Apply for a Belgium Schengen Visa from Los Angeles, CA?

Belgium is a beautiful country, and if you love traveling, there is no way you will miss this one when you’re heading to Europe. But there are chances that you might need a Belgium Schengen visa even if you are traveling to the country from Los Angeles. This is the case if you are a[…]

How to Apply for Belgium Schengen Visa in New York, NY?

Belgium is a country in western Europe and has visitors from all across the world. It had close to 2.5 million visitors and it also has a high visa rejection rate. The visa rejection rate was 15.32 which is one of the highest among the Schengen nations. Knowing the Belgium Schengen visa application process well[…]

How to Apply for Belgium Schengen Visa from Washington, DC?

Belgium is a country filled with attractive alleys and visionary canals. Its alluring open-air markets are edged with eminent towers, significant churches, and dated almshouses. As you can see from the official statistics given below, The Consulate General of Belgium in Washington, DC received around 600 visa applications. But the number of visas that the[…]

How to Apply for Your Belgium Schengen Visa from Atlanta, GA?

Belgium is a country situated in western Europe. The province was an ordeal of European paintings and has been remarkably creative in this field ever since. Belgians are known for their remarkable spread of amazing food, which also includes some of the world’s tastiest chocolates. As per statistics of visa applications in 2016, the Consulate General of[…]

How to Successfully Get a Belgium Schengen Visa from London ?

Belgium not only is a great place to visit on your travel adventures, but it also has amazing food. Missing out on this one would be a grave mistake for any travel enthusiast. As you can see in the image above, Belgium consulates around the world received almost 220000 visa applications, out of which, only[…]