How to Apply for Denmark Schengen Visa at the Ottawa Embassy?

Denmark is a Scandinavian country and a home to a number of beautiful islands. While you are there, do not forget to visit Greenland and the Faroe Islands, these two are collectively known as the Danish Realm. One of the happiest places to live, Denmark is an old-fashioned charm that has truly embraced its social[…]

Applying for a Denmark Schengen Visa in Manila, Philippines

Experience Denmark like never before with its chart-topping contentment, blockbuster dining, and a great quality of life. It is the country where fairy-tales come to life. Find some quintessential Danish loveliness beside a lake or on a long sandy beach or while admiring a Rennaisance castle. Denmark is about all that and more. Update :[…]

Get Denmark Schengen Visa from New York Easily.

Denmark is where LEGO was born, making it the house of the first and the original LegoHouse. Along with that, Denmark also has beautiful landscapes and some of the best amusement parks in the world. If you are an adventurer and a traveler, Denmark can easily be your dream destination. In the year 2016, Denmark[…]

How to Get Yourself a Denmark Schengen Visa from London?

The colourful buildings and the gorgeous coastlines are only a few of the attractions in this country, a trip to Denmark is sure to be a memorable one. In the year 2016, Denmark welcomed thousands of people from all around the world. London received more than 7000 visa applications at their Danish consulate, and almost[…]