India E-Tourist Visa For Philippine Citizens in 2021 – Updated guidelines

The Philippines is one of the preferred travel destinations for Indians and vice versa. Hence both the governments have online visas for each other. But due to COVID, the Indian government had cancelled all tourist visas and as of Nov 2021, this visa is being reinstated and it is possible to apply for India e-Tourist[…]

India eVisa : An alternative to OCI Card in 2021

India is one of the countries that does not encourage dual citizenships. However, due to the increasing demands of the Indian diaspora (NRIs, POIs) seeking recognition of dual citizenships, the government introduced the OCI Card. Nevertheless, an OCI may not always be a suitable option when compared to an India online visa. What is an[…]

Getting India visa for Yoga Practice – Updated 2021

Come, experience India, a land of Ayurveda and yoga retreats. Get your India visa for yoga program today to bask in the glory of yoga that dates back to over 1700 years. Right from the rustic allure to contemporary colourful culture, the country has a lot in store to see and do. India is ofcourse[…]