How to Get Malaysia Visa for Indian Nationals?

Malaysia Visa for Indian Nationals

Indians are keenly interested in Malaysia and all that it has to offer. There has been a peak in the number of Indians journeying to this marvellous country. Thankfully, visiting Malaysia has never been so easy as now, due to lax visa regulations and the introduction of the Malaysia eVisa. There is an influx of tourists, expatriates, and students coming to Malaysia. However, prior to your journey to Malaysia, you must apply for a visa. Read on to know all there is about Malaysia visa and understand the types, costs, and requirements to get a Malaysia visa for Indian nationals.

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Malaysia Visa Types for Indian Nationals

The types of Malaysia visa for Indian citizens can be broadly classified as either visa with reference or visa without reference.

A Visa without Reference is a type of visa that does not require the applicant to acquire an additional reference from the Immigration Department of Malaysia. There is no need to submit an approval letter to apply for this visa. Social visit and tourist visa will come under the visa without reference category. Only a visa without a reference can be applied for online.

Visa without reference consists of 3 types:

  • Single entry visa:

A single entry visa grants you permission to visit Malaysia for 30 days. This time period is not extendable. If you depart Malaysia while the visa is still valid, you will still not be able to return to Malaysia. Since the visa will be viable only for one-time entry, if you wish to re-enter Malaysia you need to apply for a new visa.

  • Multiple entry visa:

Multiple entry visa offers you the convenience of departing and returning to Malaysia several times within the period of visa validity. This visa can be valid for a duration of 30 days to 6 months.

  • eNTRI visa:

Electronic Travel Registration and Information visa or eNTRI visa is a 15-day permit to enter Malaysia, granted exclusively to citizens of India and China. You can only apply for an eNTRI visa online.

When you need an approval letter from the Immigration Department of Malaysia and might need to attend an interview with the consulate to get the visa. Then, this visa will fall under the visa with the reference category. These are of the following types:

  1. Employment Pass: A permit granted to a foreign national to live and work in Malaysia. Indian nationals can earn a livelihood in Malaysia for 6 months to 5 years with this employment pass.
  2. Temporary Employment Pass: Similar to employment pass, the validity of this visa is only for up to 2 years.
  3. Professional Visit Pass: This visa is granted to expatriates and has a validity period of only 6 months.
  4. Student Pass: A permit granted to Indian nationals to live in Malaysia to acquire higher education. Indians who have completed 12 years of schooling are eligible for this pass. A passport valid for at least a year is must when you apply for a Malaysia student pass.
  5. Dependents Pass: This is a permit granted to the foreign spouse and children, of either a Malaysian citizen or a permanent resident, to enter and live in Malaysia.

Malaysia Visa Fees for Indian Nationals

Tourist Visa

If you apply for a visa without reference (tourist/social visit visa) online, the visas will cost you as follows:

Malayisa Visa Types

If applying through the Malaysian One Stop Centre, then a service charge of Rs 4720 will be applicable. It is therefore advisable to apply for an eVisa, through or the official Malaysia website.

Is Malaysia Visa Really Free?

While only the eNTRI is free, the Malay government still charges the processing and convenience fee for the eNTRI which may come up to INR 1818. Thus, though a free visa, the afore-mentioned charges apply.

How to Apply for Malaysia Visa for Indian Nationals

Tourist Visa

If you are applying for a visa without reference then the best option would be to apply online. You can apply for a Malaysia visa through This is recommended, as you cut down on the risk of losing money through the cancelled flight and hotel bookings. The official site is also prone to clashes and will subject your application to more stringent checks making it difficult for your application to get through. To apply through BlinkVisa, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit our website for Malaysia Visa from India. Fill the basic details and click on Get Visa to ‘Buy Malaysia visa for INR 1818‘ that you see on Malaysia Visa Page.

Malaysia Visa Search

Step 2: On the Malaysia visa page you can click on apply for the visa. It is okay if you choose the incorrect ‘visa type‘ now. We will call you later to help you choose the right one.

eNTRI fee


Step 3: Scroll down to find the Malaysia visa form. Fill this correctly. Our expert will call you and help you with your doubts.

Malaysia Visa Online

Step 4: Now you will have to make a payment INR 500 to initiate the Malaysia visa process.

The rest amount can be paid once your visa is approved.

The second option is applying via the Malaysian official website.

Student Visa

If you are a student looking forward to an education in Malaysia, you will need to apply for a student visa through the following steps:

  • Firstly you need to submit the application to a Malaysian consulate. You will find the visa application form on the Education Global Services Malaysia (EGSM) website. If not, you can directly apply to a Malaysian university and after you have received an acceptance letter from them, the university will apply on your behalf.
  • Submit all your documents (marks sheet, health certificate, personal bond etc) to the university.
  • The educational institution will apply to the Director of Pass and Permit Division in Malaysia.
  • The institution will then receive a letter from the Immigration Department of Malaysia. This will be forwarded to you.
  • You will have to submit this letter along with other documents to the nearest Malaysian embassy. The embassy will put a stamp of approval on your passport.
  • After this, you can leave for Malaysia. Be sure to inform the institution of the date and time of your arrival.
  • The last step is to submit your passport to the Immigration Department of Malaysia so that they can put a student pass sticker on it.

Work Visa

For a work visa, you need to apply manually through a Malaysia one-stop centre or consulate. You need to pick up the application form at the consulate. After filling it in, you need to submit the application along with the visa processing fee. The application will be processed in 5-6 days.

ESD - work visa malaysia

The next stage in this process is the responsibility of the company/employment firm to check if they are eligible to employ Indian nationals in the first place. They can check this by registering on the Malaysia Expatriate Service Division (ESD) website. If so, then they need to submit an application on behalf of the employee online, through the portal After much checks, the visa would be processed in 4-5 weeks.

Track Visa Application Online/ Check If Your Malaysia Visa is Authentic

The online tracking and authenticity check function is applicable to only eVisa/eNTRI visas. To see the status of your visa application you need to go to

  • Click on ‘Apply online’.
  • You will find a tab on the right-hand corner that says ‘Check eVisa/eNTRI Authenticity’. After you click on it you will be redirected to the site as shown below.

Verify Malaysia visa

  • Fill in your passport number and visa sticker number. You will find all the details in a table as shown below.

Malaysia visa record found

Requirements for Malaysia Visa for Indian Nationals

Given below are the various categories of visa and the documents required for each:

Tourist visa

  • A passport valid for at least 6 months after entry into Malaysia, with at least three blank pages.
  • Confirmed return tickets and hotel booking details.
  • Two recent photographs
  • Birth certificate (in case of a minor)
  • In case the minor is travelling alone, a No Objection Certificate from both parents will be necessary.

Student Visa

  • To apply for a student visa you firstly need a support letter from the Ministry of Education.
  • Then, you will require the Offer / Acceptance letter from the educational institute where you plan to study.
  • Two sets of the form Imm.14, provided by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.
  • A passport that is valid for at least a year.
  • Two recent coloured photos (3.5 cm x 3.5 cm).
  • A personal bond form and finally,
  • A release letter from their previous university/college, as well as their attendance reports and academic performance reports.

Work Visa

  • A passport valid for at least 18 months after entry into Malaysia, with at least three blank pages.
  • Offer letter / Acceptance letter / Employee contract.
  • A Letter of Approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • The medical report/health certificate of the applicant, approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health.
  • Lastly, you will need copies of all educational certificates and your CV.

Requirements for Visa on Arrival for Indians

If you are an Indian national you will be eligible for a visa on arrival in Malaysia only under the following circumstances:

  • Firstly, you must possess a valid visa for either Indonesia, Thailand or Singapore.
  • Secondly, you must enter into Malaysia from either of the above-mentioned countries.
  • Thirdly, you must have at least 1000 USD with you in cash/credit card or bank deposits.
  • And finally, you must have confirmed return tickets to your home country and a proof of your accommodation in Malaysia.

A visa on arrival will enable you to live in Malaysia for only 7 days. Additionally, you must pay a processing fee of 100 USD.

Why Visa on Arrival Is Not A Good Idea

One of the biggest drawbacks of a visa on arrival is that the visa can be obtained by only those Indians who already have a valid visa for Thailand, Indonesia or Singapore. So, unless you are going to Malaysia straight from any of these countries, a visa on arrival is useless.

Another cause of concern is that you need to prove that you have a minimum sum of 1000 USD with you to enter Malaysia, and no such condition is applicable to Malaysia eVisa holders.

Applying for an eNTRI or other eVisa will actually cost you less, as the processing fee for a Malaysia visa on arrival is an additional 100 USD. Also, you can stay in Malaysia for 15 days to 6 months, depending on the type of your eVisa, however, a visa on arrival will be valid only for 7 days.

With many constraints and conditions applicable to Indian citizens, applying for a visa on arrival is the opposite of convenience. With an eVisa for Malaysia so easily available, we recommend planning your trip in advance to take advantage of the eVisa system to secure your tourist visa to Malaysia. Read this article to know more about how to apply for a Malaysia eVisa for Indians.

Malaysia Visa For Indians FAQs

  • How do I make payment for a Malaysia visa?

If applying online you can make payments through online banking, credit cards or your PayPal account. For manual visa applications, you need to deposit the payment at the Malaysian visa consulates.

  • What is the minimum age to work in Malaysia?

You can only obtain a Work Permit / Employment Pass if you are more than 27 years of age. However, this age limit is reduced to 23 years if you work in the IT sector.

  • Do I need to submit my original marks sheet to get a student visa to Malaysia?

No. A copy of all the performance records is sufficient. You need to, however, submit the original acceptance letter from the university/school in Malaysia where you are planning to study.


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