Can you get India visa on arrival for UK citizens in 2021 ?

Before 2015, it was possible to get visa on arrival to India for many citizens, but since 2015 this has been replaced with a pre-arrival registration or most commonly known as Online visa or India eTV visa for all foreign nationals. This article explains how you can get the new visa instead of on Arrival[…]

India E-Tourist Visa For Philippine Citizens in 2021 – Updated guidelines

The Philippines is one of the preferred travel destinations for Indians and vice versa. Hence both the governments have online visas for each other. But due to COVID, the Indian government had cancelled all tourist visas and as of Nov 2021, this visa is being reinstated and it is possible to apply for India e-Tourist[…]

Getting India E-Tourist Visa For France Nationals – Updated 2021 COVID Rules

France maybe the tourist capital of the world but India is no less. While Eiffel Tower draws millions India draws tourists in equal numbers to the famed Taj Mahal. In fact, the French themselves form a large number of foreign nationals to India(4th highest) . As of Nov 2021, Indian government has restarted India e-Tourist[…]

India Business Visa

India Business Visa: Get India Visa in Just 3 Days

India has already made its mark as one of the fastest-growing economies of the world. The potentialities of getting attractive business opportunities have made a huge number of foreign investors looking for starting or expanding their businesses in India and to support this growth India business visa was introduced in 2015. But since the pandemic,[…]

India eVisa : An alternative to OCI Card in 2021

India is one of the countries that does not encourage dual citizenships. However, due to the increasing demands of the Indian diaspora (NRIs, POIs) seeking recognition of dual citizenships, the government introduced the OCI Card. Nevertheless, an OCI may not always be a suitable option when compared to an India online visa. What is an[…]

Getting India E-Tourist Visa for Dubai Citizens in 2021 – COVID updates

India and UAE have a unique relationship and Dubai is a second home for many Indians. The Arabs visit India as tourists or for medical purposes . As of Nov 2021, India has reopened its borders, for tourists or medical visas in the form of India e-Tourist visa for UAE Citizens with new rules this article[…]

Getting India visa online in 2021 – Updated COVID Rules

India is one of the top tourist nations in the world and is consistently in top 10 . But due to the pandemic, the whole nation was forced into lockdown mode, but as of November 2021, India has reopened it’s borders for tourists and it is now possible to apply for India visa online. To[…]

Getting India visa for Yoga Practice – Updated 2021

Come, experience India, a land of Ayurveda and yoga retreats. Get your India visa for yoga program today to bask in the glory of yoga that dates back to over 1700 years. Right from the rustic allure to contemporary colourful culture, the country has a lot in store to see and do. India is ofcourse[…]

India E-Tourist Visa for Chinese Citizens: Just at $25

I had decided to spend my 20 days vacation this time in India and experience her culture. I wanted to visit Delhi, Goa and Kerala in my trip. This article is not going to be about my trip, but rather about how to get India E-Tourist visa for Chinese citizens and how you can get[…]

India Visa for Korean Citizens – Updated 2021 COVID Rules

Indian government has restarted India e-Tourist visa for Korean citizens as of Nov 2019. This article explains the new guidelines as well as what are the changes to implement post COVID. India occupies 14th place among all countries applying for tourist visa from all foreign nationals. What are the types of India tourist visas for[…]

Getting India E-Tourist Visa For Ukraine Citizens – Updated 2021 COVID Rules

Just like the Russians , Ukrainians love to visit India as it is vastly different than the culture of Europe and is far cheaper to travel. But the Indian government had cancelled all the visas and foreign nationals were barred from entering India. As of Nov 2021, borders are open and it is possible to[…]

Getting India E-Tourist Visa for Spanish Citizens in 2021 – COVID updates

Europeans always had a fascination towards India and Spanish are no different. The Indian government recognised this and made it possible to get India e-Tourist visa for Spanish Citizens but was cancelled due to COVID. But as of Nov 2021, it is again reinstated with new Covid guidelines. This article covers all the new changes[…]

India e-Tourist for Singapore Citizens in 2021 – Covid Updates

Singapore & India have one thing in common, both have a simple tourist visa format for each other (India more so), India sends over a million tourists to Singapore each year & Singapore too does it’s part. India as of Nov 2021 has resumed issuing India e-Visa visa for Singapore nationals and this article focus[…]

India E-Tourist Visa For German citizens – Updated 2021 COVID Rules

Visiting India is on top of most European nationals and Germans are no different, there is a saying that if you did not see India, then you did not see anything !!!. Unfortunately the pandemic had put a dent in travel and India e-Tourist visa for German citizens was temporarily stopped. But as of Nov[…]

Getting India E-Tourist Visa For Russians – Updated 2021 COVID Rules

Russia & India have very close relationship right from India’s independence, A close allay of India, Russia and India have cross culture interests and this is why Russians are one of the top 10 tourists that visit India before the pandemic made countries shut shop & India as of Nov 2021, has opened her borders[…]

India E-Tourist Visa For Malaysian Citizens updated 2021 COVID Rules

India is just 5 hours away from Malaysia and has direct flights everyday to and fro since Malaysia also has a large diaspora of Indians living there from a long time. So it is no wonder that the Indian government made it easier to visit home by introducing Indian e-Tourist visa for Malaysia citizens back[…]

Getting India E-Tourist Visa For Australians – Updated 2021 COVID Rules

Australians have a great bond and are eternally dreaming about visiting India & explore its culture and Indians dream about visiting Australia. The Indian government has made it easier for the former by re-introducing (after COVID-19 lockdown) India e-Tourist visa for Australian citizens once again as of Nov 2021. This article helps you navigate the[…]

Getting India E-Tourist Visa For Canadian Citizens in 2021 – Updated guidelines

India was one of the top visited countries by foreign nationals before COVID lockdown. Now that the vaccinations in all countries are in full swing, Indian government has re-opened its borders and as of Nov 2021 it is possible to get Indian e-Tourist visa for Canadian citizens if you follow the new updates after reopening[…]

India E-Tourist visa for US citizens- In two days

Getting India E-Tourist visa for US citizens – Updated 2021 COVID Rules

India is seen as a fantasy land and one which you need visit at least once in your lifetime to experience the meaning of life. This was made easy when the Indian government introduced India E-Tourist visa for US Citizens which means you can get your visa approved online, no need to visit a consulate[…]

India E-Tourist visa for UK citizens- In two days

Getting India E-Tourist Visa for UK Citizens – Updated 2021 COVID rules

I had decided to spend my 20 days vacation this time in India and soak in the culture. I wanted to visit Delhi, Goa and Kerala in my trip but the pandemic put a stop to my dreams back then. But since November 2021, it is again possible to apply for India e-Tourist visa for[…]

India Visa Process in 2021 – New COVID 19 India eVISA Guidelines

The Indian government decided to make it easier to get Indian visa online by implementing India E-Tourist visa (India ETV or eTA) which allows citizens of 180 countries to visit India for either, tourism, medical or business. However after the pandemic struck, the visa was stopped and as of Oct 15 2021, has been reopened[…]

India visa for Sri Lankan citizens

Getting India e-Tourist Visa For Sri Lankans – Updated 2021 COVID Rules

Though India is just 25 kms from each other, one would think that both would not have tourist exchanges. But culturally, both these countries are so different from each other that both Indians and Sri Lankans apply for the corresponding visas pretty often. This article is about how to get India e-Tourist visa for Sri[…]

India e-visa requirements

An All-Inclusive Guide on India Visa Requirements

Incredible India – and truly so as the country has a lot to offer to a wide range of travel enthusiasts. The list goes on with many reasons to visit this diverse country that epitomizes integrity. Whether to experience the rich culture from a local’s perspective or to partake the Indian essence that exudes in[…]

Getting India E-Tourist Visa For Netherlands citizens – Updated 2021 COVID Rules

During the COVID pandemic the whole world shut down for tourism and India was no different and it was one of the worst affected nations but in the past 2 years the world has been fighting back and with the vaccination drives the borders are being tentatively opened. This article will explain how to get[…]


Solution for India e Visa Payment Failed & Website Problems – Visa at $25

On paper, India has done very well in improving her tourism since it has implemented a “E-Tourist” visa where tourists can get India visa online by just entering details in a simple form and making payment. We will discuss all the India eVISA payment failed and website problems below. How to get India visa easily?[…]

India ed il pagamento del visto e problemi relativi al sito web

Sulla carta, l’India ha fatto molto bene a migliorare il suo turismo dal momento che ha implementato un visto “E-Tourist” dove i turisti possono ottenere il visto India online semplicemente inserendo i dettagli in un semplice modulo e effettuando il pagamento. Discuteremo tutti i problemi relativi al pagamento di India eVISA e al sito Web[…]