Apply for a Belgium Schengen Visa from Los Angeles, CA?

Belgium is a beautiful country, and if you love traveling, there is no way you will miss this one when you’re heading to Europe. But there are chances that you might need a Belgium Schengen visa even if you are traveling to the country from Los Angeles. This is the case if you are a[…]

How to Apply for Netherlands Schengen Visa from Washington, DC?

Located in northwestern Europe, Netherlands is famous for its rich culture, beautiful landscapes, tulip fields, windmills, and canals. According to the statistics shown below, Netherlands is seen to have welcomed thousands of people from all across the globe. The Consulate General of Netherlands in Washington accepted visa applications from 993 applicants, but only 915 were approved[…]

How to Apply for Belgium Schengen Visa in New York, NY?

Belgium is a country in western Europe and has visitors from all across the world. It had close to 2.5 million visitors and it also has a high visa rejection rate. The visa rejection rate was 15.32 which is one of the highest among the Schengen nations. Knowing the Belgium Schengen visa application process well[…]

How to Apply for Belgium Schengen Visa from Washington, DC?

Belgium is a country filled with attractive alleys and visionary canals. Its alluring open-air markets are edged with eminent towers, significant churches, and dated almshouses. As you can see from the official statistics given below, The Consulate General of Belgium in Washington, DC received around 600 visa applications. But the number of visas that the[…]

Get Denmark Schengen Visa from New York Easily.

Denmark is where LEGO was born, making it the house of the first and the original LegoHouse. Along with that, Denmark also has beautiful landscapes and some of the best amusement parks in the world. If you are an adventurer and a traveler, Denmark can easily be your dream destination. In the year 2016, Denmark[…]

How to Apply for Austria Schengen Visa from Los Angeles, LA?

While the Austrian Alps form the physical backbone of this Schengen nation, its eminence can be credited to its geographical positioning. The Austrian landscape is known to secure its character from the mighty mountains and thick forests. According to 2016 official statistics, The Washington consulate of Austria received 452 visa applications, whereas only 450 were[…]

How to Apply for Austria Schengen Visa from New York,NY?

Located in the central Europe, Austria is one country that waltzes effortlessly between the urban and the outdoors. In Austria, you will find yourself cresting alpine summits on one day and swanning around imperial Vienna, the other day. As per 2016 official statistics, The New York consulate of Austria received close to 1,100 visa applications, but only[…]

How to Apply for a Sweden Schengen Visa from Washington DC?

Sweden is a Scandavanian country and comprises of thousands of coastal islands, glaciated mountains, and boreal forests. A visit to Sweden is something you’ll remember forever. Read this article to know how to apply for a Sweden Schengen Visa at the Embassy of Sweden in Washington DC. It can be seen from the table that[…]

Norway Schengen Visa from New York, NY

A lot of us already know that Norway is an incredibly beautiful place to visit. And if you are someone who loves traveling, then there is no way that you could miss this country. The image above shows you a clear picture of all the visas that were received and processed by Norway in the[…]

Apply for Your Greece Schengen Visa from Washington,DC

In Greece, socializing is considered a way of life. This country is an infinite place of cultural pursuits and a calendar full of festivals and exhibits. Ardent music, inspired cuisine, and exciting activities bring Greek culture to life. The official statistic of 2016 shows that Greece holds a visa rejection rate of 2%, which is quite[…]

How I Got My Portugal Schengen Visa in Washington DC?

Located on the Atlantic Ocean and bordering Spain, Portugal is a beautiful country. Cobblestone villages, medieval castles, pristine golden beaches, and modern cities—all attract tourists from every corner of the world. If you’re planning to visit Portugal, then first you need to find out, whether you need a Portugal Schengen visa to enter the country.[…]

How to Apply Finland Schengen Visa From New York?

It’s the dream of many to witness the aurora borealis and if you’re one of them, visiting Finland will make your dream come true. Vast wilderness, thick ice blankets, deep dark forests are some of the phrases that best describe Finland. It experiences extreme temperatures and yet it has visitors from all around the world.[…]

How to Apply for Your Greece Schengen Visa from New York, NY?

One of the most visited Schengen nations, Greece has tourists from all over the world. The age-old ruins, the sprawling coastline, and the delicious cuisine—all of these make Greece a must-visit for everyone who loves to travel. As per the official statistics of 2016, Greece is seen to hold a visa rejection rate of 2%.[…]

How to Apply for Your Belgium Schengen Visa from Atlanta, GA?

Belgium is a country situated in western Europe. The province was an ordeal of European paintings and has been remarkably creative in this field ever since. Belgians are known for their remarkable spread of amazing food, which also includes some of the world’s tastiest chocolates. As per statistics of visa applications in 2016, the Consulate General of[…]

Easy Steps to Apply for Your Lithuania Schengen Visa from Chicago

The wondrous Baltic coastline can be regarded as Lithuania’s primary attraction. Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital is an eye-pleasing state of colorful churches, beautiful alleys, bright baroque houses, and courtyards. According to the official statistics of 2016, The Consulate General of Lithuania in Chicago received 646 visa applications. Unfortunately, four of them were rejected and 642 were[…]

How to Apply for Austria Schengen Visa from London?

Located in central Europe, Austria is a beautiful country. Scenic mountain villages, a rugged Alpine terrain, and a magnificent architecture attracts people from far and wide to Austria. If you’re planning a trip to this country from London, then you’re in the right place. As clear from the table below, Austria had close to 300000[…]

How to Successfully Get a Poland Schengen Visa from New York

We don’t provide Visa for Poland anymore. Please contact the Embassy directly. If you are someone who keeps a keen interest in history and cultures, Poland is one place that you can never miss during your travel in the Schengen countries. In the year 2016, Poland received more than a million visa applications, and almost[…]

Apply for a Finland Schengen Visa in London

Finland is a beautiful country and the best time to visit this place is when you can see the Northern Lights. In Finland, this spectacular light show is visible for more than 200 days in a year. Plan a trip during this time for an experience that you’ll remember forever. Finland is a popular holiday[…]

How to Apply for your Poland Schengen Visa from Los Angeles, CA?

We don’t provide Visa for Poland anymore. Please contact the Embassy directly. Poland’s roots go back to the turn of its first millennium. The country is filled with posh old-fashioned sites like Krakow with a dynamic view and Warsaw for your civic attention. Outside the cities, rivers, woods, hills, and lakes wave for some open-air[…]

How to Successfully Get a Belgium Schengen Visa from London ?

Belgium not only is a great place to visit on your travel adventures, but it also has amazing food. Missing out on this one would be a grave mistake for any travel enthusiast. As you can see in the image above, Belgium consulates around the world received almost 220000 visa applications, out of which, only[…]

How I Applied for My Greece Schengen Visa in London

Greece as a country is famous for its rich history and ruins that are centuries old. It’s a place that you can visit with your family, friends, or even plan a solo trip and you’ll have an experience of a lifetime. If you’re planning a trip to this beautiful country from London, then the first[…]

How to Apply for a France Schengen Visa in London?

France is a country that is all about world-class architecture and art. The place bears an immense alluring power with its iconic landscapes. France’s cultural repertoire is an eye-opening in terms of diversity and volume. France is known to entice its travelers and tourists with its unwavering culture, cafe terraces, village-square markets and lace-curtain bistros.[…]

How to Get Yourself a Denmark Schengen Visa from London?

The colourful buildings and the gorgeous coastlines are only a few of the attractions in this country, a trip to Denmark is sure to be a memorable one. In the year 2016, Denmark welcomed thousands of people from all around the world. London received more than 7000 visa applications at their Danish consulate, and almost[…]

How to Apply for a German Schengen Visa in Edinburgh?

As you are traveling to Germany, prepare for a roller coaster of feasts, temptations, and treats as you take in the country’s soul-stirring sceneries, a culture that lifts your spirit, romantic places, half-timbered towns, and big-city beauties. Experience Germany through its soulful food and the famous German beer that is surely going to etch on[…]

How to Apply for a Spain Schengen Visa from Edinburgh Successfully?

Considering a trip to Spain? Spain has a lot to offer to its visitors starting from beautiful beaches to a cuisine that you will fall in love with. In order to visit Spain, you probably need to apply for a Spain Schengen visa. Spain attracts tourists from all over the world. In the year 2016,[…]

How to apply for a Poland Schengen visa from London?

We don’t provide Visa for Poland anymore. Please contact the Embassy directly. Famous for Jewish history and medieval architecture, Poland is a beautiful country. It is a popular destination and mostly attracts history lovers. As per the latest numbers of 2016, 1,096,465 people applied for a Poland Schengen visa and that number is quite huge[…]

How to Apply for Your Netherlands Schengen Visa from Miami, FL?

The Netherlands—where lands breathe colors, where history refuses to be deserted and where riding cycles are not just for youngsters. The country is recognized for its rich history and Dutch culture. From the image above, it is clearly evident that the visa rejection rate of the Netherlands is at a whopping 8%, which is comparatively[…]

How to Apply for Netherlands Schengen Visa from New York, NY?

Staggering canals, marvelous windmills, breathtaking flower gardens, these are only some of the many reasons why one would like to visit the Netherlands. In 2016, the Netherlands was the 8th most visited country and received as many as 560000 visa applications. Out of this, only about 500000 were issued, making the visa rejection rate more[…]

How to Apply for a Netherlands Schengen Visa in London

The iconic landscapes in the Netherlands play a significant role in terms of its geography. If you still haven’t visited the Netherlands, its time that you plan a trip to the world of beautiful cityscapes where traditions and innovations intertwine, a land of tulips and candle-lit cafes. Our article will take you through every step[…]