc.
  • Pay the initial fee of $3 only
  • We will process your e-visa
  • Pay the remaining e-visa fee on receiving the India e-visa application confirmation email

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India Visa Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. Is there an India visa on arrival for Sri Lankan citizens?

There is no India visa on arrival for Sri Lankans.

2. Can diplomatic passport holders apply for India e-visa?

Sri Lankans holding a diplomatic passport cannot apply for India e-visa as they may enter India visa-free.

3. Is the India e-visa fee refundable?

The fee is non-refundable.

4. What is the validity of the e-visa?

The validity of a tourist visa maybe 30 days, one-year, and five-years respectively. The validity of the e-business visa is 365 days, and the validity of medical and conference visa is 60 days and 30 days respectively.

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