Malaysia Visa for Indian Citizens at ₹1900

My years of solo travel taught me how to visit countries as an Indian passport holder and the places we can explore without being burdened by the complicated visa process. One such place was Malaysia. With its glittering skyline and enticing food culture, Malay land is an impressive country to lay back and enjoy! Hence,[…]

Malaysia e-visa from Bangalore ?

Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is well known for its tropical rainforests and serene beaches. This Southeast Asian state is also known as one of Asia’s new tiger economies. Blinkvisa is not only for your Malaysia visa, you can get a whole custom travel plan done for you to make sure you have an amazing[…]

Malaysia e Visa for Indian Citizens: Interview with a Visa Expert

We have received multiple inquiries from our readers regarding Malaysia e Visa for Indian Citizens. In order to address this, we recently met with a travel visa consultant from Blinkvisa, who kindly agreed to discuss some of these questions in detail. Also with Blinkvisa, all your visa fee is given back to you as cashback[…]