All About India Visa on Arrival for UK Citizens

India visa on arrival for UK

Is there an India visa on arrival for UK citizens? Well, this is quite a common question, yet a mysterious one to answer. The blog aims to provide you with the right answer to this very loaded question. So, here is all you need to know.

Decoding India Visa on Arrival

India discontinued the manual processing of visa on arrival effective from January 2015 in lieu to India e-visa. But India reintroduced the facility in February 2015.

However, there is no India visa on arrival for UK citizens.

Did you know?

The ‘India visa on arrival’ was renamed e-Tourist Visa or eTV after the Indian government was criticized for the same. 

India Visa for UK Citizens

Initially, only Cambodia, Japan, Myanmar, Finland, Singapore, Laos, New Zealand, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Luxembourg, China, UK, Spain, France, Italy, and Malaysia were granted eTV. Needless to say, the country gradually included many countries over the years.

eVisa a Convenient Alternative to India Visa on Arrival

UK citizens and other nationals eligible for an Indian eVisa may apply for one either via government sites or through qualified visa agents like India Visa Info

So, which are the India e visa eligible nations?

India eVisa eligible countries

List of India e-visa eligible countries


15* – All European Union citizens including nationals of Aruba, Anguilla, Cayman Island, Montserrat, Turks, Caicos Islands

Get India Visa Easily UK Citizens

What is the India e-Visa Fee for UK Citizens?

Find the India eVisa cost for UK citizens below,

Indian Visa Types India Visa Fee Visa Validity
e-Tourist Visa 30 Days $25 (£20) 30 Days – Double Entry
e-Tourist Visa 1 Year $40 (£32) 365 Days – Multiple Entry
e-Business Visa $100 (£78) 365 Days – Multiple Entry
e-Conference Visa $100 (£78) 30 Days – Single Entry
e-Medical Visa $100 (£78) 60 Days – Triple Entry
e-Medical Attendant Visa $100 (£78) 60 Days – Triple Entry

India E-Tourist visa fee for UK citizens is $25 (£20).

Note: Banks charge an additional 2.5% of the above amount as their service charge. If you sought the service of a travel agent, then expect to pay anywhere between £10 to £20 extra as a service fee. 

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Is there an India visa on arrival for UK citizens?

As indicated earlier, the UK citizens may apply for an India e-visa. At, we have an easy India e-visa application process.

Apply India E visa

India e-Visa Requirements for UK Citizens

You only need to submit two documents while applying for an Indian E-Tourist visa. They are as follows;

  • A scanned copy of the first and last page of your passport (PDF format)
  • Passport-sized photograph with white background in JPEG format

India e-visa photo specifications

  1. The image must be uploaded in JPEG format only
  2. Size of the image must not be less than 10KB and more than 300KB
  3. The dimensions must not be less than 350 X 350 pixels and more than 1000 X 100 pixels

The bottom line is, we have a very simple India e visa application process for the citizens of the UK. Thus, for hassle-free India visa processing, visit

Apply for India eVisa

Typically, there are two ways to apply for an Indian visa. The government way – the highway or via a qualified visa agent. While you may feel that the government site is far more secure, you will have a surprise of a totally another kind waiting for you. It is because of frequent crashes, and slow loading time, to name a few, make for a cumbersome online application process.

Applying for an India visa online through a visa agent

You may find innumerable visa agents online. Unfortunately, three-fourth of the agencies are scammers operating on fake sites. While we recommend you to conduct thorough research, sometimes identifying the scammers is not easy.

Authentic agents delivering India e visa

Some of the agents who have been the field for a while or the ones with a long list of happy customers is a sure way of identifying the good ones from the lot.


India visa info

Steps involved in applying for an India eVisa or eTV

  • Visit
  • Fill in the basic details like your name, type of visa, number of visa applicants, etc.
  • Pay the initial fee of $3 only
  • We will process your e-visa
  • Pay the remaining e-visa fee on receiving the India e-visa application confirmation email


The e-visa eligible countries may arrive via any of the following airports and seaports;


Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bagdogra, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gaya, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kochi, Kannur, Kolkata, Kozhikode, Lucknow, Madurai, Mangaluru, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Port Blair, Thiruvananthapuram, Tiruchirappalli, Varanasi, and Visakhapatnam


The following are the seaports where entry using an e-visa is allowed;

  • Cochin
  • Goa
  • Mangalore
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai

India visa on arrival eligible countries

Only the following three countries may avail a visa on arrival in India. Nevertheless, they may also opt for an India e-visa as well.

  1. Japan
  2. South Korea
  3. UAE*

India Visa on Arrival Alert!

India Visa on Arrival Alert – The Indian government temporarily suspends the India Visa on Arrival for South Korean and Japanese nationals with the onset of the Covid-19 disease spread by the coronavirus.


South Korea and Japanese passport holders can, however, apply for a regular India visa. 

India visa on arrival is conditional for citizens of the UAE. That is, they may avail a visa on arrival in India only if they had previously used an India eVisa.

Note: UAE passport holders or their parents and grandparents (maternal and paternal) were born in or is a permanent resident of Pakistan are not eligible.

Frequently asked questions

1. Which are the India visa on arrival eligible countries?

India visa on arrival nations

Note: It is a conditional visa on arrival for the UAE nationals. Also, Pakistani origin, UAE passport holders are not eligible for India visa on arrival. 

2. Which are the countries eligible for a visa-free visit to India?

Nationals of Maldives may visit India visa-free for a period of 90 days only. However, they cannot enter the country from mainland China.

3. Are Persons of Indian Origin eligible for visa-free entry into India?

Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) and Overseas Citizens of India when possessing an Overseas Indian Citizenship card and Persons of Indian Origin card are exempt from India visa.

4. Do Pakistan passport holders and Persons of Pakistani Origin eligible for India visa on arrival?

Pakistani citizens over the age of 65 may apply for an India visa on arrival only while entering via Attari Wagah Checkpoint and only to visit friends and family based in India. Needless to say, they must possess a valid sponsorship letter issued by the person residing in India.

5. Is India visa on arrival extendable?

India visa on arrival is non-extendable and non-convertible.

6. Can non-ordinary passport holders avail an India visa on arrival?

Holders of diplomatic and official passports 9 non-ordinary passport categories) are not eligible for India visa on arrival. However, non-ordinary passports of select countries may visit India visa-free.

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