Solution for India e Visa Payment Failed & Website Problems – Visa at $25

On paper, India has done very well in improving her tourism since it has implemented a “E-Tourist” visa where tourists can get India visa online by just entering details in a simple form and making payment. We will discuss all the India eVISA payment failed and website problems below.

How to get India visa easily?

Although you can get India visa online yourself, most of you would not like to go through the hassle of dealing with the Indian government portal which is not so user-friendly, has long forms to fill and frequently crashes out.

Apply for India Visa Online

India government as waived off India visa fee for the first 500,000 applications. Apply now to get your India visa at just processing fee cost of $25 with us.

We also take care of procuring your mandatory self declaration form for all foreigners visiting India.

Note: The duration of stay will be limited to 30 till Feb 2022.

If you are like me who would rather not spend 3 hours of your life filling forms don’t mind getting it done by a travel agent then you can get your Indian visa done via

Why to apply through

  • Start India visa process with just $3 initial payment.
  • Photo edited by experts according to the embassy specification.
  • Use Secure payment gateway (Paypal or Debit/Credit card)
  • Final payment can be done after reviewing the filled application.
  • 24/7 Chat/Whatsapp/Call and email support.

After the payment, they start processing your India visa application and get it done in just 2 working days. Also if you have any questions you can reach out to them and they are super helpful.

Apply for India visa

We also take care of procuring your mandatory self declaration form for all foreigners visiting India at an all inclusive charge of $25.

But the reality is that the Indian visa website is one of the worst online visa systems. Many of our customers have approached us to help them get their Indian eVISA because of the complications involved getting one online.

But do not worry, This article will provide you with a solution for your India visa fee payment problem, possibly for less than $10.

Important : After 3 unsuccessful attempts, your application will be blocked. So if you failed to complete your payment once and failed, do not keep attempting. See point 13 below

India Visa Payment Portal Failure

Some of our customers take so much of effort to finish the application form and fail to make a successful payment in 3 attempts resulting in getting their application ID blocked and having to re-apply again.

It is one thing when a customer approaches us to complete their entire visa process, but when they come to us with frustration after several attempts to get the visa, we feel sorry for them.

But all is not lost though, you can now completely outsource your payment related issues to and get payment completed for your India visa for free. 

This article will explain in detail how you can complete your Indian Visa payment and get your India visa done easily.

How to get India E-Tourist visa in 2 days?

  • Visit and fill the “India visa request” form.
  • You will have to make $3 initial payment to process your India visa application.
  • Your visa application will be sent to you and you can verify your information filled in the visa application and make your remaining payment.

Did your India e visa payment fail and you need help?

One of the common problems that our customers face is payment related issues. This is not really the government’s fault entirely. The SBI (state bank of India) bank’s ePay solution is ill-equipped to accept cards from international customers. This complaint is persistent even on their internet banking solution that they offer.

internet banking solution

You will need to make several tries before your transaction succeeds Also the server load matters if there are several thousand visa applicants at a time, their servers cannot handle it.

But the Indian government is not going to make it easier for you. Your application will be canceled if you have 3 unsuccessful transactions as per the Indian visa website, then you will need to apply afresh.

India Visa Payment Portal Failure

So if you have already made 2 attempts with one card, then god help you in your third attempt.

The only ideal solution for this is to get someone to make a direct deposit for your application at the nearest SBI bank. This works 100 percent of the time provided that you have not made more than 3 failed attempts. If you know someone who can do this for you, you can use this method.

If you would like us to help you with this process, then we can get it done for you at $20 per application based on the type of visa.

Need help to complete payment for India visa?

You can click here to complete the payment for India visa.

What to do when India visa website is not working?

Another problem with India visa website is that very often, the visa process website is down. We cannot say how frequently we have faced this issue ourselves. We would see the end of light with just one click to take us to the payment page where out of nowhere, the website crashes and we need to do it all again.

Of course, an application id is generated for you as you fill the application and we save the application as well. But sometimes all the information that we have filled is gone. What use is saving your India E-Tourist application id if you have to type the whole thing all over again?

The solution for this is to have a dedicated visa expert who constantly monitors the situation and who is persistent in his attempts. Sometimes our India visa guys will refill the whole application multiple times until the documents are correctly uploaded.

You can try clearing your cache and make a fresh attempt.

How to pay for Indian visa application?

There are currently 2 payment gateways that you can use. The SBI ePay and Axis bank for Indian visa but both the options are abysmal. We can help you make the payment for your visa or complete your visa application and take care of the entire process for you if you choose to use our service.

Which payment method is better for India visa? SBI ePay or Axis bank?

Both are pretty much the same. But European customers have better success rate with Axis bank than SBI ePay. However, SBI works better for Americans but both the payment methods do not accept American Express. So you will need to find another card if you are using Amex.

How long does it take you to confirm our order and get my Indian eVISA once I place the order?

We usually take 24 hours and we will confirm the same with you once we have successfully made the payment for you at any SBI branch. If you send your requests on weekends or bank holidays, it will take longer. In any case, you will be updated of the progress that we are making by your visa expert.

How do I pay you for India visa application?

All you need to do is fill the below form and pay initial fee $3 to us. We will then take up your request and begin working on it right away.

How do I know that you will complete the task and I will not be scammed ?

All your transactions happen via Paypal and we do not save any of your information with us. You will be also protected by Paypal buyer protection and you can reclaim the money via Paypal if you are unhappy with our service .

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