Travel insurance for Schengen visa in 5 easy steps (Updated 2018 )

Schengen travel insurance is one of the items on the checklist for anyone applying for Schengen visa. As per Schengen visa requirements,

A one-page document stating that the applicant is covered by a Schengen Travel Medical Insurance, i.e. minimum medical coverage of the equivalent of at least €30.000 for all medical expenses, including repatriation dead or alive, occurring in any Schengen country.

So you would need to get a travel insurance for your Schengen visa which, along with the insurance copy, should give you a one page confirmation letter, usually called as Schengen visa insurance letter

Click to see sample Schengen visa insurance letter

The above letter needs to be submitted as part of your Schengen visa documents . As you can see above, this insurance covers you for €45,000 that is above the required minimum for Schengen visa application and must be 0 deductible . If you do not know what is a 0 deductible Schengen insurance, then we have explained it in our FAQ section at the end of this article


Buying Schengen visa in 5 simple steps

If you follow the steps mentioned below you would get an insurance which covers all the requirements of Schengen visa such as :

€30,000 insurance cover (Our suggested insurance provides € 45,000)

0 deductible insurance

1 page insurance letter

Covers repatriation & evacuation charges

Step 1 : Go to visitorscoverage

Step 2: Select “international excluding USA” and fill in the dates and age of the traveller


schengen visa travel insurance


Step 3: Set the coverage limit to “upto $50,000” for Schengen visa


Step 4 : Set the insurance deductible to $ 0. For Schengen visa, You need to have 0 deductible when applying for Schengen visa


schengen visa 0 deductible


Step 5 : Always select insurance from “trawick international” . This insurance send visa issuance letter that you need to attach with your Schengen visa application.



That is it, Once you click on buy now, you will be asked to submit details such as your name, passport details, home country, nominee etc .

What to do after buying the insurance ?

Once you complete payment, you will get your insurance document along with Issuance Letter to your email in 5 minutes. Attach this document to the list of documents you need to submit to the embassy. you will also need to submit flight & hotel bookings as part of the documents. You can get temporary flight & hotel bookings for your Schengen visa by clicking the below image.

FAQ –  Schengen visa Insurance edition
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