Is Malaysia Visa Free?

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Malaysia is one of the most dynamic places that provide us with luxurious travel experience in addition to fabulous food and beautiful beaches. Getting to Malaysia can be easy if the procedure is properly followed. One thing that pops into mind while travelling is about visa and guess what? Malaysian eNTRI visa is free, however, the Malaysian government does charge convenience and processing charges

How I got my Malaysia Tourist visa for just INR 1900?

I applied for my Malaysia Tourist visa with I got my visa within 4 hours once I sent them the supporting documents. Click on the below image to know more about Blinkvisa.

malaysia visa

Is blinkvisa authorised to provide Malaysia tourist visa ?

Yes. They are authorised agents who work directly with WindowMalaysia. See below confirmation mail sent from them.


What is Malaysian eNTRI Visa?

eNTRI stands for Electronic Travel Registration & Information and its a process of getting visa online for Indian Nationals. This visa will serve as a legal entry document which allows access for up to 15 days period. The validity of this visa is three months on Single Entry. So basically, on this visa, once you enter on any given date within the validity, you can stay for up to 15 days. If you didn’t complete your 15 days and you leave Malaysia beforehand, you won’t be allowed to enter again.

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Please note that even though the validity is three months, you cannot stay after the expiry date even if your 15 days are not completed.

Is Malaysian eNTRI Visa Free?

No, the eNTRI visa is not free for Indian citizens. Even though the Embassy has removed the visa fee, they still charge the processing fee. But with Blinkvisa, you get the entire amount – INR 1980 as cashback to your BlinkWallet.The Government of Malaysia has only waived off the visa fee (INR 1000) from eNTRI visa. Hence, the convenience and processing charges still must be paid. Hence, from INR 2800, the fee is reduced to INR 1980! 

Blinkvisa is and expert travel booking system in place and will get your visa processed smoothly with minimal chances of rejection.

You can use this amount for your hotel, flights, and activities bookings and this amount has indefinite validity so you can use this on your next trip as well.

Types of Malaysia Visa at a Glance

Malaysia Visa Fee Breakup

How does Blinkvisa provide Free Malaysia Visa?

Blinkvisa aims to provide a smooth visa process without any worries about improper documentation or any mismatched information. When you pay the initial registration fees of INR 500 and upload the documents; your visa process begins. You won’t have to pay any more amount until your visa has been approved. As soon as that is done, you can log into Blinkvisa and download your eNTRI visa document after clearing the pending amount. If your visa is not approved in any case, you won’t have to spend the whole of the visa amount like other travel operators ask you to.

What is 100% cashback and how do I use it?

When you apply for your visa through Blinkvisa, you get the entire amount of INR 1980 credited back into your Blinkwallet. Now, this amount can be used to book flights, hotels, and activities through Blinkvisa Booking Portal.

For usage, once your amount has been credited back to your Blinkwallet, you can just go to and look for your preferred flight, hotel, or activity. You will be provided with a huge discount on your booking ranging from 10-15% using this Blinkcash.

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Documents required for eNTRI Visa for Indians

Since the process is entirely online, you have to submit only scanned copies of your documents which are listed below:

  • Scanned copy of your Passport (front and backside)
  • Scanned copy of Passport-sized photo (3.5cm x 5.5cm)
  • Flight Ticket, if any
  • Hotel Reservation, if any
  • Scan of Old Passport, if any

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How to Apply for Malaysia Visa?

Steps to apply for Malaysia visa

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Travel Itinerary Plan

In addition to the cashback on your visa, we can also provide you free travel itinerary while you are in Malaysia so you can truly enjoy with your friends and family without worrying over where and when to go. You can create your own travel itinerary for Malaysia here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Malaysia visa really free?

Malaysia visa doesn’t charge visa fee but they do have convenience and processing fees. But if you book through Blinkvisa, you’ll get the entire about credited as cashback into your wallet.

2. Can I apply for eNTRI by myself?

Yes, you can but you’ll have to pay visa fees while applying and if visa got rejected, the fee won’t be refundable. With Blinkvisa, you won’t have to pay the entire amount in the beginning so your money and energy will be saved.

3. How can I use cashback?

When you are booking flights, hotels, or activities through Blinkvisa; cashback will be applied as discounts range from 10-25%.

4. Is Malaysia business visa-free?

The Malaysia business visa is not a free visa.

5. Is Malaysia visit visa-free?

Only the Malaysia eNTRI is free. However, one must pay the processing and convenience fee to the government. For more information on visit visa.

6. Is Malaysia visa-free for Indians?

The eNTRI facility can be availed only by Indians and Chinese nationals. However, not all Malaysia visa is free for Indians.

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7. Which are the other types of Malaysia visa online?

  • 30 days single-entry tourist visa
  • 30 days multiple-entry tourist visa

Apart from this, we also process the Malaysia 1-year multiple-entry visa

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