Applying for India Medical visa in 2021 – COVID update

Although India is not among the most developed nations, it’s medical infrastructure especially in the private hospitals is as good as any in the world. This article covers all the requirements and information about India medical visa in 2021, along with updated information from the Indian government COVID protocols.

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What is India e-MED V or India medical visa ?

India e-MED V is an evisa that is issued to all foreign nationals who want to visit India for medical treatments including treatments of Indian medicine (ayurveda, yoga etc). Since it is a subcategory of India e-visa, which means it is an online visa so there is no requirement to visit Indian embassy, you can get it done from your home either yourself or with the help of an agent.

Further more, if you are travelling with attendants or family members, you must also apply for a visa for them as well this is called as MED X visa.

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What is the validity of India medical visa ? Can this visa be extended ?

The initial validity of India medical visa is one year or the period of treatment, which ever is less. The Indian Missions/ Board abroad may usually grant 6 months visa with triple entry as a default option.

Besides you can also extend the period of your medical visa by 1 year by either contacting the FRRP/FRO officers on the production of medical certificate from a government or private recognised hospital . Any further extension is under the sole discretion of Ministry of Home Affairs.

Attendants/ family members of the patient coming to India for medical treatment with MED X visa will expire with the visa of the patient (co-terminus).

What are the conditions of India medical visa ?

If you are a foreign national and if your visa has more than 180 days of expiry, you need to register yourself within the first 14 days of your arrival in India with the FRRO/FRO. If your medical visa is for 180 days or less, then you need not register.

To begin with, cost of healthcare in India is extremely cheap when compared to that of the United States of America, this is often why there’s been a rapid growth in the number of Americans coming to India for treatment. The situation is likewise for people from Middle Eastern and African nations as well.

The Indian Government offer Medical visas for citizens from other countries who are ailing from a medical condition and would like have it treated in India. Medical treatment in India is much sought after since there is top notch talent, world class facilities and the cost is far cheaper than elsewhere. Having said that, not all ailments or conditions qualify for Medical Visa.

Who Can Apply For this visa?

A medical Visa is issued for patients seeking medical treatment in reputed,specialized hospitals or treatment centers in India. The foremost requisite to be eligible for a medical visa is that the hospital/treatment center you wish to seek medical treatment has to be approved by The Government of India. Up to two blood relatives are allowed to accompany the patient and their Visas are different from that of the patients. They have to apply for a  Medical Attended Visa  (MED X), which has the same validity as that of the patient’s.

  • Applicant(patient) must have recommendations or references for specialized treatment on the basis of Preliminary medical checkup and treatment from the Medical experts of origin/residence country. This can be obtained from the hospital that the applicant(patient)  got treated in origin/residence country. Official documents of recommendation from the Doctors there has to be obtained.
  • The treatment should be significant in nature not all ailments qualify for a Medical Visa.
  • Not more than two attends shall be issued a Visa and they both need to be blood relatives of the applicant(patient)

So an applicant holding a valid passport from their country  and who has a medical condition clinically reported and acknowledged by a reputed Medical institution can apply for a Medical visa in India.

What medical conditions are eligible for an Indian Visa?

The treatment should be significant in nature, such as:

  • Neurosurgery
  • Heart surgery
  • Organ transplant
  • Joint replacement
  • Gene therapy
  • Plastic surgery
  • Renal problems
  • Congenital disorders
  • Radio-Therapy
  • Patients seeking Ayurveda treatment.

Beware of Visa Scammers & fake agents

Indian government has released circular of visa scammers who send you photoshopped visa documents or charge $100 and above for your Indian visas for so called express or expedited visa services. This is completely false promotion and all India visas are provided via first come-first serve basis. There is no agency who can expedite your visa applications. We have a flat promise of 72 working hours for all your visas. No one can guarantee expedited services and it depends on the load that the Indian visa consular is working with at the time

Government of India has not authorized any agent or intermediary to charge any fee for facilitation of emergency / express Visa/eVisa.

Indian Government circular

Be very careful when you deal with any other websites before you give an advance. It is advisable to talk with the agent and clear all your doubts and queries before initiating a payment. We charge an initial payment of $3 to fill your application and then once you are ok with the document we charge a flat fee of $25 for the whole service.

Documents Required For Medical Visa

  • Passport with 6 month validity
  • Recent Passport size photographs
  • Photo copy of passport
  • Copy of online Visa application form
  • Proof of Residential Address
  • Recommendation from home country doctor  to visit particular specialized medical center for treatment
  • Medical documents of the treatments that are done
  • Passport copy of attendant (for Attendant visas)
  • Proof of relationship with attendant (for Attendant visas)

Beware of India visa scams

There have been a lot of sites which are designed just like India visa and have been charging exorbitant processing fees of $100 or more with false claims of express or emergency visas. These are not possible and are fake.

Government of India has not authorized any agent or intermediary to charge any fee for facilitation of emergency / express Visa/eVisa.

India government advisory

So if someone is charging you more or if someone is promising you fast or express India visas, do not fall for the trap. It is fine taking consultation for a reasonable fee.

Also once you get your visa make sure you are double checking your visa online with your applicationID to see if your visa is genuine. You can verify your visa authenticity on the government website.

Get India medical visa online with us

We also take care of procuring your mandatory self declaration form for all foreigners visiting India at an all inclusive charge of $25.