Getting India E-Tourist Visa for Dubai Citizens in 2021 – COVID updates

India and UAE have a unique relationship and Dubai is a second home for many Indians. The Arabs visit India as tourists or for medical purposes . As of Nov 2021, India has reopened its borders, for tourists or medical visas in the form of India e-Tourist visa for UAE Citizens with new rules this article covers all of them.

Apply for India Visa Online

India government as waived off India visa fee for the first 500,000 applications. Apply now to get your India visa at just processing fee cost of $25 with us.

We also take care of procuring your mandatory self declaration form for all foreigners visiting India.

Note: The duration of stay will be limited to 30 till Feb 2022.

Indians also make up the largest ethnic group in the UAE making up roughly 27% of the total UAE`s residents. Indian government implemented E-Visas in 2015 making it easier to get India E-Tourist visa for UAE citizens.

Types of India visas for Dubai Citizens

There are various types of India visas available for Dubai nationals depending on your travel purpose. There are two types of visa regular sticker visas & India online visa .

There are several types of India online visas such as tourist visa, medical visa & business visa.

Note: As of Nov 2021, only 30 days single entry visa can be applied for all foreign tourists to India. This article will be updated once we have an official government circular for the availability of other visas.

30 days India tourist visa, this is applicable for Dubai citizen who are visiting India for a short duration of 30 days single entry which means you can enter India only once. Once your visa is approved you will need to make use of this visa within 120 days. Check your visa approval copy to know the exact expiry date of your visa.

60 days India tourist visa, (Not available as of Nov 2021)this is applicable for Arab who is visiting India for a short duration of 60 days. This visa allows double entry which means you can exit & enter India twice. 

1 year India tourist e-visa (Not available as of Nov 2021), this is for anyone one who want to explore the whole country or in general stay for one full year but you can stay for continuous 180 days only after which you need to exit the country and re-enter.

Apply for India tourist visa for Dubai nationals

We also take care of procuring your mandatory self declaration form for all foreigners visiting India at an all inclusive charge of $25.

Although you can get India visa online yourself, most of you would not like to go through the hassle of dealing with the Indian government portal which is not so user-friendly, has long forms to fill and frequently crashes out.

Requirements For Dubai Passport Holders To Apply For India Tourist Visa

India visa, though online is a very cumbersome process you need to not only enter every single detail about yourself but also you need to enter the details of your parents, spouse and also your travel history. There are about 200 columns which you need to fill and add to that the server crashes when you are in the middle of your application can be frustrating.

So keep all the information about your parent & spouse including their passports ready and ask them to be prepared to hear from you when you are applying for India visa.

The documents that you will need for India e-Tourist visa for Dubai visa is :

  1. Passport front and back scanned copy.
  2. A passport size photo soft copy in a white background
  3. Parents (both mom and dad) information
  4. Spouse’s information
  5. Port of entry in India
  6. Work related information
  7. A valid COVID Insurance. (You can apply below)

It is now mandatory to get COVID related travel insurance for visa application. Get your travel insurance at just $1 per day with

Covid travel insurance

Beware of India visa scams

There have been a lot of sites which are designed just like India visa and have been charging exorbitant processing fees of $100 or more with false claims of express or emergency visas. These are not possible and are fake.

Government of India has not authorized any agent or intermediary to charge any fee for facilitation of emergency / express Visa/eVisa.

India government advisory

So if someone is charging you more or if someone is promising you fast or express India visas, do not fall for the trap. It is fine taking consultation for a reasonable fee.

Also once you get your visa make sure you are double checking your visa online with your applicationID to see if your visa is genuine. You can verify your visa authenticity on the government website.

What Is The Fee To Get India Visa For Dubai Passport Holders ?

The regular, India Visa fees for Arabs are mentioned below. But as mentioned earlier, Indian government has announced free visa for the first 500,000 applicants, so you can apply for your India visa with us at get it just at processing fee cost of AED 95 !!.

Also note that as of Nov 2021, only e-Tourist visa of 30 days can be applied. Others are not available due to COVID

e-Tourist Visa 30 Days$25 (AED 91)30 Days – Double Entry
e-Tourist Visa 1 Year$40 (AED 146)365 Days – Multiple Entry
e-Business Visa$100 (AED 365)365 Days – Multiple Entry
e-Conference Visa$100 (AED 365)30 Days – Single Entry
e-Medical Visa$100 (AED 365)60 Days – Triple Entry
e-Medical Attendant Visa$100 (AED 365)60 Days – Triple Entry

India E-Tourist visa fee for Dubai citizens is $25 (AED 91 ). Banks charge an additional 2.5% of the above amount as their service charge. If you sought the service of a travel agent, then expect to pay anywhere between  AED 50 to AED 100 extra as a service fee. 

Yes, effective 2015 November, All Arabs visiting India must possess a valid travel document before arriving in India. In the absence of a valid visa, entry to the country shall be denied.

Apply For India Visa Online

India government as waived off India visa fee for the first 500,000 applications. Apply now to get your India visa at just processing fee cost of $25 with us.

We also take care of procuring your mandatory self declaration form for all foreigners visiting India.Apply for India visa 

Note: The duration of stay will be limited to 30 till Feb 2022.

What Would Be The Processing Time To Get India E-Tourist Visa For Dubai Citizens ?

Since this visa is online, the processing time for the visa is consistent for all countries which is 72 working hours . You will also need to apply for your visa a minimum of 48 hours before your departure after which you will not be able to submit the form .

In theory, you can apply for your India visa 120 days before your departure. But given the current situation, it is not advisable to book your flight tickets so far in advance. Our recommend time to apply for India visa would be 1 week before your travel.

Do European Citizens Need A Visa To Visit India ?

Yes. Any citizens who want to visit India among the 180 countries allowed to visit India need to have atleast online visa. Visa on Arrival has been cancelled and replaced with e-Tourist visa. This is a welcome move and if you have travelled to Thailand, you will know the pain of standing in a queue to be granted your visa.

Is It Possible For Dubai Citizens To Get A Visa On Arrival In India?

India does not provide visa on arrival to any foreign nationals because Indian replaced the existing visa on arrival system with E-Visas. E-Visas cannot be applied for at any of the ports as it takes a minimum of 2 days to get your E-Visa approved.

How Long Will It Take For Approval Of My Indian E-Tourist Visa?

It can take anywhere from two to four days to get your Indian E-Tourist visa approved. Provided all the information and supporting documents you furnished are correct and the Indian Embassy does not ask you for any additional documents.

FAQ’s On Indian E-Tourist Visa For Dubai Citizens