How to Apply for Switzerland Schengen Visa Easily?

Famed for its cuckoo clocks and yodeling, Switzerland is proof that the size of a country has no relation to the sights and experiences it offers. From the snow-covered Alps to turquoise-hued lakes, Switzerland offers unending vistas of panoramic beauty. Update : It is now mandatory to get COVID Insurance when you travel Abroad. Click[…]

france schengen visa requirements

French Schengen Visa for Indians – Apply Now

As Audrey Hepburn says in the movie, Sabrina; “Paris is always a good idea.” Whether it’s to see Monet’s waterlilies in Giverny or to lose yourself in the gardens of Versailles, there is no end to the reasons why a trip to France is a must for every travel enthusiast. Update : It is now[…]