Unable to Book a Malta Schengen Visa Appointment in London ?

No Schengen visa appointment for Malta

If you’re looking to have a relaxing holiday by the beach, Malta is a great place to be. Enjoy the cool, soothing sea breeze while you take a walk back in time, through the rich culture and eventful history. Although a small country, Malta invites thousands of people into its borders every year. In the last year itself, it received more than 37000 tourists from around the world.

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Sometimes it so happens that even a country like Malta might run out of free appointment slots to for tourists to get their visas. Don’t dishearten yourself, there are ways you can tackle this problem.

You can fill in the Schengen visa appointment form and our team will get back to you to help you find a Malta Schengen visa appointment in London.

Once you get your appointment, you can start collating all the documents required to get your Schengen visa approved.

Book a Schengen visa Appointment from $10 onwards

What are the basic steps to getting a Malta Schengen visa appointment in London?

Malta has outsourced their Schengen visa applications and appointment booking processes to a third-party vendor called VFS Global. So, to start applying for your Malta Schengen visa appointment in London, you will have to head over to the home page to Malta Schengen visa at VFS Global.

Once you click on the link above, you will be taken to a page that looks like the image below.

No Schengen visa appointment for Malta 1

Once you are here, scroll down slightly to find the options to book an appointment for your Schengen visa.

No Schengen visa appointment for Malta 6

Click on “Click here” given right under Schedule an appointment.

No Schengen visa appointment for Malta 5

Read the instructions given carefully in the new page. Once done, click on “Appointment link” to start looking for an appointment.

log in

The page will reload into a login page. Click on “New User?” to start a new registration.

new user registration

Fill in all of your details and click on “Submit” to open a new account. Now you can use this account to apply for your visa and get a Malta Schengen visa appointment in London.

VFS Global usually charges a fee to book an appointment for you, which varies from country to country. With one account, you can book as many as 5 appointments.

I can’t find an available date for my Malta Schengen visa appointment in London

Consulates tend to get booked out months in advance, sometimes even lesser popular countries like Malta. But there are ways you can get an appointment even otherwise.

Find a consulate with a different jurisdiction

In case you are unable to find a Malta Schengen visa appointment in London, you can try the Maltese consulate in Edinburgh instead, However, getting the appointment is subject to availability and there are chances that this might not work.

Change the main destination of your travel

If you are unable to book an appointment with the Maltese consulates, you can try changing your main destination to a country that doesn’t have a very high inflow of tourists. The main destination of your travel is the country that you spend the most number of days in or first land in.

Countries like Slovenia, Luxembourg, and Iceland doesn’t expect as many tourists as Malta or other main Schengen countries. You can show the consulate a tentative travel plan, stating that Luxembourg is actually your main destination and that you are only spending a few days in Malta.

Once you get your Schengen visa approved, you can take the next flight out of Luxembourg to Malta. You will be free to travel to any of the 26 countries.

Travel Visa Bookings can also help you get a tentative or temporary travel plan that can help increase the chances of your visa approval.

Wait patiently to get your Malta Schengen visa appointment in London

When all other options are closed, you are barely left with a choice other than waiting for someone to cancel their appointment. For this, you will need to have multiple tabs open with appointment dates and keep refreshing until you find an available appointment. This is a risky and time-consuming way to get an appointment. But don’t disregard this completely because there have been many times when tourists have found an appointment after patiently waiting for one.

In case you need help finding an appointment, you can reach out to us. In fact, we have an entire team dedicated to just finding available appointments. Just fill out the Schengen visa appointment form and our team will reach out to you.

Do you need Travel Visa Bookings to find an appointment for you?

We are currently helping travelers book appointments in the following countries,

  • USA
  • UK
  • India

We look forward to expanding our services to more and more countries every month. Travel Visa Bookings has been making corporate bookings as well and has been in the industry for many years now.

Although we can help you find appointments, getting one is subject to availability. Our team will try to get you an appointment in the nearest consulate for you.

  • The price charged for an appointment is not fixed by us, but the consulate. However, we charge a flat fare of $35 above the quote of the consulate. Out of this, you will need to pay $10 as an initial fee for our team to start looking for an appointment for you. Once the appointment is booked, you can pay the remaining amount and make the appointment available for you.

You will need to fill in our Schengen visa appointment form to raise the request to find an appointment for you. Take a look at the steps mentioned below for us to help you find an appointment.

Schengen visa appointment form

  1. Fill out the form and pay the initial fee through direct transfer to our bank account or through PayPal.
  2. Our team will respond to your request in the next 8 hours with your appointment and the price charged.
  3. Approve the slot preferable to you and make the payment of the remaining amount.
  4. We will send you an appointment reference number, which you can use to attend the interview.

FAQs on Malta Schengen visa appointment in London

It is okay for you to have questions about the appointment booking procedure for Malta. Take a look at some of the most common questions asked below to see if your query is answered.

Can my family attend the interview with one appointment?

No. It is mandatory that each person traveling with you to Malta has an appointment of their own.

Can you book appointments for my family as well?

Yes, we can definitely book appointments for your family members as well. But, as appointments are subject to availability, we might not be able to find all the appointments for the same day, or even in the same consulate.

We have a 6-month-old baby with us travelling to Malta. Will she need a visa and a passport?

It is important that babies have a passport of their own. This is to avoid child trafficking and prevent parents from taking their child away during a dispute over custody. Which means that they will need to have a visa of their own.

Am I allowed to attend the interview with my child?

In most cases, it is important that the person holding an appointment has to attend the interview on their own. But in some cases, like with minors, or aged, or disabled persons attending the interview, they are allowed to take a close family member to the interview.

Can I verify the appointment booked by you with the consulate?

You will be given an appointment reference number once an appointment is booked for you. You can use this number to check with the consulate or verify with the VFS Global website whether or not your appointment is actually booked.

How long do I have to make the remaining payment for my appointment once it is booked?

It is important that you are on a look-out to see if our team has reached out to you with a booked appointment. You will have the time of just 1 hour post the appointment booking to make the payment of the remaining amount.

Our team makes as many as 250 appointment bookings in a day, which means that there are always more and more people who are willing to take the same appointment. The team places the appointment on an auction once it has been found. In case you don’t respond in the next one hour or fail to make the payment, our team will consider you to be disinterested and will make the appointment available for others in need.

Can I get a refund in case I don’t want an appointment?

If our team has not already booked an appointment for you, then it is possible to refund the entire initial fee to you. But if the appointment has already been booked then the initial fee would have already been paid to the consular to keep your appointment.

What is the price to getting a Malta Schengen visa appointment in London?

We don’t decide the final price on getting an appointment, this is done by the consulate that reserves the appointment for you. But we charge a flat amount of $35 above the quote of the consulate.

How can I make the payment for my Malta Schengen visa appointment in London?

You can either transfer the amount directly to our bank account or pay us through PayPal.

Will I need to get a travel insurance to get my Malta Schengen visa approved?

Your travel insurance is the most important document when it comes to approving your Malta Schengen visa. In case you need help getting one, Travel Visa Bookings can help you out. Take a look at our blog post on getting travel insurance.

When will my visa get approved?

After attending the interview, it usually takes the consulate 7 to 15 days to approve your visa. Which means that you will need to keep this processing period in mind when booking your Malta Schengen visa appointment in London. We suggest that you apply at least 1 month in advance to your travel to ensure that you have enough time to get the appointment, attend the interview, and get your visa approved.

Consulate of Malta in London


Malta High Commission

Malta House

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Email: maltahighcommission.london@gov.mt

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