How to get your cover letter for visa application in 5 minutes !

How to get your cover letter for visa application in 5 minutes !

Did you know that the first document that the consulate would read when deciding on your visa approval is the cover letter and it is also the only place where you can explain the reason for your travel. But how to make one is not very clear

There are many bad formats online which at best would confuse the visa consulate officer or at worst cause a misunderstanding of your reason for travel and delay your visa.

This article will explain how we make our cover letter for visa processing for any visa and how you can make one for yourself in less than 5 minutes using BlinkDocs App.

Is a cover letter needed for visa Application ?

Yes. Although it is not part of the requirements. We need to bring along a cover letter for almost all visa application . Here is the VFS official website asking for a personal cover letter with the visa application.

Should you bring cover letter for visa :

What does a cover letter for visa mean ?

A cover letter or personal cover letter is a document written addressing the visa consulate containing details such as your purpose of travel, days of stay, your work status etc that will make a case for issuance of your visa.

Just by reading your this the consulate will understand everything needed to know about your visa application.

Cover letter sample format for visa

Over 50,000 customers have got their visa with us using the below format. For example if you plan on applying for Austria visa, You need to have a visa letter for Austria visa.

As you can see the perfect letter contains :

  • Date and duration of travel.
  • Purpose of travel
  • Who is paying for the trip?
  • What is your work status?
  • Day wise travel plan with dates
  • Your employment or professional status ?
  • Documents that you will submit to support your visa application

Using the above format, you can make one yourself for your visa application. But if you like to save 1 hour of your time then we recommend you use BlinkDocs App .

Why use BlinkDocs to create cover letter for visa application ?

With BlinkDoc we save minimum 1 hour of our staff’s time when we provide expert visa services to our customers.

  • Cheap. Costs just $5 per document.
  • Unlimited corrections. Plan changed ? then just make changes and download a new one.
  • Automatic English translation. If you do not speak english then no problem. Enter the details in any language and your cover letter will be created in english for you.
  • Copy feature. Want to create more than one ? Just make a copy and edit details under a minute
  • Cover letter+Travel Itinerary in 1 document. BlinkDocs hybrid letter will take care of 2 documents for you.
  • Excellent customer support. Just ping them on WhatsApp and they will reply to you in minutes and answer your queries.

How to write a cover letter for visa ?

Here are the steps to create cover letter for Schengen visa in 5 minutes :

  • Download BlinkDocs App ( You can download for IOS & Android here)
  • Create an account with email (not necessary but recommended)
  • Enter the details such as personal information, consulate information, travel Itinerary & visa documents.
  • Click on Create Letter button .
  • Check your letter is ok in the preview.
  • Complete payment & download your letter.

The next sections will explain the process in detail.

Download BlinkDocs App

First Download BlinkDocs App on your Android or IOS device. If you have an iPad that works too and gives you more real estate.

For IOS Download BlinkDocs: Create cover letter for visa

For Android Download BlinkDocs: Create cover letter for visa

Download BlinkDocs App

Signup to BlinkDoc

BlinkDoc recommends that you sign up because you can access your documents anytime anywhere (I heard that they are working on a website too) and download it. But you can also sign in as guest.

Create Cover letter for visa with Blinkdocs

Enter your name To Create a new Letter

Enter your name to get started with your cover letter. Make sure it is similar to your passport, then click on “Get Started” button to begin CoverLetterWizard.

Create Cover letter for visa with Blinkdocs

Have Pre-Requisite documents or information

There are some details that you need to keep ready such a flight itinerary , travel Insurance, trip Itinerary & your personal Information.

You can get flight Itinerary using FlightGen App & for travel insurance you can use visitorsCoverage mentioned below

It is now mandatory to get COVID related travel insurance for visa application. Get your travel insurance at just $1 per day with

Schengen approved travel insurance

Enter your personal Information in your cover letter for visa

Next, Add your personal information such as name email & phone no along with your travel reason. The format for travel reason is mentioned in the hint.

Create Cover letter for visa with Blinkdocs

Your personal information is added in the foot note of the document which will help the consulate contact you if they need some additional information as mentioned below.

Add Consulate Information

Next you need to add the consulate information with whom you will be applying for your visa . So if you are applying for German Schengen visa , then you need select them and add your address here.

Create Cover letter for visa with Blinkdocs

Note: Check the image above to know how to correctly enter the information needed for your cover letter.

Add Work status

For your visa to be approved, the consulate needs to know that you have sources of income or support in your home country. This is why we add your work details in the letter. BlinkDocs automatically adds the required information based on your work profile.

The different types of cover letter that can be created in BlinkDocs are :

  • Cover letter format if Employed
  • Cover letter if self-employed
  • Cover letter if Student
  • Cover letter if minor
  • cover letter if Retired
  • Cover letter if unemployed
Create Cover letter for visa with Blinkdocs

If you are employed, then add your job designation and company name in your covering letter or if self employed then you need to add your company information like “I run a travel agency in Bangladesh ” or “I am a tax consultation who works on a contractual basis in New York”.

Enter Flight & Insurance Information

It is a good idea to add your flight & travel insurance information as these two are mandatory documents when you apply for a visa.

Create Cover letter for visa with Blinkdocs

If you have not yet booked a flight, then you can use FlightGen app to create a flight itinerary which is accepted document instead of a fully booked flight ticket.

You can get a travel insurance which is accepted by almost all consulate with

Enter Trip Dates & Expense bearer of your trip

You will need to add who is taking care of your trip, if it is you or someone else. Also as we discussed travel itinerary will be part of our cover letter itself and for that we need your travel dates.

Date of birth is needed to determine if you are a minor, in which case the documents to submit will be different

Create Cover letter for visa with Blinkdocs

Add Day-wise travel Plan for your trip

This section is where you create your travel itinerary which will be added in the letter. This way you add more clarity to your visa application. Have a look at the sample to know how to add your travel plan.

It is not necessary to add all the dates if you are in the same location, but try to be as complete as possible and if you are travelling or checking into a hotel mention that too.

Create Cover letter for visa with Blinkdocs

Select the visa documents that you are submitting

The last step is to add the visa documents that you will be submitting for your visa requirements. This is subjective so only select documents that you will be submitting and not all the documents. For ex: If you are submitting a flight itinerary then or flight ticket then select one of them not both.

Create Cover letter for visa with Blinkdocs

That is it next click on create letter and your cover letter is ready for download after payment completion.

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