Austria Schengen Visa in 7 Days – Updated 2020

Austria is a German-speaking country in Central Europe, characterised by its mountain villages, baroque city architecture, Imperial history. Austria Schengen visa is in good demand among all the European visitors As per the statistics in 2016, over 268,000 thousand Schengen visa application for Austria was received and out of which only 257,000 visas were approved[…]

How to Make Austria Schengen Visa Appointment in London ?

Austria enjoys a healthy dose of tourists from the UK. In 2017 alone over 3,500 Austria Schengen visas were issued form London. So if you plan to visit Austria, then you will need to get an Austria Schengen visa appointment in London . Once you have an appointment you can begin collating all the required[…]

How to Get an Austria Schengen Visa from Manila?

The majestic yet gorgeous landscapes of Austria is something not any mountain lover would like to miss. In the year 2016, Austria welcomed more than 250000 people around the world. The image below shows that the Consulate General of Austria received almost 3000 visa applications, some of which were unfortunately rejected and 2890 visa applications[…]

How to Apply for Austria Schengen Visa from Los Angeles, LA?

While the Austrian Alps form the physical backbone of this Schengen nation, its eminence can be credited to its geographical positioning. The Austrian landscape is known to secure its character from the mighty mountains and thick forests. According to 2016 official statistics, The Washington consulate of Austria received 452 visa applications, whereas only 450 were[…]

How to Apply for Austria Schengen Visa from New York,NY?

Located in the central Europe, Austria is one¬†country that waltzes effortlessly between the urban and the outdoors. In Austria, you will find yourself¬†cresting alpine summits on one day and swanning around imperial Vienna, the other day. As per 2016 official statistics, The New York consulate of Austria received close to 1,100 visa applications, but only[…]

How to Apply for Austria Schengen Visa from London?

Located in central Europe, Austria is a beautiful country. Scenic mountain villages, a rugged Alpine terrain, and a magnificent architecture attracts people from far and wide to Austria. If you’re planning a trip to this country from London, then you’re in the right place. As clear from the table below, Austria had close to 300000[…]