Get Schengen visa insurance in 5 easy steps

Schengen visa requires that before you enter Europe, be it for your business or leisure, you will need to have a valid travel insurance, In this tutorial we will show you how you can get the best and the cheapest insurance possible for your trip in 5 easy steps . The whole process should not take more than 5 minutes.

schengen visa cover letter

Step 1: Go to visitorscoverage 

Step 2: Select international excluding USA and fill in the dates and age of the traveller

schengen visa travel insurance

Step 3: Set the coverage limit to minimum $50,000 for Schengen visa

Step 4 : Set the insurance deductible to $ 0 . For Schengen visa, You need to have 0 deductible when applying for Schengen visa


schengen visa 0 deductible


Step 5 : Always select insurance from “trawick international” . This is the only insurance which gives you a visa issuance letter that you need to attach with your Schengen visa application.


That is it !! fill in the required information and make payment. Your insurance will be sent to your inbox within 5 minutes of completing the payment.

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