10 Ways to get Flight Itinerary for visa (Updated 2022)

Whenever you apply for any visa, there are some common documents that you need to submit such as flight itinerary (not flight ticket), proof of accommodation (hotel) & a valid Schengen approved travel insurance covering COVID . While we have separate articles covering other topics, this article will show you how you can get flight itinerary for visa application in 10 different ways & cover both the free and paid options.

During visa application, you use something called a flight itinerary. This may have several names such as travel itinerary, proof of onward travel, flight reservation or booking but what is a flight itinerary ?

Flight itinerary simply means the most probable flight you will take once your visa is approved, this means that you cannot take a random flight lets say, Qatar Airlines with 30 hr layover in Saudi Arabia and create an itinerary, but choose a flight which you will mostly buy if your visa is approved. Make sure that your flight itinerary is believable.

Click here to see a sample flight itinerary

1. Using FlightGen App to create flight itinerary

This app was introduced in 2022 and is the fastest, cheapest option to make a flight itinerary. In fact we buy their unlimited itineraries plan for $10 almost everyday to create our own itineraries.

You can download flight itinerary app for both IOS or Android phones.

FlightGen – Flight itinerary for visa on IOS

FlightGen – Flight Itinerary for Android

The main benefit of using FlightGen app as mentioned in the playstore:

  • Choose Your Flight Route : You can create an itinerary for an actual flight that you will mostly take once your visa is approved. So in case at the immigration they make a routine check, the itinerary that you submit will match with the flight information your provided, this is super important. Also you have the choice of creating an itinerary for business or first class tickets.
  • Pricing : You pay a flat fee $10 to generate unlimited itineraries for 24 hours. The cheapest options online is $15 from other sources this is per itinerary.
  • Your Native Currency : Other websites will give you your flight itinerary in USD only. This is not trustworthy and may lead to rejections of your visa. Why would a Chinese citizen have his flight booking in USD ? Does it make sense ?
  • Instant flight itinerary: Generate your flight itinerary in just 30 seconds !! .It is as easy as making a flight search, enter your name and passport details and click on Create Itinerary and your itinerary is ready to download after checking.
  • Unlimited Applicants : On other sites you need to pay per applicant, so if you are travelling with your spouse & children, you need to pay for each and every applicant. With FlightGen, 1 itinerary can have upto 10 travellers So you pay per itinerary not per person !
  • Ease of use : Do you want to fill useless checkout forms and complete payment and wait for them to process your order ? What if you are at the embassy and need a quick correction ? With FlightGen you can create your itinerary and take a printout in seconds.
  • Safety & Security:You know it is not safe to enter your card details on an unknown website and it is even more difficult to get a refund. With FlightGen, your cards are safe since they never ask for your card details, you are protected by IOS or PlayStore and you are only using them to make your payment via InAppPurchases.
  • Excellent customer Support : They are available on call, whatsApp or email 24 *7 incase you have issues with your itinerary.

Earlier there was an option to create 1 free itinerary but now it is removed.

Know more about flightGen flight itinerary app.

Update: They have now created another app that allows you to create a cover letter for a visa using AI. You can download the same from here

2. Buy flight itinerary, hotel & insurance from us

If you do not want the hassle of downloading an app or want to get the whole package for flight itinerary, hotel booking and travel insurance in one. Then you can use many services online from many websites.

We have been providing this package from 2015 and now you have many copycat websites cropping up everywhere. You can book your package with us from the below link by choosing the right package for you.

3. Buy flight itinerary from others

There are right now 100s of sites that provides flight itinerary in the name of “flight reservations” for an exorbitant fees .

These sites make use of GDS booking systems which allows you to hold a booking as a business ticket which as 10 to 15 days validity.

But we do not recommend this since you are now providing fake documents for visa .

Instead all you can do is use a flight itinerary mention the following in your personal cover letter that you will submit in during your visa process.

Flight itinerary for the journey, (actual flight ticket will be purchased once visa is approved or if requested by the consulate)

Don’t believe us here is an actual fine print quote from one website, they are not being clear and strongly recommend that you recieve your booking later. And believe us your visa will get rejected if you submit a flight reservation and it is not valid.

However here is the list of some of the websites that provide flight itinerary at a reasonable cost.

It is now mandatory to get COVID related travel insurance for visa application. Get your travel insurance at just $1 per day with visitorscoverage.com

Covid travel insurance

4. Buy a fully refundable ticket

When applying for many visas, you need to show something called proof of sustenance. What this means is they you need to have atleast 100 EUR per day of stay in Europe for example for a Schengen visa.

So a 30 day trip, you need to have 3000 EUR (upper end) in your bank account when you apply for Schengen visa & this excludes your Flight & hotel bookings.

If you qualify for the above then you can buy a fully refundable ticket without any hassle.

But do note that these tickets are usually atleast $100-$500 more than non-refundable flights and it takes them 30 days or more to issue a refund.

Tip: Always use the official airlines website to book a refundable flight since you are eliminating the middleman in this case and your refunds will be faster.

5. Use airline Website for free holding flight tickets

Many airlines allow you to hold your flight booking for upto 3 days or more. This option is perfect for many visas where you are sure that you will get your visa within 3 days. But then again these flights could be some random route that you will not likely take.

Here is a hold option on Turkish Airlines.


6. Use Yatra.com for free flight reservation

Yatra.com, an Indian based flight booking engine allows you to do flight reservation and hold them for upto 3 days. This gives you time to think and also you can call them and ask for 2 or 3 more days time.

But the con with them being that you need to provide your phone number to make the bookings and be rest assured that you will receive 10 calls from them to confirm your ticket.

7. Use ticket holding feature for a fee on Airlines website

Many airlines in the world recognise that sometimes we have tentative plannings when we book flight tickets. So they have introduced an option for you to hold your fare for a particular time before you make a booking.

For example, United Airlines has a feature called Farelock which allows you to hold ticket for 3 to 7 days for a fee of $10. Similar option is present on British Airways called Hold flight for 3 days at the cost of $10.

So it makes sense for you visit any airline website and then see if they have the option of holding flight tickets.

Some of the options that we have used in the past are as mentioned below:

8. Speak to a local travel agent

Most of the local travel agents use a system called GDS to make a travel booking. This means that they will have an option of creating a flight itinerary as well as holding a flight ticket for some duration. You may be asked to pay a fee, usually $10 for a flight itinerary but it is an option which can be used if you want to.

But the con here is the time it takes to get an itinerary, you need to visit a physical store to get your itinerary and also may need to visit time if you have to make changes in your plan.

9. Use Airmiles to block your ticket

You can use your credit card airmiles to make a booking on your ticket and once you are ready to buy you can do so. Many loyalty cards have the option of using hold, for example, American airlines card has the option to hold for 5 days which is called AAAdvantage Hold.


This option works perfectly fine for visa applications. This service is offered free of charge for the airline award members.

You must have a frequent flyer account and a few thousand miles to avail this option. It may not be useful for visa applications that take longer than 5 days to approve.

10. Use 24 hold option on many online booking sites.

If you need a ticket which you need to only show at the immigration then you can book a full ticket and cancel them within 24 hours. This is our least favourite option as it is very risky. The refund will take more than 15 days and if you fail to cancel your ticket within 24 hours, you will not get any refund.

This option is useful when you are 99% confident of your travel plan but just in case you are having second thoughts you have 24 hours to cancel.

  • United Airlines | Free cancellation within 24 hours of booking
  • Expedia | Free cancellation within 24 hours of booking
  • Priceline | Free cancellation within 24 hours of booking
  • Orbitz | Free cancellation within 24 hours of booking
  • Travelocity | Free cancellation within 24 hours of booking
  • Yatra | Free cancellation within the same day of booking

Tickets from budget airlines, such as AirAsia cannot be canceled even when booked on Expedia/Priceline/Orbitz. You must read the fine print on the checkout page carefully to make sure that the ticket can be canceled for free within 24 hours. For more information, check out my step-by-step guide on how to book flight tickets with 24 hour FREE cancellation on Expedia.

Beware of Scammers

There are many online sources who are selling temporary bookings with PNR and this is the first reason for rejection of your Schengen visa. Never Submit forged documents for your visa application.

These flight “reservations” will expire anywhere between 24 hours to a week. What would happen when the consulate goes and verifies the same on the airline? You would have your visa rejected since you are forging fake documents. In fact, this is the first reason to get a visa rejected. You should prefer being honest in your documents rather than provide fake flight tickets.

Schengen visa reasons for rejection

Mention in your Schengen visa cover letter that you are submitting a flight itinerary and will purchase the Flight ticket once your visa is approved and you will be fine in 99% of the cases.

In 1% of the case, the consul may ask for additional documents to be emailed and insist on an actual flight ticket but that is far better than getting your Schengen visa (or any visa) outright rejected.

Is Flight Itinerary accepted by the consulate when you apply for your visa ?

Yes. Flight itinerary is not only accepted, but also recommended by the consulate.

Here is the official Schengen visa requirement from the Spanish consulate

Official Spain consulate

Please provide an email confirmation or website screenshot print out
of your intended flight itinerary either direct from the airline clearly showing you
intended date of departure and route. We highly recommend not purchasing your flight tickets until your visa has
been approved.

Official Requirement from VFSGlobal States the same. Read below Quote

VFS Global Website

Round trip reservation or itinerary with dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from Schengen
state. Some Schengen authorities accept the itinerary when applying for the visa but request the original air ticket when visa is collected.

Same with the Italian consulate, either a fully booked ticket or reservation (corporate booking is OK).

Italian Consulate

Round trip ticket/reservation, originating in this jurisdiction to Europe (and ultimately to Italy)
and back, including internal entry and exit points of travel i.e. EURORAIL tickets, car rental,
internal flights. The names on reservations have to reflect the names on passports.

So it is clear that a flight itinerary is in fact, accepted by the consulate. but sometimes if you do not have sufficient funds, you may be asked for a confirmed flight ticket before your visa is issued.

Can we trust travelvisabookings ? Is travelvisabookings a scam ?

We have been in the industry from 5 years. We follow 100% refund policy if you are not happy with any of our service & you are protected by PayPal. You can compare our oldest article with the ones of our competitors. Even this article is almost 5 years !! We are the pioneers in this industry.

Can i book a flight ticket without paying ?

Yes you can, There are several online sites such as yatra.com which allows you to book flight ticket without paying. Also major airlines such as united, Qatar airways, British Airlines allows you to make bookings without payment. but for visa purpose, it is not recommended and it can be the reason for your visa rejection as mentioned in our first section of our article, since it is a false statement of intent.

Instead submit a flight itinerary and you will be fine and mention the same in your cover letter. You may be asked to submit an actual flight ticket for approval in worst cases.

Can we book flight ticket before getting visa ?

It is generally not recommended, even by the spanish consulate to make a booking before you get visa. Especially during the pandemic. But if you really want to make a booking then why not book a refundable ticket and once you visa is approved, you can change your ticket. But note that you will still need to pay a fee around 10% of your booking value as change fee.

Do i need to book tickets before applying for schengen visa ?

According to the Spanish consulate, you need not book your flight ticket before applying for Schengen visa. You can use a flight itinerary and once your visa is approved, you can book an actual ticket.

Do i need to book tickets before applying for UK visa ?

Flight tickets are not a necessity for a UK visitor visa. In a UK Visit Visa Application, the intended date of travel holds importance. The key word here is ‘intended date of travel’. Hence, showing an intention to travel to the UK in the near future to visit would be sufficient to support your visit visa application to the UK.