How to get travel insurance for Schengen visa



Getting a Schengen travel insurance is one of the items on the checklist for anyone applying for Schengen visa. As per Schengen visa requirements,

A one-page document stating that the applicant is covered by a Schengen Travel Medical Insurance, i.e. minimum medical coverage of the equivalent of at least Euro 30.000 for all medical expenses, including repatriation dead or alive, occurring in any Schengen country.

So you would need to get a travel insurance for your Schengen visa which, along with the insurance copy, should give you a one page confirmation letter, usually called as visa letter. Below is an example of visa letter for Schengen visa.

Schengen visa insurance letter

The above letter needs to be submitted as part of your Schengen visa documents . As you can see above, this insurance covers you for well over €30.000 that is required as a minimum for Schengen visa application. Another important thing to note is the deductible component.


What is the deductible component in schengen insurance ?why should the deductible component be $0 for complying with Schengen visa requirements ?

A policy deductible is the dollar amount of covered expenses that a client will be responsible for paying in the event of a claim. For any insured claim, covered expenses are first applied to the extra-provincial health care benefits as provided for by the client’s provincial health insurance plan.

What this means is that you will need to provide an amount from your pocket before you claim your insurance. When getting a travel insurance for Schengen visa, you need an insurance with $0 deductible. Although some of the consulates would consider insurance which is not $0 deductible, it is best that you get one without a deductible.


What are the requirements for Schengen visa travel insurance ?

The travel insurance should cover the following requirements :

  • Must at least cover €30,000.
  • Medical and hospitalisation charges must be covered in all the Schengen countries
  • Repatriation expenses to transfer the remains to your home country.
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • $0 deductible expense(mandatory)
  • You must be covered for the entire duration of your stay.

How to get a cheap Schengen visa travel insurance ? 

There are of course, many websites online which can provide you with an insurance. But keep in mind that these companies are insurance agents and it is in their interest to sell you the most expensive insurance .

A typical 10 day Schengen travel insurance should not cost you more than $15 but there are websites which are quoting prices in excess of $50 .

You must also be wary of getting the wrong insurance, there is perhaps no bigger shame than getting your visa rejected for not meeting the criteria for Schengen visa insurance.

Schengen visa requires that before you enter Europe, be it for your business or leisure, you will need to have a valid travel insurance, In this tutorial we will show you how you can get the best and the cheapest insurance possible for your trip in 5 easy steps . The whole process should not take more than 5 minutes.

Step 1: Go to visitorscoverage 

Step 2: Select international excluding USA and fill in the dates and age of the traveller

schengen visa travel insurance

Step 3: Set the coverage limit to minimum $50,000 for Schengen visa

Step 4 : Set the insurance deductible to $ 0. For Schengen visa, You need to have 0 deductible when applying for Schengen visa

schengen visa 0 deductible


Step 5 : Always select insurance from “trawick international” . This is the only insurance which gives you a visa issuance letter that you need to attach with your Schengen visa application.


That is it !! fill in the required information and make payment. Your insurance will be sent to your inbox within 5 minutes of completing the payment.

Can you provide us travel insurance for Schengen visa ?

We would gladly help you out in getting the cheapest quote for your Schengen visa insurance. We have so far helped out 1000s of our customers get insurance for their Schengen visa. And we are not travel agents, we have no benefit in selling you an expensive insurance which you don’t necessarily need to get your Schengen visa.

Besides, we will ensure that you get the “Confirmation of coverage ” letter as well as a plan which covers all the Schengen states.

How much do you charge for getting us travel insurance ?

We charge a flat service charge of $15 to get your Schengen visa insurance. When we send you a quote for Schengen visa insurance, this would be included in your insurance cost.

Great !! How can request a quote for Schengen visa insurance ?

Simply click the below link to get a quote from us. You will not have to pay anything to request a quote from us . Simply click the below button and we will get you a cheap insurance quote within 1 hour.


How long does it take to get my travel insurance ?

Once you accept our quote and make payment, you will get travel insurance within 3 hours.

schengen travel visa quote


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