Spain Student Visa : How to Apply for Spain Student Visa

Student Visa process and policies for any country is no less than any stressful work. The process although not complicated, needs time and effort on the part of the applicant in collecting all the required paperwork can be tedious. While some countries willingly accept applicants to study from other countries, others are more reserved in providing the opportunity to other citizens.

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Before jumping onto the process, one needs to know if they are eligible for a student visa or not? To apply for Spain student visa, one must have completed their high school studies to further study abroad in Spain or must have the authorization to continue their school in Spain. They must also have the purpose of only studying in Spain in any university, be it public or private institution which is officially recognized by Spain government.

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Schengen Visa – The recommended visa for Schengen states including Spain

Schengen visa is a part of the law of the European Union, which makes it mandatory to have a Schengen visa to travel to any of these 26 European countries which are– Switzerland, Sweden, France, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, etc. Therefore you can travel to almost all top European countries with Schengen Visa. However, this visa is not valid for the UK alone among European countries. You can read about our article on Schengen visa to get to know more about Schengen visa

Vital role of Spain Student Visa

The Visa acts as an identity in a foreign country as proof of evidence for your stay in Spain, hence considered as foreign students. You can apply for Visa at a diplomatic or consular office. Once at Spain, the student must apply for authorization of visa to stay for a specific period of time if the stay duration is more than 90 days. This authorization can be carried out by any authorized foreign office of Spain.

Who can apply for the Student Visa?

A person who is travelling to Spain for either further studies in an authorized center of Spain to fetch Degree or certificate, or to undertake any non laboral research with other officially recognized centers of Spain, or to participate in student mobility program. The duration of study can vary between 90 days to 2 years. 

Student Visa Requirements –

You can apply for the Spain visa at the Embassy of Spain in your country. The form must be submitted personally by the applicant. Below mentioned are all the Spain Visa Requirements (documents) which one needs to submit –

  • The proof of acceptance letter from a well-recognized university, private or public institution of Spain for studies, research or non-lucrative job. 
  • The duration of the course which you will be undergoing at Spain –
    • There are 3 categories of courses in Spain, which are
      • Less than 90 days
      • Between 90 to 180 days
      • More than 180 days

[Each course has a slight difference in rules to be followed for visa processing. For minors, both the parents play a vital role in the processing of Visa. You can find the sub-divided information about this category at VFS visa application for Spain ]

  • If the student is a minor, then an authorization letter from their parents is required for the student’s trip and studies. They must also include information like the School name and duration of study in Spain.
  • They must also provide the proof and guarantee that they have all the financial needs which can support them to live and support their studies abroad in Spain. They must also have enough money to stay and return back to their country.
  • They must have a passport ready which has validity beyond at least 6 months of their stay in Spain or round trip to their country.

It is to be noted that the student visa lasts only until the end of the course. Hence the student must return to their native country. However, you can also renew the Visa if the necessity arises.

Students who have student Visa for Spain can also apply for their relative’s stay in Spain for a specific period of time or as long as the student stays there for studies.

Application form for Student Visa –

  • You must fill the Application Visa form with complete details and signature. Take a copy of the filled application form. To specify the period/ validity of the Visa, you must fill out numbers 21 and 28 in the application form. The intended entry into Spain’s date must not exceed 10 days over the beginning of studies. Generally, the entry Visa date is mentioned 10 days prior to the beginning of studies to settle down with the place, amenities and other requirements. It is highly important to make sure that the form is filled with accurate and proper details to avoid elongating/ delaying the visa processing time. For more info on how to fill Schengen visa online effectively read our article 
  • You must also submit your passport size photos with Spain visa form which is recently taken, colored with a plain background.
  • You must also submit your identity and address proof to them for proper investigation and clearance of your personal details. Along with this carry both original and photocopy of the acceptance letter of Spain University or school with name, address, contact person name and telephone number, Email address, dates of the course, payment details for the processing course, subjects and hours of study at Spain.
  • It is also important to carry a medical certificate stating the health condition that the person is free from any deadly or contagious disease and is ready for travel. This has to be from a recognized medical institute. 
  • I am sure anyone would be ready with the money bank to explore a new place and learn a lot from this place Spain, hence share your financial strength and believe to sustain, live, spend and meet all the everyday needs at Spain and also the money shell to return to your country safely.
  • You must not have any criminal records to process the visa smoothly. This has to be validated from an official police authority,
  • Minor – If you are minor then you must provide your birth certificate in which the parental details must be accurate to process the same without issues.
  • You must also have medical insurance covering up to EU30,000 for the entire duration of your course.

You must submit all these documents to start your Spain student visa processing. Considerably you must at least submit it 4 to 6 weeks prior to your trip as the Spain Visa processing team takes 1 to 4 weeks generally for processing the visa. At times due to lack of information or improper information the visa processing might delay (8 to 9 weeks) hence submitting the documents prior is always an effective idea.

You can also hire a travel agent to perform the mentioned task or can perform it by yourself. In this case, once the Visa is received, you can get the tickets booked by any travel agent based on the entry visa date mentioned in the visa.

Note –

If the study period is more than 180 days than the visa is issued for 90 days with multiple entries. In this case, once you reach Spain, you can request a student card after 30 days of arrival at the Subdelegación del Gobierno. This will allow you to stay for the specified period of time and will also allow traveling in and out of the country during this specified period. One has to submit their original medical certificate and original criminal clear history to get this student card. So a happy travel and safe stay for all the people who want to live in this beautiful place – SPAIN.

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