Norway Tourist Schengen Visa for Indians Updated 2020

norway visa application requirements

Norway is one amongst the 3 Scandinavian countries and is located in Northern part of Europe. It shares its boundary with Russia, Finland, and Sweden. Norway is a country of crystal clear fjords, spectacular glaciers, dramatic waterfalls and majestic mountains.

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People here have an enduring love for the natural world.  Oslo, the capital, by any standards, is a town of outstanding natural beauty and museums. Norway tourist visa for Indian citizens is obtained by applying for a Schengen visa. In this post we will cover the in and outs of getting a tourist visa for Norway.

Getting to Norway: the Schengen Visa

The Schengen area named after the Schengen Agreement” functions as one country for international travel purposes, with a common visa policy in Europe. The Schengen Area consists of 26 member countries out of that 22 countries are a member of the European Union (EU). If you have got a valid visa or residence permit in one amongst these countries, you’ll be able to conjointly visit the other Schengen countries.

The four European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member countries Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein aren’t members of the EU, however, they have signed agreements in association with the Schengen Agreement in 2001. Therefore to enter Norway you need to apply for Norway tourist Visa(also called a short-stay visa).

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More than ten million Indians travel to Europe every year so here are some basic requirements for every Indian passport holder to acknowledge in terms of Norway visa fees in rupees, documents and the process of applying.

Norway visa requirements for Indian citizens

Depending on the purpose of visit and length of stay in Norway, one needs to apply for a different Norwegian Schengen Visa.

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If you intend to visit your relatives or friends or wander around Norway for less than 90 days then you ought to apply for short term visa.

If you wish to work or study or stay with your spouse for a longer period of time then you ought to apply for long stay visa and get in touch with nearest Embassy directly.

         Norway visa requirements for Indian citizens are as follows:

  • Download and fill the application form or you can also fill the form electronically.Don’t forget to print a physical copy of electronically filled form.
  • Two photos of passport size should be attached.
  • Travel Visa Insurance confirmation within Norway and the entire Schengen area. Insurance coverage must be of minimum Euro 30,000.
  • Passport with validity of at least three months beyond return date and with a minimum of 2 blank pages.
  • If you have 2 passports then your previous passport and copy/copies of your previous visa/visas are also necessary.
  • You need to submit documents stating your financial status
  • Birth certificate, death certificate of spouse, marriage certificate etc. is also essential in order to provide proof of your civil status.
  • A cover letter along with flight itinerary and accommodation proof during the intended stay is essential.

You must apply for Norway visa at least 15 days earlier, though not ahead of 3 months before the intended visit!

Of course, in fact all the embassies mention the same. We have added links to the official visa pages which you can verify.

France Consulate

Your travel itinerary : you MUST BOOK your airline ticket but do not purchase until the visa has been approved.

Spain consulate

We recommend that you do not purchase travel tickets until your visa has been approved. On the other hand, you may provide us with a reservation, a planned itinerary or an online printout of a roundtrip ticket.

Netherland Consulate

Travel reservation to and from schengen area, not a ticket. Note: Make travel reservation which you can cancel

Germany consulate

Flight (roundtrip)/travel reservations and full itinerary (if several Schengen States will be visited or if the trip covers several Schengen States and non-Schengen countries) with the name of passenger and one copy

Italy consulate

Round trip ticket/reservation, originating in this jurisdiction to Europe (and ultimately to Italy) and back, including internal entry and exit points of travel i.e. EURORAIL tickets, car rental, internal flights. The names on reservations have to reflect the names on passports.

We can provide you with flight itineraries which is accepted by not only for Schengen visa but for all visas. We have customers using the same flight itinerary for Malaysia visa, Singapore visa, India visa, UK visa etc.

In fact the European union visa requirements for visa states the same.

As per the official document,

Round trip reservation or itinerary with dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from Schengen state.Schengen authorities accept the itinerary when applying for the visa but request the original air ticket when visa is collected.

That is why we have 100% visa acceptance rate although some of our customers have been requested to provide “additional documents”, none of their visas has been rejected for providing fake documents. With 80% of our customers being return customers or companies that process visas for their employees/clients, our approach is the best approach if you want to ensure the safety of your visa.

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Photograph Specifications

The photo must not be older than six months (35-40 mm) and should clearly show the person‘s facial features. The face should not be covered by hair, sharply focused and evenly illuminated. The background should be in a contrasting color to the face and hair. Any kind of headgear is not permitted but the passport authority can permit exceptions to this rule especially/only for credible religious reasons. The person‘s expression should be neutral with the mouth closed eyes open and look directly into the camera. The edge of glasses may not cover the eyes if a person wears glasses. The photo should be printed on high-quality paper.

Norway visa for Indian Citizens – Personal  Cover Letter

If you are unable to submit your application at the Norwegian embassy in person then an authorized travel agent might submit the application on your behalf. In such cases, a cover letter becomes very important. A cover letter addressing the Embassy of Norway in your area must explain in detail the purpose of your visit along with all the documents and entire travel itinerary. Click here to see a sample cover letter for Norway visa

Flight Itineraries and Accommodation for Norway Tourist visa

A flight itinerary for Norway visa refers to the schedule of the projected route of airline information such as the name of your and its code, departure/arrival timings along with dates, departure/arrival airport’s IATA codes(Ex: SFC, FRA, BLR) and your flight reservation/booking numbers. It is always better to have a flight itinerary and reserved tickets. This way you do not have to buy costly tickets in the last minute. This way you fulfill the prerequisite put forward by Consulate or the Embassy when applying for a Schengen tourist Visa. Schengen officials are fine attentive to the high cost of flight tickets so they do settle for a detailed itinerary rather than confirmed seats while accepting visa applications. Schengen authorities will request the original air ticket when you will go to collect your visa.

Similarly, you need to provide proof of hotel reservations for Norway visa because it helps visa consulate to confirm whether you have sufficient money to sustain yourself for the duration of your trip. So don’t forget to book a hotel for Norway visa as a proof of accommodation letter for visa application. You can look for an online travel agent here.

Once your visa application is approved and you are about to get your visa then you are free to take your time and book your hotels as per your needs and desires. But remember if you don’t provide proof of your stay, then this might result in rejection of your visa application.

Please note you cannot claim any loss of expenses occurred to the Embassy of Norway if you buy your flight ticket in advance and your visa application gets canceled. So book your flight itinerary for Norway visa here.

Financial Sufficiency

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When you apply for a Norway Visa, you must be ready to show proof of sufficient financial means for the period of stay in Norway so that you can take care of any additional costs that may arise throughout your stay.You need to have around INR 9500 for each day that you plan to stay in Norway. This would be about 120 EUR per day after making all your flight and hotel bookings. So if you are short of this amount, then you can use a travel agent and get the flight and hotel booked in advance from them and thereafter, once your visa has been approved, you can make your actual bookings There are many ways to prove your financial sufficiency. These include:

  • Original bank statements (current) for the last 6 months
  • If employed Salary Slips for 3 months
  • Certificate of Income Tax deducted at the source of salary
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) form
  • Leave Letter from School/University/ Employer
  • Company Registration Proof if self-employed
  • Retirement proof e.g. pension Book/ Retirement letter- if retired
  • If you are a student, get a college ID card Or Bonafide letter

Norway visa fees in rupees

  • Tourist Visa Fees: INR 5900/-per person
  • Time Required for processing: 10-15 Working Days
  • Business Visa Fees: INR 6100/- per person
  • Time Required: 15 Working Days
  • Family/Friend Visa Fees: INR 5700/- pp 
  • Time Required: 15 Working Days
  • Visa fees are subject to change without notice

Visa Fees are waived for:

  • People (up to 25-year-old) of non-profit organisations who travel to participate in any seminar or cultural, educational and sports event.
  • Indian researchers who travel to carry out any scientific research
  • Kids between the age of 6 and 12
  • Graduate and postgraduate students as well as accompanying children, who undertake the journey for academic coaching and study purposes,
  • Holders of diplomatic and service passports,
  • You can check the sites of each Member State for any other information on Norway visa fees for Indian citizens.

Some more facts about Norway visa for Indian citizens

If you are aiming to stick with your family/friend at Norway even then you have got to submit some documents:

  • Relationship proof certificate if visiting members of the family in Norway.
  • Invitation letter mentioning the details of the travel and visit information.
  • The original UDI guarantee form for visit (attested by the police in Norway) if the reference is guaranteeing for the cost of travel and stay.
  • Passport and Visa copy

If Norway Visa is to be issued for someone underneath 18, then documents required according to situations are as follows:

If traveling with one parent (mother or father): An original as well as a duplicate of legalised letter of consent duly signed by another parent.

Traveling alone: An original as well as a duplicate of legalised letter of consent duly signed by mother and father both.

  • If you are traveling with the parent who has sole custody: An original as well as a duplicate of the certificate which provides proof of sole custody.

People who don’t reside in India may also apply for a Schengen tourist visa in India if they lawfully reside in India and may present a justification for filing an application in India instead of in their own country.

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