Get Italy Schengen Visa Appointment in London Easily

Italy visa appointment in London

Catch the latest fashion trends in Milan. Spend the holidays basking on the beaches of the Italian Riviera. Pay your respects to one of the greatest empires of the ancient world. Sounds exhilarating, doesn’t it? Time to pack your bags and get on the next flight to Italy. If you want to visit Italy from England you’ll have to book an appointment in London or in Manchester. Take into account the fact that the Italian consulate in London issued 25,500 visas in 2017, this could get a bit bothersome.

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After you get the appointment, all you have to do is get the required documents in order.

In this article, we aim to walk you through the process of getting an Italy Schengen visa appointment and the options available if you are unable to book one. And if you fill our Schengen visa appointment form, we’ll get the appointment for you instead!

Book a Schengen visa Appointment from $10 onwards

How to get Italy Schengen visa appointment in London

Like a lot of nations, Italy has outsourced it’s online visa appointments through VFSGlobal. You will have to go through the VFSGlobal homepage.

Schengen visa appointment

Scroll down to the tab saying “Schedule an appointment

Schengen visa appointment process

Upon being redirected, find and click on the appointment link.

You will have to log in as a new user to continue the application process.

Schengen visa appointment steps

After clicking “New User“, fill in the relevant details and continue towards scheduling your appointment.

Schengen visa appointment process

VFSGlobal has the capability to easily handle over 250 requests a day. They charge a service fee of $25 for booking the appointment. This fee could increase in some special cases.

What you must remember is that even when going through VFSGlobal getting the appointment depends on the availability of open slots in the consulate.

What if there is an open appointment date for Italy Schengen visa?

If you are unable to schedule an appointment in the above-mentioned ways, you can try the following ways.

Change your jurisdiction

If you are unable to schedule an appointment in London, you can check for openings in Manchester and try booking your appointment from there. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will get an appointment from there as most embassies are booked out well in advance.

Change your primary Schengen visa consulate

Countries like Luxembourg, Malta, and Iceland do not get a large share of visa applications annually. So, what you could do is change your primary Schengen consulate to a country with fewer visa applications.

When applying for a Schengen visa in these countries you will have to show your travel plans and hotel arrangements during the interview. We can help you book temporary travel arrangements. To make your temporary travel arrangements click here.

Getting a Schengen visa for one of the Schengen states means you are free to travel within all the Schengen states so, you can land in Malta or Iceland, stay there overnight and move to Italy the next day.

Alternatively, you can land in Italy, convince the officials that you’re only spending few days in Italy before moving on to Malta or wherever your primary consulate is based to enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Wait for someone to cancel their Hungary Schengen visa appointment

The third option you have is to wait until someone cancels their appointment. You will have to keep a lot of tabs open and monitor all consulates available. In rare cases, people have been persistent and managed to book their appointment by waiting long enough. But, the disadvantage is you could end up waiting indefinitely. If you don’t want to wait that long fill our Schengen visa appointment form and our dedicated team will do it for you instead.

Read our article to know more about getting an Italy Schengen visa appointment date.

Want us to get you an Italy Schengen visa appointment?

For people residing in these countries, our services are readily available to you

  • India

  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom

We have been helping corporate employees who have needed a Schengen visa at short notice for a long time. We will be expanding to more countries in the coming months.

Our dedicated team goes through all consulates and as soon as a slot opens up we will get it for you.

The total money involved in booking the appointment is not decided by us. We will be taking only $35 as our service fee.

The initial fee that you are required to pay is only $10. The rest is to be paid only when we have booked an appointment for you. If you wish to procure our services fill our Schengen visa appointment form.

Schengen visa appointment form

  •  Fill in this form and make the initial payment after which, we’ll send you a confirmation mail explaining our working procedure.
  • 8 hours after the initial payment is made, we’ll send you an email asking you to confirm your need for the appointment.
  • Once you provide us with confirmation, we will get you the appointment and reference number.

And so, you’re now ready for your Italy Schengen visa appointment.

FAQs on Schengen visa appointment

To know more about getting the visa quickly read our article on getting an Italy Schengen Visa in 7 days. We understand that there may still be some doubts in your mind, so, we have tried to put them to rest in this section.

Will one appointment be enough for my whole family?

No, you will have to schedule individual appointments for every member of your family. Even when booking through VFSGlobal, it will not let you book one appointment for the whole family, instead, you will have to use one account to book the visa appointments.

Can you help me make multiple Schengen visa appointments for me and my family?

Mention the number of appointments you require in our Schengen visa appointment form and we will be able to book them for you.

 Can the appointment be verified through the government website?

Yes, it is possible to verify the appointment on the government website.

How long will it take for you to get Italy Schengen visa appointment?

It will take our highly efficient and dedicated team around 8-10 hours to find an open appointment slot.

Once I receive a quote for the appointment, when do I have to pay you the remaining amount?

We handle 250 appointments a day and even then, there are more people in line willing to take up an appointment slot. Considering the high demand, we can give you an opening of one hour to make the payment and confirm your appointment. In case you don’t respond in the next one hour or fail to make the payment, our team will consider you to be disinterested and will make the appointment available for others in need.

Can I pay you a higher amount to get the appointment faster?

No, we operate purely on first-come-first-serve.

 What mode of payment do I use?

We accept payment through PayPal, Western Union, or directly through bank transfer.

Where all do you provide the Schengen visa appointment booking service?

We currently operate in the following countries:

  • USA
  • UK
  • India

 Can I make Schengen visa appointments for multiple applicants?

If there are more than 3 or 4 applicants, we can only provide appointments on different dates or in different consulates.

 What if I don’t want the appointment? ?

Once we make the appointment, it is not refundable. If you cancel before we book the appointment, we will refund you the whole amount.

 What details are required in booking Schengen visa appointment?

The required documents are proof of name, passport number, passport expiry date and passport issue date.

What is the cost of booking the appointment?

The charges for booking an appointment depends on the number of days between your request and the appointment. We charge an additional $35 as our fee.

Do I need to have a travel insurance for Italy Schengen visa?

Yes, it is a requirement that you have travel insurance to cover any expenses that may arise during your stay.

Embassy of Italy in London Information


14 Three Kings’ Yard,

Mayfair, London W1K 4EH, UK


+44 20 7312 2200


+44 20 7312 2230

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