Get Germany Schengen Visa appointment date easily

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, Germany has something to offer for everyone. Be it the unmatched German innovation in machinery or the dazzling brilliance of the medieval castles, Germany offers something for all. But you just can’t get an appointment date for your Germany Schengen Visa. Don’t worry yourself over not being able[…]

How to Apply for Germany Schengen Visa from Los Angeles Consulate?

In 2016, Germany was the second most visited country and received up to 2 million applications for Schengen visa around the globe. Out of this, about 1700 applications came from Los Angeles alone. It might sometimes be difficult to get a Schengen visa to Germany because of its high visa rejection rates (more than 6%). But this[…]

How to Apply for Germany Schengen Visa at the Atlanta Consulate?

As per 2016, Germany has received Schengen visa applications of almost 2 million people from across the globe, which makes it the second most visited Schengen country after France.Out of which around 1200 were issued from Atlanta,GA. Germany ranks the highest among all the Schengen countries that has a 6% visa rejection rate. The following[…]

How to Apply for a Germany Schengen Visa in Washington DC?

Germany was the second most visited country in the year 2016. About 2 million applications came to Germany from around the world. Out of these 2 million Germany Schengen visa applications, about 1200 of them came from the German consulate in Washington DC. The rejection rate for Germany Schengen visa is quite high, about 6%.[…]

Germany Schengen visa in 7 days (Updated 2019)

Germany Schengen visa has been in great demand being a Western European country with a terrain of vast forests, rivers and mountain ranges, and 2 millennia of history. As per the statistics in 2016, almost 2 million Schengen visa application for Germany was received and out of which only 1.8 million visas were approved with[…]