Can you get India visa on arrival for UK citizens in 2021 ?

Before 2015, it was possible to get visa on arrival to India for many citizens, but since 2015 this has been replaced with a pre-arrival registration or most commonly known as Online visa or India eTV visa for all foreign nationals. This article explains how you can get the new visa instead of on Arrival visa.

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Is it possible to get India visa on Arrival for UK Citizens ?

No, India visa on arrival is available for only one country and that is Japan. All other countries need to apply for India tourist visa online . That too has an exception of you not being a Pakistani passport holder in the past or even if your parents or grand parents were holding Pakistani passport or Residence card.

Then the avenue of Online visa is not available for you and you still need to apply for India regular visa by getting an appointment at the embassy or the Indian consulate and getting your visa stickered to your passport.

How to get a visa on arrival ?

To get India visa on arrival, once you are at the airport you need to fill the application form at the arrival counter and Only if you hold a Japanese passport you can apply for the India visa on Arrival. there is a fee of around $25 which needs to be paid post with a stamp would be applied on your passport with the on arrival along with the departure date stamp.

Can you get India visa on Arrival at all airports ?

No India visa on Arrival is available in select airports only. You need to visit one of the following airports Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

What is the validity of India visa on Arrival ?

The immigration officer may grant you a visa for 60 days double entry at most. This is again the prerogative of the investigating officer.

Beware of India visa scams

There have been a lot of sites which are designed just like India visa and have been charging exorbitant processing fees of $100 or more with false claims of express or emergency visas. These are not possible and are fake.

Government of India has not authorized any agent or intermediary to charge any fee for facilitation of emergency / express Visa/eVisa.

India government advisory

So if someone is charging you more or if someone is promising you fast or express India visas, do not fall for the trap. It is fine taking consultation for a reasonable fee.

Also once you get your visa make sure you are double checking your visa online with your applicationID to see if your visa is genuine. You can verify your visa authenticity on the government website.

Initially, only Cambodia, Japan, Myanmar, Finland, Singapore, Laos, New Zealand, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Luxembourg, China, UK, Spain, France, Italy, and Malaysia were granted eTV. Needless to say, the country gradually included many countries over the years.

Frequently asked questions on India visa on Arrival

1. Which are the India visa on arrival eligible countries?

Only Japanese citizens can apply for India visa on arrival.

Note: It is a conditional visa on arrival for the UAE nationals. Also, Pakistani origin, UAE passport holders are not eligible for India visa on arrival. 

2. Which are the countries eligible for a visa-free visit to India?

Nationals of Maldives may visit India visa-free for a period of 90 days only. However, they cannot enter the country from mainland China.

3. Are Persons of Indian Origin eligible for visa-free entry into India?

Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) and Overseas Citizens of India when possessing an Overseas Indian Citizenship card and Persons of Indian Origin card are exempt from India visa.

4. Do Pakistan passport holders and Persons of Pakistani Origin eligible for India visa on arrival?

Pakistani citizens over the age of 65 may apply for an India visa on arrival only while entering via Attari Wagah Checkpoint and only to visit friends and family based in India. Needless to say, they must possess a valid sponsorship letter issued by the person residing in India.

5. Is India visa on arrival extendable?

India visa on arrival is non-extendable and non-convertible.

6. Can non-ordinary passport holders avail an India visa on arrival?

Holders of diplomatic and official passports 9 non-ordinary passport categories) are not eligible for India visa on arrival. However, non-ordinary passports of select countries may visit India visa-free.