Malaysia Visa for Indian Citizens: What You Didn’t Know

Malaysia has been in hot demand as a travel destination for Indians. Due to its proximity to India and pocket-friendly cost, we have seen tremendous growth in the number of Indians visiting Malaysia. The Tourism Department of Malaysia estimates that by 2020, approximately one million tourists will be visiting India. Malaysia has acknowledged this as[…]

Malaysia e Visa For Indian Citizens: Interview With A Visa Expert

We have received multiple inquiries from our readers regarding Malaysia e Visa for Indian Citizens. In order to address this, we recently met with a travel visa consultant from BlinkVisa, who kindly agreed to discuss some of these questions in detail. Update – 2019 : You can now get a Malaysia visa for free on[…]

Malaysia e-visa from Bangalore ?

Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is well known for its tropical rainforests and serene beaches. This Southeast Asian state is also known as one of Asia’s new tiger economies. Update – 2019 : You can now get Malaysia visa for free on You will get 100% cashback on your entire visa fee and with blinkvisa,[…]