How to Get a Switzerland Schengen Visa Appointment in London?

No Schengen visa appointment for Switzerland

The ravishing alpine scenery and sparkling blue lakes attract hundreds of thousands of people to Switzerland every year. Just in 2017, more than half a million people applied for visas to visit the country. And Swiss consulates have to handle all these visa applications.

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There are only so many appointments a consulate can handle in a day. Because of which, consulates get booked two to three months in advance.

Once you get your appointment, you can start arranging all the documents required to get your visa approved.

This article can help you get a Schengen visa appointment when you can’t find one. At any point, if you need professional help to find an appointment, you can just fill in the Schengen visa appointment form and our team will get back to you.

Click here to know more about applying for a Schengen visa to Switzerland.

Book a Schengen visa Appointment from $10 onwards

What are the basics of getting a Switzerland Schengen visa appointment in London?

When submitting your visa application and attending the interview, you will need to get an appointment with the consulate as they don’t appreciate walk-ins.

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The Swiss Embassy has transferred the visa application and biometric entry processes to third-party visa providers like

  • VFS Global
  • TLS Contact

To book an appointment with the Swiss consulate, you will have to visit the VFS Global website for Swiss visa applications. You could also alternatively visit the TLS Contact website for Swiss visa applications for the same.

No Schengen visa appointment for Switzerland VFS 1

Once you visit the VFS Global website, the page should look like in the image below.

No Schengen visa appointment for Switzerland VFS 2

You can scroll down a little to find the options like in the image above. Click on “Click here” given under Schedule and appointment.

No Schengen visa appointment for Switzerland VFS 3

The page reloads to give you instructions on scheduling an appointment. Read the instructions carefully and click on “Appointment Link” given in orange colour.

log in

You will be taken to a login page. Click on “New User?” to start a new registration.

The website will refresh to give you a form to fill in for your visa application. Fill in the details and click on “Submit” and you can start applying for your visa and booking an appointment.

In case you need any help while booking your appointment, take a look at our post “How to Apply for a Switzerland Schengen Visa at the Swiss consulate in London?“.

VFS Global charges a fee to help you book your appointment. This is dependent on the consulate and its location and will be shown to you when booking your appointment.

What to do if I can’t find a Switzerland Schengen visa appointment in London?

Don’t get disheartened if you can’t find an appointment. This is a common scenario in the cases of popular Schengen countries. There are many ways to tackle this problem.

Apply at the consulate with a different jurisdiction

You can try finding an appointment at a Swiss consulate that has a different jurisdiction. If you can’t find an appointment at the London consulate, try the one in Edinburgh or Manchester. However, this comes with varying success as consulates get booked out well in advance.

Change the main destination

Your main destination is the country that you are going to spend the most number of days for your travel. if you are travelling to multiple countries, it might help to change the main destination to a country that doesn’t have a very high inflow of tourists.

Once you get your Schengen visa, you’ll be free to travel anywhere in the 26 Schengen states. To get your visa approved, you can provide the consulate with a tentative travel plan. Say you change your main destination to Slovakia. You could mention (lie) that you are only visiting Switzerland for a short while but your main destination is actually Slovakia.

If you need help getting a temporary hotel & flight bookings to apply for Schengen visa, you can just take a look at our pricing information.

Wait until someone cancels their appointment

This might be a slightly risky step as it is possible that you will end up waiting indefinitely for your appointment. But don’t disregard this option entirely as there have been many cases where tourists were able to find an appointment with this method.

To find one, you might have to keep many tabs open and keep refreshing to be able to find an appointment, which can be extremely tedious. So, to help you out, Travel Visa Bookings has an entire team dedicated to this. You need to just raise your request by filling in the Schengen visa appointment form and our team will reach out to you.

Do you want Travel Visa Bookings to get you a Switzerland Schengen visa appointment in London?

We can help you book appointments if you reside in one of the countries listed below.

  • USA
  • UK
  • India

We are trying to expand this service to more and more countries every month. Travel Visa Bookings has been making appointments for many years now and has made corporate bookings as well, especially if you need an appointment urgently within the next 7 to 15 days.

Whenever you raise a request for us to book an appointment for you, we will try to book one in other nearby consulates if it is not possible to get a Switzerland Schengen visa appointment in London. This is because appointments are subject to availability and it is possible that we won’t be able to find you an appointment in the nearest consulate.

We don’t decide the price of getting an appointment as the consulate makes the first quote. However, we charge a flat fee of $35 above the quote of the consulate. Out of this, you will have to pay an initial fee of $10 to start the appointment booking process.

To raise the request to book you an appointment, just fill in the Schengen visa appointment form and follow the steps given below.

Schengen visa appointment form

  • Fill in all your details and make the payment of the initial fee through PayPal or direct bank transfer.
  • Our team will revert back to you within 8-10 hours with your appointment and the remaining fee.
  • Make the payment for the appointment suitable for you and the team will give you an appointment reference number.

You can use this reference number to verify your appointment and attend the interview.

FAQs on Switzerland Schengen visa appointment in London

You can check out our related post to know more about getting a Switzerland Schengen visa in 7 days.

In case you have any other queries regarding Switzerland Schengen visa appointment in London, take a look below to see if your questions have been answered.

Can my family attend the Schengen visa interview with one appointment?

Unfortunately, with one appointment, only one person can attend the interview. So, if you are travelling with your family, each person will need an appointment of their own.

Will my minor child need an appointment as well?

Yes, no matter how young your child, you will need a separate appointment for them as well.

My child is too young to attend the interview on their own

Don’t worry. Although in most cases it is necessary that the appointment holder attend the interview on their own, there are some exceptional cases. Like when a minor needs to attend an interview, they can be accompanied by their parent.

An aged individual can be accompanied by their adult child or their spouse. And a disabled person can take along help for the interview as well.

Will my baby need a visa and passport?

It is mandatory that a child has a passport no matter how young. This is to avoid child trafficking. Which means that the baby will also need to have a visa of her own.

Can you book appointments for my entire family?

Yes, definitely. However, the chances of getting an appointment for each person depends on availability. It might be difficult to find your appointments on the same day. Sometimes, we might not be able to book your appointments in the same consulate.

How can I verify my appointment booked by you?

Once an appointment is booked, you will be given an appointment reference number. You can use this number to verify whether or not your appointment has really been booked on the VFS Global website or on the consulate website.

I don’t want an appointment anymore. Will I get my refund?

If our team hasn’t already found an appointment for you, your initial fee can be refunded entirely. The consulate officer needs to be given a fee to hold your appointment slot, which is done by the initial fee. Which is why your fee can’t be refunded once the booking has already been made.

What details do you need to get me a Switzerland Schengen visa appointment in London?

We will need your full name, passport number, and passport issue and expiry dates.

When will I get my appointment after raising the request?

Our team will respond to you within the next 8 to 10 hours with the booked appointment.

When am I supposed to pay the remaining fee for my appointment?

Once your appointment has been booked, you will have one hour to make the payment of the remaining amount. This is because our team makes more than 250 appointments in a day, and there are always other people who want the same appointment.

In case you are unable to make the payment of the remaining fee in the next 1 hour, the team will consider you to be uninterested and will make the appointment available to someone else.

Can I pay extra to get an appointment earlier than others?

Travel Visa Bookings functions on a first-come-first-serve basis. So, you will, unfortunately, wait for your turn to get an appointment.

What is the fee for getting a Switzerland visa appointment in London appointment?

The price is decided by the consulate depending on the location and availability of appointments. However, we charge a flat fee of $35 above the consulate’s quote.

Will I need a travel insurance to get my Switzerland Schengen visa?

Yes, this is actually an extremely important document to be provided to the consulate for the approval of your visa application. If you need help getting travel insurance, you can take a look at our post on travel insurance.

When will I get my Switzerland visa?

It usually takes the consulate 7 to 15 days to approve your visa application. So, when trying to books a Switzerland Schengen visa appointment, make sure to keep this time period in mind.

We suggest that you apply at least a month prior to your travel. However, you can’t apply for your visa 3 months prior to your travel, so plan accordingly.

Consulate of Switzerland in London


16-18 Montagu Place

London W1H 2BQ

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 20 7616 6000

Fax: +44 20 7724 7001



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