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My years of solo travel taught me how to visit countries as an Indian passport holder and the places we can explore without being burdened by the complicated visa process. One such place was Malaysia. With its glittering skyline and enticing food culture, Malay land is an impressive country to lay back and enjoy! Hence, here I have aggregated my personal experiences into a guide containing Malaysia visa, types and requirements for Indian citizens with a hope that it would help you guys to travel to Malaysia without any hassle.

malaysia visa

With Blinkvisa, I got my Malaysia visa as low as INR 1900 and also the entire fees were credited as cashback to be used for travel bookings! 

What is Malaysia Visa?

Malaysia visa permits people to enter Malaysia within a specified period. It can be an authorised travel document or a valuable stamp on your passport. Malaysia provides visas based on the purpose of your travel.

  • Visa with Reference:

The Malaysia Visa with Reference requires a prior authorisation from the Immigration Department of Malaysia Government before it can be issued. These visas are granted to spouses of Malaysian citizens, professionals, investors, expatriates and students.

  • Visa without Reference:

The most common type of visa availed by people, Malaysia visa without reference is issued by the High Commission of Malaysia without requiring any prior authorization from a Malaysian authority body. This visa is issued mostly for social and visit purposes. They include Malaysia tourist visa, Malaysia visit visa and eNTRI visa.

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Where do I apply for Malaysia visa?

There are two ways to apply for the Malaysia visa – Manual and Online application.

Malaysia eVisa or Malaysia e Visa:

The convenient and most popular method is applying for Malaysia visa online. An eVisa Malaysia or Malaysia tourist visa is an electronically issued visa has been available to Indians since March 2017. The visa can be used for both travel and visit purposes.

Manual Application/OSC Centres:

There are OSC (one-stop centres) across India for those who wish to apply for the Malaysia visa manually. These centres established by the Malaysian Government are present in select cities like Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai.

Applying manually is always time-consuming and even the slightest mistake the document submission can get your visa rejected.

However, the checklist for manual application is:

  1. Visiting the Malaysia OSC closest to you.
  2. Payment of a fee to get the Malaysia visa application form.
  3. After filling up the form you need to stand in long queues to submit the form and other documents.
  4. Pay the OSC service charge and visa processing fee through a DD
  5. After the visa has been approved collect it at the counter. You will get your visa after 4-5 working days.

I would suggest going for a Malaysia visa online or Malaysia eVisa if you have a short trip in mind. Because who wouldn’t mind getting their visa just with a few clicks at home? 

Are you eligible for a Malaysia eVisa?

One can easily apply for Malaysia visa online or Malaysia e Visa from just about anywhere in the world. The only exceptions to this being applying from Malaysia and Singapore. Further, it is only the citizens of the following countries who are eligible:

  • China
  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Nepal
  • Myanmar
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Bhutan
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro

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What are the types of Malaysia Visa?

Malaysia visa policy has always been liberal and that is why the influx of tourists visiting the country has increased year by year. Malaysia Tourists visa is the most popular type among the visas because of its easy online application.

Here is a consolidated table for your better understanding:

Malayisa Visa Types

Malaysia eNTRI Visa

Short for Electronic Travel Registration and Information, this visa is perfect if you’re planning for a short stay. I applied for this visa because it has zero formalities and procedures. All I had to do was fill the form with primary details and submit my requirements. Boom! Blinkvisa gave me my eNTRI registered in just 4 hours! The visa is valid for three months and you will be allowed to stay for 15 days.

If you leave even before completing the 15 days, you won’t be allowed back in.

malaysian eNTRI visa info

i) Who is eligible for eNTRI visa?

eNTRI visa was introduced by the Malaysia Government exclusively for Indian and Chinese nationals. However, the most important eligibility is that you have to take a direct flight without any layovers except Thailand, Singapore or India.

My Experience:

I booked a flight from Bangalore to Malaysia via Singapore with a desire to explore a little bit of the famous Changi airport. The visa expert at Blinkvisa (a superb human being!) asked me to opt for eNTRI rather than a single entry eVisa and I was so delighted to have listened to him! I glided through the immigration in just 10 minutes and landed in Malaysia just in time to eat the famous Nasi Lemak for lunch.

ii) When to apply for eNTRI visa?

I booked my flight on February 2 and I applied for the visa on January 30th. While applying with Blinkvisa, one of the best things is that you have to pay just INR 200 as initial charges and then the remaining only after your eNTRI note is approved. The main purpose of Malaysia eNTRI visa for Indians is to help tourists who wish to travel within an emergency or urgency basis.

This is how my eNTRI permit looked like:
Malaysia visa sample

iii) What is the fee for eNTRI visa?
The fee of Malaysia eNTRI visa for Indians is INR 1980 (including the Blinkvisa charges and GST). As established, the eNTRI visa is not free and certain charges do apply.

Even though I was apprehensive about the cashback at first, I was so relieved when I got the entire INR 1980 credited to my Blinkvisa account! It’s not every day, you get back your visa expenses into planning the rest of your travel. 

Difference between eNTRI visa and eVisa Malaysia:

  1. eNTRI visa is for 15 days whereas eVisa is for 30 days
  2. It is processed within a day (I got it in just 4 hours!) whereas eVisa is processed within 2 to 7 working days
  3. eNTRI is only for Indian and Chinese Nationals whereas eVisa is eligible for China, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Serbia, Montenegro nationals
  4. One major difference is that for eNTRI you must take a direct flight from India without any layovers except Thailand or Singapore. For eVisa, you can travel from any country.

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Malaysia Single Entry Visa:

With the stay period of 30 continuous days, Single entry visa is also a type of online visa that allows you to enter Malaysia only once. The validity of the visa is three months.

Malaysia Single entry visa info

i) When to apply for a Single entry visa?

It is always better to apply at least 15 days before your travel. When you apply a month or two before, your duration of stay reduces because the visa is valid from the date it is approved. Single entry takes 2 to 7 working days to process.

ii) What is the fee for a Single entry visa?

The fee for a single entry visa is INR 3580 including all the charges such as Blinkvisa fee and GST.

Comparatively, the reason I preferred eNTRI visa is that it is cheaper than eVisa.

But if you wish to go for a longer stay, I would suggest eVisa (Single or multiple) as you get your visa in hand before your travel and also when you go through any other agent they would literally charge you half of your flight tickets for just a visa! Blinkvisa gives you an approved cashback!

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Malaysia Multiple Entry Visa:

As the name suggests, this type of visa allows you to enter Malaysia multiple times. This type of visa also allows you to stay for a maximum of 30 days once you have entered Malaysia.

The visa duration, however, cannot be extended once you have entered Malaysia, however, you can re-enter Malaysia multiple times after you have departed the country – but all these re-entries have to be within the 30 calendar day period of the original 30 days multiple entry eVISA approvals!

Malaysian multiple entry visa info

i) When to apply for a Multiple entry visa?

It is always better to apply at least 15 days before your travel. When you apply a month or two before, your duration of stay reduces because the visa is valid from the date it is approved. Just like Single entry, this visa also takes 2 to 7 working days to process.

ii) What is the fee for Multiple entry visa?

Multiple entry visa fee is INR 3780. Imagine getting the entire amount as your cashback! Irrespective of your visa type, Blinkvisa gives you the entire fee as cashback.

Why Choose eVisa over sticker visa?

  1. You will be saving money as there is no need to pay OSC fee/service charge
  2. eVisa is simple, convenient and you can apply for it from the comfort of your home.
  3. No extra charges as you have to pay only the visa cost
  4. You get 100% cashback on your visa fee which means you can travel for free!

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1-year Multiple entry visa:

If you wish to have a trip of more than a year to Malaysia then you can apply for Multiple entry visa for 1 year. This type of visa being a stamped visa, one needs to submit their passport as part of the requirement to get their visa.

Malaysia 1 year multiple entry visa info

i) What is the 1-year multiple entry visa fee?

The fee is INR 7790 including Blinkvisa charges and GST.  The visa is valid for 1 whole year and you can enter multiple times. This type of visa is beneficial for those who wish to stay longer in Malaysia or need to go back and forth.

Malaysia Visa For Indians

Indian passport holders do require a Malaysia visa. Indians are eligible for eNTRI and eVisa. Since I had planned for a 5-day exploration trip, I applied for a Malaysia tourist visa or the Malaysia eNTRI.

Is Malaysia visa for Indians free from January 2020?

Before I planned my travel, I did read about the visa-free program in one of the reputed newspapers. Though it was a major news item, I was confused if Malaysia visa is free for Indians.

Spoiler alert guys! Malaysia visa for Indians is not completely free. Earlier, Malaysian embassy was charging INR1000 extra for Malaysia eNTRI visa. But from July 2018, this fee was removed for Malaysia eNTRI visa only.

Hence, as per the new program, the convenience and processing fee needs to still be paid. Therefore even if its a free visa, the charges of 1744 still apply.

If you are applying for any type of Malaysia eVisa for Indians, the charges still are applicable along with applicable taxes. I also verified this information with WindowMalaysia. 


The only way to get your Malaysia visa for Indian nationals at no cost is with the reputed Blinkvisa. They gave me my Malaysia visa for FREE through their exclusive 100% cashback offer.

How to avail Malaysia e Visa from Bangalore?

It’s a piece of good news for Bengaluru people because they can avail Malaysia eVisa from Bangalore easily with the help of Blinkvisa. Since Indians are eligible for Malaysia eNTRI and Visa Malaysia online, all you have to do is to fill the details online and wait for your visa to get confirmed. The visa agent will update you from time to time on your processes.

Doorstep pick-up and delivery of your visa requirements: 
Being a Bangalorean, the difficulty of moving around and visiting the visa agency every week is definitely tiring. In case you opt for an offline visa like 1-year multiple entry visa, you can choose for a doorstep pick-up of your documents and also the delivery of your passport after the visa is stamped.

The bottom line is although you would like to rely on the Malaysia visa official website, you can also choose third-party visa agents tied up with them. And, thus, I relied on Blinkvisa.

Is Blinkvisa authorised to give Malaysia visa?

Yes. They have authorised agents who work directly with WindowMalaysia. See below confirmation mail sent I got from them.


5 points to remember on Malaysia eNTRI visa for Indians:

As already stated above, the Malaysia eNTRI visa for Indians will be a pdf document that you need to take a print out and carry along during your travel. However, here are a few things you must keep in mind:

  • Don’t forget to carry your eNTRI visa document
  • Keep your boarding pass even after you get down the flight. The immigration officer may ask you for the pass to verify the flight you arrived on.
  • Fill the arrival card/departure card
  • Don’t forget to carry your credit card and sufficient funds
  • Flights tickets and accommodation proof

For Malaysia eVisa for Indians, when you exit Malaysia, you will be required to present your Malaysia eVisa (which was approved when you entered Malaysia). Only after that, the officer will put the exit stamp on your passport.

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Malaysia Visa On Arrival for Indians

When I researched and found that Malaysia visa on arrival is valid for Indian citizens, I was on cloud nine. But when one of my friends shared their difficult experience taking visa on arrival I decided to ignore. And that is why opted for an eNTRI and I am so happy that I did that. Read more to know the reason!

Malaysia visa on arrival enables you to travel to Malaysia and then get the visa at the immigration. However, it provides VOA to Indian and Chinese passport holders only if you’re arriving from Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei or Thailand. You should also hold the valid visa from the country you’re coming from.

The visa on arrival is applicable only at certain entry points:

If arriving via flight or by air:

  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2)
  • Bayan Lepas International Airport, Pulau Pinang
  • Sultan Ismail, Senai Airport, Johor
  • Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Sabah.
  • Kuching International Airport, Sarawak.

By Land:

  • Tuas (Singapore) – Sultan Abu Bakar Complex (Second Link)(Malaysia)
  • Immigration Control Post, Sungai Tujoh, Sarawak
  • Immigration, Customs, Quarantine and Security Complex (ICQS) Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah

By Sea:

  • Immigration Control Post, Labuan International Terminal Ferry ONLY

VOA fee is RM 200.00 and visitors must show that they have at least USD 500 cash (or equivalent in Ringgit Malaysia) and confirmed return ticket.

Visitors are only allowed to stay for 15 days. Enforcement action based on the Immigration Act and Regulations will be taken against those who stay beyond the allowed duration.

Why I applied for Malaysia eNTRI over Malaysia visa on arrival?

i) Avoid Delays: When I reached KLIA airport, I was taken aback by the long immigration queue and people were restless trying to find out if they arrived at the respective airport to get their visa or if they are at the correct counter. It is always safe to take an eVisa beforehand from India before your travel as it avoids any last minute confusions and journey stress.

ii) A Big NO to Extra Cost: Visa on arrival period is only for 7 days, unlike the eNTRI visa. And on top of all the delay and worry, you also need to pay a fee of 100 USD. To enter Malaysia with a Visa on Arrival, you must also have a deposit of 1000 USD with you. This is to prove that you have enough to sustain yourself on your tour to Malaysia. Any other ordinary eVisa has no such specific requirement.

iii) Specific Eligibility: Also, you have to keep in mind that with Malaysia visa on arrival, you can enter Malaysia only from Indonesia, Singapore or Thailand. You must also hold a valid visa for either of these countries. Apart from this, you need to show confirmed return flight tickets and hotel bookings at the immigration counter.

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How much does Malaysia visa cost?

After an initial payment of just INR 200 for eNTRI visa, the expert at Blinkvisa began the processing of visa. Unlike other agencies, they did not ask for any additional hidden charges. And one of the best things was that I paid the rest of the visa fee after my visa was approved.

Please Note: Blinkvisa offers 100% cashback on all visa types applied through their portal.

Here is the break-up of the Malaysia visa Fees:

Malaysia Visa Fee Breakup


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Malaysia Tourist Visa Requirements and Application Process:

Arrangement of documents and requirements for the visa can be a huge trouble for everyone. Especially when you have to comply with specific guidelines. I have heard so many of my friends tell me about their horror stories of visa rejection because of simple and minor mistakes. Blinkvisa helped not only in submitting the documents but also customising them to suit the Embassy requirement.

If you are planning to visit Malaysia as a tourist or for a short social visit, a Malaysia eVisa might be your best bet. Apply for an eVisa to Malaysia hassle-free through

     1. Passport (front and back pages) with six months validity is a vital requirement.

Certain visas require additional documentation by the Immigration Department of Malaysia, such visas are called Visa with Reference. But as I applied for a tourist visa, I had to only submit my passport copies.

Passport Copy SamplePassport Copy Sample

     2. Scanned copy of your photograph as per Malaysia visa requirements


Malaysia Photo Requirements

The Embassy has put strict rules pertaining to the photo specifications when it comes to applying for a Malaysian visa. Hence, it is vital to make sure you follow all the photo guidelines. Our agent at Blinkvisa will also aid in all kinds of modifications to the photo with regards to the specifications.

Malaysia photo size and specifications

  1. White background with size 35 mm X 50 mm
  2. Your face must be visible clearly and at least 3/4th of the photograph
  3. No head/face coverings are allowed (except for religious reasons)
  4. No glare or glossy finish. Eyeglasses can be worn
  5. Professional studio photograph. The guidelines do not allow selfies and cropped pictures.
  6. The photograph should not be more than 3 months old.

 3. Proof of stay/accommodation – You must submit proof of where you will be accommodated during your stay period in Malaysia. You can even provide address proof of your relative/friends or hotel accommodation booking.

      4. Proof of flight booking – Your flight itinerary is also important as this would detail the number of days you wish to stay and when you will return.

Do I need a confirmed flight ticket or hotel booking to get the Malaysia visa online?
Since I was worried about losing money, Blinkvisa helped me with temporary travel and hotel bookings. Which means, you can book hotel rooms and flight tickets according to your convenience preference and if by chance, unfortunately, your visa doesn’t come through you won’t be losing a significant amount of money!

You can also subscribe for a travel plan from Blinkvisa. They give you customised one that would suit all your needs and requirements. You can check out here:

Your Perfect Sample Itinerary

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How to apply for Malaysia visa with Blinkvisa?

Due to strict formatting guidelines, the chances of your visa applications through have high chances of being rejected. Hence, the necessity of pre-booking hotel rooms and flight tickets means that there is a risk I might lose my money. That is why I chose Blinkvisa. They helped me eliminate all such hassles and risks and give my visa on the right time for a memorable trip.

Simplified Steps to get your Visa For Malaysia:

Step 1: Visit the site on Visa For Malaysia from India. Fill the basic details and click on Get Visa.

Malaysia Visa Search

Step 2: On the Malaysia visa page you can click on apply for the visa. It is okay if you choose the incorrect ‘visa type‘ now. You will get a call after half an hour to know your purpose and the expert will help you choose the right Malaysia tourist visa.

Malaysia eNTRI visa fee break-up

Step 3: Scroll down to find the Malaysia visa application form. Fill this correctly. If you are careless just like me, you can always ask the visa expert and call for help to fill the form.

Malaysia Visa Online

Step 4: Make the payment INR 500 to initiate the Malaysia visa process. The best part of Blinkvisa is that they have no additional cost and unlike other agencies that ask for the entire amount, Blinkvisa requests you to pay only the initial amount and rest can be paid after your visa is approved!

Payment Information

How did my 100% cashback work?

Once I paid the initial payment, my visa process began, and As promised, I got my entire cashback to the BlinkWallet. The cashback or “Blinkcash” is in the form of digital currency and that is why you can use it only for bookings at the Blinkvisa portal.

Not just that, Blinkvisa also offered attractive discounts of up to 11% for bookings. Here is a snapshot of some of the discounts:

Hotel Bookings:


Flight Bookings:


Tour Activities:


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Why I trusted Blinkvisa?

  1. I opted for its ingenuity and reliability as it has been catering and providing Malaysia visa successfully to global and Indian applicants.
  2. When some agencies charged an extra 2000 as part of visa charges, Blinkvisa credited my entire visa cost!
  3. The cashback has lifetime validity. Which means you can use it later whenever you plan to travel.


4. If your visa gets rejected, your visa fee is refundable*. Hence, you have no worries of losing your money when your visa gets rejected.

5. If you do not have a studio photograph but have photos taken from your mobile, the experts will modify them as per the visa specifications

6. I got an eNTRI visa faster and secure within a short span of 4 hours. Normally it takes at least a day or two, but if your documents are correct, you get it faster.

How to check the status of Malaysia visa online?

It’s hassle-free when you can check the Malaysia visa status online using the official Malaysian visa website. All you have to do is to click on the following link and follow the steps below:

Registration form - windowmalaysia

  • Enter your passport number in the box saying passport number
  • In the second field, enter your sticker number. The sticker number can be retrieved from the header of your online visa.
  • Enter your Malaysia Online Visa sticker number from your visa.

Once the information entered, you will see a message with all the details of your Malaysia visa online application. This means your visa is on the right path to confirmation and you can now start packing your bags!

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Malaysia visa for Indian Citizens FAQs

1. What are the OSC fees for Malaysian visa application?

The OSC fees charged to apply for a Malaysian Visa for Indian citizens is Rs. 4720 (inclusive of all taxes). In addition to this, if you pay through your debit/credit card, instead of a Demand Draft, at the OSC Malaysia then you will be charged Rs 150.

2. What are the types of Malaysia visa for Indians other than eNTRI and eVisa?

Indians can apply for the following visas:

  1. Work Visa
  2. Student Visa
  3. Business Visa

3. How do I make payment for a Malaysia visa?

If applying online you can make payments through online banking, credit cards or your PayPal account. For manual visa applications, you need to deposit the payment at the Malaysian visa consulates.

4. How long can an Indian citizen work in Malaysia with a work visa?

The duration which you can work in Malaysia depends on the type of work visa you apply for. There are three kinds of work visa classified based on the period of validity. They are:

  • Employment Pass: This work visa will allow you to work in Malaysia from 2-5 years
  • Temporary Employment Pass: The validity of this visa ranges from 6 months to 2 years. And lastly,
  • Professional Visit Pass: This pass is granted to expatriates. It is valid only for a period of only 6 months.

5. What are Malaysia student visa requirements?

Indians are eligible to study in Malaysia, but you need to meet a few eligibility requirements first. These are:

  • You must have at least 12 years of education without breaks.
  • It is a must that you give a national exam recognized by the Ministry of Education in India. This exam can be the likes of GRE, GMAT etc.
  • If prior to applying for a Malaysia student visa, you have studied in an English speaking country, GRE, GMAT, SAT etc. is not required.

6. Can Indians go to Malaysia without a Visa?

No, Indians absolutely need a visa to go to Malaysia. They have to either avail Malaysia eVisa or Malaysia eNTRI visa to enter the country.

7. Is travel insurance mandatory for Malaysia visa?

Travel insurance will add to your healthy trip because emergencies come without any prior notice. Therefore, it is advantageous to take medical/travel insurance for a safe vacation.  You can get a travel insurance HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance for as low as INR 300.

8. Is it safe to apply for Malaysia visa on the Malaysia visa official website?

While there will be loads of travel aspirants applying for Malaysia visa, I recommend opting for Malaysia visa authorised visa agents like Blinkvisa.

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