Apply for Your Greece Schengen Visa from Washington,DC

In Greece, socializing is considered a way of life. This country is an infinite place of cultural pursuits and a calendar full of festivals and exhibits. Ardent music, inspired cuisine, and exciting activities bring Greek culture to life. The official statistic of 2016 shows that Greece holds a visa rejection rate of 2%, which is quite[…]

How to Apply for Your Greece Schengen Visa from New York, NY?

One of the most visited Schengen nations, Greece has tourists from all over the world. The age-old ruins, the sprawling coastline, and the delicious cuisine—all of these make Greece a must-visit for everyone who loves to travel. Update : It is now mandatory to get COVID Insurance when you travel Abroad. Click the below link[…]

How I Applied for My Greece Schengen Visa in London

Greece as a country is famous for its rich history and ruins that are centuries old. It’s a place that you can visit with your family, friends, or even plan a solo trip and you’ll have an experience of a lifetime. If you’re planning a trip to this beautiful country from London, then the first[…]