Get a Switzerland Schengen Visa Appointment in New Delhi Now

If you have a craving for snow-capped peaks and luscious green landscapes, then try Switzerland! In fact, most people from around the world come to visit the Matterhorn and the Jungfraujoch for scenic beauty. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Switzerland every year, and in 2017, more than a lakh of these visa applications went[…]

How to Get a Switzerland Schengen Visa Appointment in London?

The ravishing alpine scenery and sparkling blue lakes attract hundreds of thousands of people to Switzerland every year. Just in 2017, more than half a million people applied for visas to visit the country. And Swiss consulates have to handle all these visa applications. There are only so many appointments a consulate can handle in[…]

Want Schengen Visa Appointment for Switzerland ?

Have you just dreamt all your life to zip line through the valleys of the Swiss Alps? Have the quaint towns of Interlaken and Lucerne been your calling for a relaxing vacation with family? Pack up and book tickets to the world’s most favorite holiday destination, Switzerland! Are you facing difficulty in arranging for the[…]

How to Apply for Switzerland Schengen Visa at the Vancouver Consulate?

Switzerland is a central European country that is surrounded by gigantic mountains. It is home to some of the highest peaks of the Alps. Switzerland is widely known for hiking trails and ski resorts. And how can we forget to mention, Swiss chocolates and watches that are world renowned? There is so much more to this[…]

How to Apply for Switzerland Schengen visa from Montreal?

Situated in central Europe, Switzerland is a landlocked country which has France on its west and Italy to its south. It is a flourishing and a peaceful nation. Look beyond the chocolate and Alpine mountains and discover a new Switzerland. This holiday season, travel to Switzerland and witness the once-in-a-lifetime-journeys. We assure you won’t be[…]

How to Apply for Switzerland Schengen Visa from Manila?

Explore Switzerland and discover its urbane culture, admirable architectures, and striking places to visit. The country is well known for its hiking trails and ski resorts. Swiss watches and Swiss chocolates are famous in the whole world. Don’t forget to grab them for yourself while you are there. Switzerland owns a visa rejection rate of[…]

How to Apply for a Switzerland Schengen Visa in London?

A land of four languages, Switzerland is all about once-in-a-lifetime journeys, urban culture and its heart-racing Alpine pursuits. We suggest that you look beyond the cuckoo clocks and chocolates and experience the beautiful country in a whole new manner. Switzerland has a visa rejection rate of almost 7%. Hence, follow this guide to understand all[…]

How I Applied for Switzerland Schengen Visa in San Francisco?

Planning a trip to beautiful Switzerland but have no idea about the Switzerland Schengen visa application process? Then, you’re at the right place. Switzerland attracts people from near and far with its natural beauty and delicious chocolate and cheese. Tourism is an important economic activity in Switzerland, but the safety of the citizens is more[…]

How to Apply for Switzerland Visa from New York (NY)?

Best known for its delicious chocolates and cheese along with the beautiful Alps and lush-green meadows, a trip to Switzerland is something that you’ll remember forever. However, being a part of the Schengen area, it’s important for you to know whether or not you’ll need a Switzerland Schengen visa to enter the country. If you need[…]

How I Applied for Switzerland Schengen Visa in Atlanta

Since the early 1900s, Switzerland has welcomed more than millions of tourists on their land. The country has so much to offer, from its enticing Aletsch Glacier to the heavenly snow-covered Alps. According to the 2016 official statistics, Switzerland is seen as one of the most visited Schengen countries. The Atlanta Consulate of Switzerland received[…]

Switzerland Visa Requirements for US Green Card Holders-2020

It does not matter whether you visit Switzerland for its countryside scenery or dramatic mountain ranges, there’s nothing forgettable about this European nation. Sadly Switzerland has one of the highest visa rejection rate of 6.99% in 2016. This post will help you in understanding Switzerland visa requirements for US green card holders and how you[…]

How to Apply for Switzerland Schengen Visa Easily?

Famed for its cuckoo clocks and yodeling, Switzerland is proof that the size of a country has no relation to the sights and experiences it offers. From the snow-covered Alps to turquoise-hued lakes, Switzerland offers unending vistas of panoramic beauty. In this country, there is something for everyone. While over 450 varieties of cheese entice[…]

Switzerland Schengen Visa in 7 days (Updated 2020)

Switzerland Schengen visa is the most wanted visa among travellers, this a mountainous Central European country, home to numerous lakes, villages and the high peaks of the Alps among others. As per the statistics, As of 2016, almost 460,000 Schengen visa application for Swiss was received and out of which only 404,000 visas were approved[…]