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Whether you are in for glorious beaches, or magnificent buildings, or the Scandinavian cuisine, Denmark is a country filled with brilliant sights at every corner. For a country that does everything in its power to protect the environment, a relaxing bicycle ride through tourist attractions in the city is probably the best way to explore Copenhagen.

Get appointment for Schengen Visa

Every year, Denmark pulls hundreds and thousands of people from around the world. And more than 7000 of those visa applications went only from London. It is best to start collecting the documents required for your visa approval once your appointment has been booked.

This article describes what you can do in case you are unable to find a Denmark Schengen visa appointment in London. If you need any assistance, you can fill out the Schengen Visa appointment form and Travel Visa Bookings will reach out to you for your help.

Book a Schengen visa Appointment from $10 onwards

What are the basics of getting a Denmark Schengen visa appointment in London?

The Danish consulates in the UK have outsourced their visa application and appointment booking processes to a third party agency called VFS Global. This is a global agency that helps people book appointments and get their Schengen visas from consulates around the world.

To be able to get your Schengen visa, you will need to head over to the VFS Global website and apply from their portal.

The link should take you to a website like in the image below.

Denmark Schengen appointment process

Scroll down a little to find the Schengen visa application link under Short Stay visa.

Denmark 1

Click on the link and you will be redirected to a page with information.

Denmark 2

Read the page carefully. After this, click on “Schedule an Appointment” that is given in orange colour. The page then reloads to another page with information on the steps to scheduling an appointment. Read it carefully once more and click on “Appointment Link” that is once again coloured in orange.

Denmark 3

You will be asked to log in to continue.

For a fresh visa application, click on “New User“.

Fill in all the details and click on “Submit” to start applying for your Schengen visa.

Whether or not you are able to book an appointment depends on the availability of free slots in the consulate. As many consulates get booked out two to three months in advance, you might not be able to book yourself an appointment at all times.

To book an appointment with the consulate through VFS Global, you will need to pay a service fee. This fee is charged as VFS Global makes as many as 30 appointment bookings in a day.

You can also alternatively take a look at “How to apply for Denmark Schengen Visa from London“.

What do I do if I can’t find a Denmark Schengen visa appointment in London?

Don’t worry if you are unable to find an appointment for your visa approval. There are many ways you can tackle this.

Try a different jurisdiction

In case you are unable to book an appointment with the consulate with a jurisdiction in your area of residence, then you can try looking for one in a consulate with a different jurisdiction. If you can’t book an appointment in the Danish consulate in London, try the one in Edinburgh.

But there are times this might not work as appointments are subject to availability. And as consulates get completely booked months in advance, you might not be able to find an appointment for yourself at all times.

Change the main destination of your travel

If you are travelling to other countries along with Denmark, then you can always change your travel plans slightly to change your main travel destination. Your main destination is the country you will spend the most time in, or in the case of equal durations, the country you will first land in.

Out of many countries in the Schengen area, there are some countries that are more popular than the others. Countries like Malta, Slovakia, Luxembourg don’t have as much inflow of tourists as others. You can change your destination to one of these countries to get your Schengen visa approved.

You can provide a tentative travel plan to increase the chances of the approval of your visa. Travel Visa Bookings is a pioneer in making tentative travel plans for travellers around the world.

Once you get your visa approved, you can travel anywhere you wish in the Schengen area. You can either take the next flight to Denmark or mention to the consulate that you’re only visiting Denmark for a short while and that, say Malta, is actually your main destination.

Wait to for someone to cancel their appointment

It is not always practical to change your travel plans, and you can’t always find an appointment with a consulate of a different jurisdiction. But when all options are closed, you barely have a choice other than wait for someone else to cancel their appointment.

The downside is that you will need to have several tabs open and keep refreshing and watching like a hawk to ensure that you are able to grab the first appointment that becomes available. But, not everyone has the time to do that either.

Which is why Travel Visa Bookings has an entire team that is dedicated to finding an appointment for you. You can just fill out the Schengen visa appointment form and our team will get back to you.

We can find an appointment for you

Travel Visa Bookings is able to provide the service of booking you an appointment in the US, UK, and India at the moment. We are looking to expand this service to more and more countries every month.

Once you raise your request for us to find a Denmark Schengen visa appointment in London for you, we find one for you that lies in the next 7 to 15 days. Our team is quite experienced and has been providing corporate bookings for several years now.

However, the appointment is subject to availability at the consulates. So our team tries their best to find an appointment for you in the nearest consulate available.

The price for booking an appointment is not fixed by us as it is dependent on the consulate and its location. We charge a $35 fee on top of the base quote to book the appointment.

Out of this, you will need to pay $10 as initial fee for our team to start booking the appointment for you. Once your appointment is booked, you can pay the remaining fee to make it available for you.

Just follow the steps below to get your Denmark Schengen visa appointment in London.

The link will take you to a form shown in the image below.

Schengen visa appointment form

  1. Fill in your details in the form.
  2. Make the payment of the initial fee either directly through bank transfer or through PayPal.
  3. We will respond to your request and the next 8 hours with the availability of your appointment.
  4. After your approval, you will be notified of the remaining fee.
  5. Once you make the payment of the rest of the amount, an appointment reference number will be provided for your verification.

You can use this number to attend your interview.

If you still need more details on how to get your Denmark Schengen visa, then take a look at our blog post on “Denmark Schengen Visa in 7 Days“.

FAQs on Denmark Schengen visa appointments in London

It is natural for you to have questions related to booking Denmark Schengen visa appointments in London. Why not scroll down to see if your query has been answered.

Is it possible for the whole family to visit the consulate with one appointment?

Unfortunately, no. In case you are travelling to Denmark with your entire family, then each member of your family will need to have an appointment of their own. Be it even if you have a minor child travelling with you, they will need an appointment.

I have a baby, will she need a visa and a passport too?

To avoid child trafficking and kidnappings, it is important that even a child has a passport. And when your child is travelling with a passport, it is necessary that she has a visa as well. So make sure that you also book an appointment for your child’s visa.

My child is too young to attend the interview on his own. Can I accompany him?

In most cases, it is important that an individual goes to attend the interview on their own. Under no circumstances is another person allowed to attend the interview with someone else. But there are some exceptions.

A minor can be accompanied by their parent or guardian to attend the interview. An aged person (more than 80) can be accompanied by their adult child or their spouse. A person with a disability is allowed to take in another person for their assistance as well.

By when can you find me an appointment?

Once a request to find you a Denmark Schengen visa appointment in London has been issued to us by you, then our team will revert back to you with feedback on whether or not an appointment is available in the next 8 hours. You will also be given a choice to pick which area is better for you to attend your visa interview.

How do I trust you to book me my Denmark Schengen appointment in London?

Travel Visa Bookings has been a pioneer in helping people solve issues related to visas and international travel. This includes making temporary travel bookings, helping them in booking appointments, and much more.

Once an appointment is booked, you will receive an appointment reference number after you make the payment of the rest of the amount. You can use this number to check on the Danish consulate website or on the VFS Global website whether or not an appointment is actually booked for you.

What do I need to do for you to book me a Denmark Schengen visa appointment in London for me?

Just fill in the Schengen visa appointment form and make the payment of the initial fee and our team will get back to you within the next 8 hours with your appointment.

Remember to provide your name, passport number and it’s issue and expiry dates for our team to book you an appointment. Make the payment of the remaining fee after the appointment is booked to get the appointment reference number.

How do I make the payment?

You can either pay through PayPal or make a direct bank transfer of the funds.

How long do I have to make the second payment?

You will have only one hour to make the payment of the remaining amount once your appointment slot has been booked. Because of the high demand for appointment slots, we will require swift action on your part in order to seal the booking.

If you are unable to make the payment within the stipulated hour, then the team will think that you are uninterested in the appointment and will make it available to someone else in need. So, ensure that you are always on a watch-out for the confirmation of your booked appointment.

Can I pay extra for you to find me an appointment earlier?

Our team makes as many as 250 appointment bookings for travellers around the world. And we work purely on the basis or first-come-first-serve. Unfortunately, you will need to wait your turn.

Can I get a refund if I don’t want an appointment?

As long as our team has not already booked an appointment for you, you will get a full refund of the money paid. But if the appointment is already booked, we will be unable to refund the amount to you because it needs to be given to the consulate officer to hold the slot for you.

What is the cost of getting a Denmark Schengen visa appointment in London?

The fee usually depends on the consulate and its location. And we charge a total of $35 on top of the base fee quoted by the consulate.

What countries do you provide this service in?

We are currently providing this service to the US, UK, and India. We are trying to expand this service to other countries every month.

Can I also get a travel insurance?

Travel Visa Bookings tries to ensure that travellers face no issues during their trip. So, we address as many travel and visa related issues as possible. Which means that we can also help you get a travel insurance. If you’re looking to get one, visit the travel insurance page on our blog to get more information.

How long does it take my visa to get approved after the appointment?

It usually takes 7 to 15 days to approve your Schengen visa. In some rare cases, it may take longer (30 days) to approve your visa. So make sure that you plan to apply for your visa at least a month prior to work around this time.

However, you are not allowed to apply for your visa 90 days prior to your trip, so do plan accordingly.

Danish Embassy in London


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London SW1X 9SR

Tel: +44 (0)20 7333 0200

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