How to Get a Norway Schengen Visa Appointment in London?

Norway Schengen visa appointment in London

Feel the exhilarating thrill of exploring fjords or stand and gape in amazement at the northern lights. Norway is a country of natural marvels that never cease to amaze. Norway issued close to 3000 visas from London in the year 2017, so getting you a Norway Schengen visa appointment in London might be slightly difficult.

You also have to get all the required documents collated once you’ve got the appointment.

Don’t worry though! in this article, we’ll not only guide you through the steps involved in booking you Norway Schengen visa appointment, we’ll also tell you what you should do if you can’t book an appointment.

Book a Schengen visa Appointment from $10 onwards

How to get Norway Schengen Visa appointment in London – The basics

Like many Schengen nations, Norway has also outsourced its visa application process through VFSGlobal.

To begin the application process you will first have to visit the VFSGlobal website.

Norway schengen visa appointment process

Scroll down to the “Schedule an appointment” tab

Click on the link that says “Appointment Link

Schengen visa appointment process

Schengen visa schedule an appointment page

You will be redirected to the registration page, where you have to register as a “New User

Schengen visa appointment login page

Once you fill in the requisite details, you are ready to book your Schengen visa appointment.

VFSGlobal is quite adept at handling over 30 requests a day, so that shouldn’t be much of a problem. VFSGlobal charges a “service fee” of $25 for services rendered.

What to do when there is no appointment date available for Schengen visa?

If you are not able to book your appointment in London, you could try these alternatives.

Change your jurisdiction

If there is no slot available in London, you can try changing your jurisdiction to Edinburgh. This doesn’t always ensure success because other consulates are also usually booked in advance.

Change the main Schengen visa consulate

Most of the bigger Schengen states are booked out a few months in advance. Changing your primary consulate to a nation with a lesser flow of visa applications could help your chances of getting an appointment.

As is always the case, you will be required to

show a tentative travel plan within that country. We can provide you with temporary flight and hotel bookings that you can use.

Getting a Schengen visa for one nation grants you with the freedom to move within any of the Schengen states. So you could plan your trip in such a way that you land in your main Schengen state, stay for a day and then get on the next flight to Norway.

Alternatively, you could land in Norway, mention the concerned officials that you will be spending a few days in Norway and then moving on to your main consulate nation.

Wait for someone to cancel their Norway Schengen visa appointment

Definitely a risky method, as you may end up waiting for a very long time. But desperate times call for desperate measures, what you do is you keep multiple tabs open for all the consulates in your country and then wait for someone to cancel their Schengen visa appointment. Also, a friendly reminder, don’t forget to refresh.

This may be a tiresome method, but many persistent customers have successfully implemented this method. If you don’t want to do it yourself you can hire the services of our dedicated team to do it for you. Just fill our Schengen visa appointment form and we’ll get on the job.

Want us to get your Norway Schengen visa appointment?

Don’t be disheartened if you still don’t get your Schengen visa appointment, we can help you get it in these countries.

  • USA
  • UK
  • India

We will expand this list in the months to come.

Over the last few years, we have helped many corporate employees schedule a Schengen visa appointment at short notice. This option depends entirely on the availability of slots in the various consulates, and we try in all consulates available. You might have to take a short trip to attend your interview in some cases.

For our service, we charge a fixed fee of $35. But the total amount which you will have to pay for your appointment is not decided by us. Don’t you worry though, we expect to be paid the full amount only when we deliver results. You will be required to pay a paltry amount of $10 initially as an advance.

To get our help in booking your Schengen visa appointment please follow the below steps:

Click on this link Want Schengen visa appointment

Make Schengen appointment - Form

  • Fill this form and make the initial payment via PayPal, Western Union or direct bank transfer. We will get back to you with an email containing the form and details about our work.
  • We will message you with regard to the availability of appointment slots within 8 hours. It will also have information regarding the location and the price for the appointment.
  • Once you verify that you are ok with the arrangements made, we will get you the appointment and reference number to verify.

Once you’ve done this then you can go on and attend your interview without a care in the world.

FAQs on Schengen visa appointment

If you still have questions about the application process read our article on Norway Schengen visa in 7 days.

We have tried to clarify any remaining doubts you may have in this section.

Can I book just one appointment for my whole family?

No, you are required to make individual appointments for individual members of the family. When booking an appointment with VFSGlobal, a single account lets you book up to five Schengen visa appointments. The dates for each appointment may vary as all may not be available on one day.

Will you make an appointment for me?

Yes! We will surely help you in getting a Norway Schengen visa appointment. We will handle the appointment request for the rest of your family as well. Just fill this Schengen visa appointment form.

 Where can I verify the appointment?

You can have the appointment verified on the government or on the VFSGlobal websites

What is the amount to be paid for getting an appointment?

The amount payable varies from consulate to consulate. For services rendered we charge $35. The appointment date would also be a deciding factor for the price of the appointment. The earlier you request for an appointment, the higher you pay for the same.

Can I be the one taking Schengen visa appointment for multiple applicants?

Getting multiple appointments is difficult on the same day. In case of more than 3 or 4 applicants, we can provide appointments on different dates or in a different consulate.

 Can I pay a higher amount and get an appointment?

We operate on a first come first serve basis. You will have to wait for your turn to come up.

Is the appointment fee refundable?

It is fully refundable if you cancel before we get you an appointment or if we can’t get you one. But once we get you an appointment, it can’t be refunded.

Could my Norwegian Schengen visa application get rejected?

Yes, the consulate could reject your application for a number of reasons. Common reasons are:

  • No evidence of travel itinerary
  • Travel insurance invalidity

Do I need to have travel insurance for Norway Schengen visa?

The proof of travel insurance for NorwaySchengen visa must cover emergency medical expenses up to a minimum of 30,000 Euros.

How long will it take for you to get Schengen visa appointment on my behalf?

We usually take 8-10 hours, since we need to check with all the consulates for the availability of an appointment.

Within how much time do I have to complete the payment?

You will have one hour to complete the payment after we get back to you with an appointment slot. We make close to 250 appointments a day. Even so, due to the high demand, our reseller auctions the appointment to potential customers in need, in case we do not hear back from you within the hour.

 What details are required in order to book the appointment?

Details needed are:

  • name,
  • passport number,
  • passport expiry date
  • Date of issue of passport

 Which countries is your service for booking a Schengen visa appointment available in?

Currently, it is available in India, UK, and the USA.

 What mode of payment is accepted?

You can do a direct bank transfer of the payment. You can also complete the payment via PayPal or Western Union.

Embassy of Norway in London Information


Royal Norwegian Embassy
25 Belgrave Square
London SW1X 8QD

Telephone+44 (0)207 591 5500

Fax: +44 +(0)207 591 5501



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