Get Flight Itinerary for Visa using FlightGen App in 30 seconds.

Flight Itinerary for visa

When you apply for Schengen visa one of the requirements is to get a Flight itinerary for visa application. But where can you get one ? Well earlier you could visit a travel agent or there were many websites online who provide you with flight itinerary for steep price, sometimes more than the visa cost itself. But in 2022, getting itineraries are much cheaper and easier with FlightGen, a simple app to create flight itineraries using your mobile device.

So now that you have decided to use a flight itinerary, how & where can you get it ?

Get Flight itinerary for your visa with FlightGen app within 30 seconds. You can create unlimited itineraries from just $10.99

You can use FlightGen app to generate flight itinerary for your visa application in 30 seconds !!.

You can create a flight itinerary at just $5

Benefits of FlightGen over other services

FlightGen is the fastest, cheapest & the most easy way to get a flight itinerary for your visa application. When compared to other service providers the benefits with FlightGen are:

  • Choose Your Flight Route : You can create an itinerary for an actual flight that you will mostly take once your visa is approved. So in case at the immigration they make a routine check, the itinerary that you submit will match with the flight information your provided, this is super important. Also you have the choice of creating an itinerary for business or first class tickets.
  • Pricing : You pay a flat fee $3 per itinerary that you generate, your first itinerary is totally free. Other services charge atleast $15 for a single itinerary and for corrections you need to pay for the same.
  • Your Native Currency : Other websites will give you your flight itinerary in USD only. This is not trustworthy and may lead to rejections of your visa. Why would a Chinese citizen have his flight booking in USD ? Does it make sense ?
  • Instant flight itinerary: Generate your flight itinerary in just 30 seconds !! .  it is as easy as making a flight search, enter your name and passport details and click on Create Itinerary and your itinerary is ready to download. Corrections are instant as well !!.
  • Unlimited Applicants : On other sites you need to pay per applicant, so if you are travelling with your spouse & children, you need to pay for each and every applicant. With FlightGen, 1 itinerary can have upto 10 travellers So you pay per itinerary not per person !
  • Ease of use : Do you want to fill useless checkout forms and complete payment and wait for them to process your order ? What if you are at the embassy and need a quick correction ? With FlightGen you can create your itinerary and take a printout in seconds.
  • Safety & Security:You know it is not safe to enter your card details on an unknown website and it is even more difficult to get a refund. With FlightGen, your cards are safe since we never ask for your card details, you are protected by IOS or PlayStore and you are only using them to make your payment via InAppPurchases.
  • Excellent customer Support : They are available on call, whatsApp or email 24 *7 incase you have issues with your itinerary.

The global pandemic has made the travel industry very volatile and it is not possible to predict when the next lockdowns would be imposed. So it is wise to get a flight itinerary for visa purpose rather than make an actual booking since this is risky. Infact, flight itinerary has been the recommended by official sources like the official Spanish Consulate , VFS Global website , Italian consulate .

Note: You should always mention that you are submitting flight Itinerary and not an actual flight ticket in your personal cover letter failing to do so may result in further document proofs being requested by the consulate.

Beware of Scammers

There are many online sources who are selling temporary bookings with PNR and this is the first reason for rejection of your Schengen visa. Never Submit forged documents for your visa application. Sometimes your itinerary may be checked at the immigration point and you may be asked questions why your flight itinerary is not matching the flight ticket.

These flight “reservations” will expire anywhere between 24 hours to a week. What would happen when the consulate goes and verifies the same on the airline? You would have your visa rejected since you are forging fake documents. In fact, this is the first reason to get a visa rejected. You should prefer being honest in your documents rather than provide fake flight tickets. Mention in your personal cover letter that you are using an itinerary for the flight that you will most probably take when your visa is approved.

Schengen visa reasons for rejection

In 1% of the case, the consul may ask for additional documents to be emailed and insist on an actual flight ticket but that is far better than getting your Schengen visa (or any visa) outright for a fake booking.

What is a flight Itinerary ? How to get a flight itinerary without payment ?

Flight itinerary is a document that contains the information of the proposed flight that you will be taking, such as:

number of travellers
departure and destination information
Flight number.
complete with itinerary number
Traveller Name

This is an old method where when you want to travel you visit a travel agency and get the flight itinerary. You will then use it for your visa application, once you have your visa you can purchase the actual flight ticket. The Consulates are still using the old method and this needs to change

But nowadays, all flight booking is online and you hardly find flight itinerary option when booking a flight. This option is now moved to corporate booking.

Corporate bookings is a system where you can generate flight itineraries, this is available only when you are a corporate agent such as Expedia TAAP, Agoda Business or other corporate booking systems.

Below is an example of corporate booking.

This would be good enough for your visa application purpose.

When should you use flight itinerary & temporary hotel bookings ?

There are several scenarios you can make use of temporary bookings :

To Avoid risking your money : when applying for a visa,there is always a risk of rejection either because of insufficient information, acts of god such as pandemic like COVID or your travel plan being cancelled. In such situations using a flight itinerary & temporary hotel bookings will hedge you from the risk of losing all your money. Few $$ vs 1000s of $$$$.

InFlexible Travel Plan : Europe is one of the best continents to backpack, if you wish you can have your lunch breakfast and dinner in different countries with the same day. But the barbaric visa laws require to lay out your entire travel plan for each day including your train tickets and plans. In such a situation it makes sense to pick just 5 cities across Europe for visa purpose and once you get your visa you are free since there are no checks once you enter the Schengen Zone.

No appointment Available: Another issue is Schengen has limited visa appointments. Countries such as France, Italy Switzerland are always full and if you want an appointment it will be very difficult, In such cases you can provide a travel plan with flight itineraries and temporary hotel bookings and apply with Either Germany or Iceland and once your visa is approved you can stick back to your normal plan. We can help you get a schengen visa appointment

Proof of Financial sustenance : If you book all the flight & hotel before your get your visa, you will be out of cash and for Schengen visa and UK visa you need to submit proof of financial ability and it is around EUR 100 per everyday of stay to get your visa approved . If you make all the bookings, you will be short of cash and your bank statements will show it . Although you can travel most of Europe around 30 EUR a day.

We recommend making an actual hotel booking booking for the first 3 to 4 days and then using temporary booking for other days. You can book as you go.

How to get flight itinerary for visa Application ?

There are several ways to get a flight itinerary from visiting a travel agent or booking an online itinerary service, but the easiest way would be to download FlightGen app and generate your itinerary yourself. Visit either Appstore or Playstore and type “FlightGen flight itinerary” and you will find the app.

How to get Free Flight Itinerary ?

You can get free flight reservation by following the below steps:

  • Visit either Playstore or AppStore
  • Search for FlightGen – Flight itinerary . You will get FlightGen App.
  • Download the App & Give 5 star ratings.
  • You will be able to generate 1 free flight itinerary using FlightGen.

What are the different terms for flight itinerary ?

Well consulate will sometimes use interchangable terms for flight itinerary buy unless you are asked for a confirmed flight ticket all the below terms more or less mean the same.

  • Booked Flight Itinerary
  • Flight Itinerary for Visa Application
  • Flight Reservation
  • Air Ticket Booking
  • Air Itinerary
  • Dummy Air Ticket for Visa
  • Dummy Ticket
  • Flight Confirmation

Why does the consulate or the embassy ask for my flight itinerary ?

There are 3 reasons why you would be asked to show your flight itinerary:

To decide on the length of your stay : Although most short-stay visas such as the schengen visa is issued for a maximum of 90 days that does not mean your visa will be granted for 90 days . You will be valid only for the period of your stay that you mention in your itinerary. So if your travel itinerary and cover letter state that you will be staying for 28 days then your visa will be valid only for 28 days or your return flight date only. In rare cases it may be extended by 10 to 15 days and not more.

To confirm you are applying at the right embassy : As per schengen rule you should apply with the embassy. in which country you plan to spend most of your trip. For example, if you plan to spend 20 days in Europe . 10 days in France, 5 days in Germany, 2 days in Italy & 3 days in Swiss. Then where do you apply ? the answer is France since your main theme of travel is France.

Similarly if you are spending 20 days in Europe with 10 equal days in Italy & 10 days in France, then which consulate should you apply ? In this case, the answer is country in which you land first. Your flight itinerary will help the consulate to make it easier for them to determine.

Over-staying in Europe : A flight itinerary must theoretically, make it easier to determine your duration of stay. When you mention the dates in the itinerary you are making a promise that you intend to get out of the country after your visa expires. Also who else are you travelling with.

What is the Difference between Flight Itinerary and travel itinerary ?

Although they may seem similar, these two are very different in actuality.

A flight itinerary is a breakdown of the flight or flights that you will take during your stay and enter and exit into the Schengen states whereas a travel itinerary is your day-wise breakdown of your trip. This information is usually added in your personal cover letter that you will be submitting along with your visa application.

Here is a sample of what it looks like.

  • 10 July 2018 – Leave India and Land in Milan. Spend 1 night there. 
  • 11 July 2018  – Stay in Venice for 2 nights .
  • 13 July 2018  – Visit Florence. Stay 4 nights and visit Pisa and Cinque Terre day trips. 
  • 17 July 2018 – Fly to Munich . Stay in bavarian region for 10 nights.
  • 27 July 2018  – Visit Stuttgart. 3 nights. 
  • 30 July 2018 – Visit Frankfurt . Spend 2 nights.  
  • 1 August 2018 – Visit Cologne and Bonn day trip. 2 days. 
  • 3 August 2018 : Visit Brussels and stay there for 2 nights. Wife flies back to India, my trip continues. 

Can i book a flight ticket without paying ?

Yes. It is possible to book a flight ticket without payment either with an agency or with a few online websites who provide hold option on their flight tickets. But this is not the recommended way to get a visa because you are now submitting a falsified document. Rather you could use a flight itinerary and mention the same in your personal cover letter that you will book the same flight once your visa is approved.

If the consulate then emphasises that you must provide the flight bookings, then fair enough you will have to get the flight ticket, but otherwise you are good to go.


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