Enjoying High Tea in London

Enjoying High Tea in London

It was more than a hundred and fifty years ago that the trend of serving an afternoon tea between lunch and dinner began in England. The traditional afternoon tea includes an assortment of scones, pastries, and dainty sandwiches served with tea in delicate bone china cups. The great British tradition continues even today and has become immensely popular in recent decades.

So, if looking for the traditional afternoon tea experience in London, why not try out some of the best spots? Before that, follow the guide to store luggage and take advantage of the luggage storage companies that can safely store your bags as you set out to enjoy your high tea in London.

Dalloway Terrace – Head for The Bloomsbury Hotel to enjoy those finely sliced sandwiches and perfectly baked scones with some fine tea at the Dalloway Terrace. This is a cozy space in winter and a stylish spot in spring to enjoy your tea in a classy way. Dalloway Terrace epitomizes the sophistication of afternoon tea in all its splendor. The Afternoon Tea menu is delightful, inspired by quintessential classics, and created by expert pastry chefs

Enjoying High Tea in London

The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon – Located at Fortnum & Mason, the elegant tea salon has been serving both sweet and savory afternoon teas on the outdoor terrace. The top picks include a smooth chocolate mousse, Shropshire Blue cheese, smoked salmon sandwiches. Ever since 2012, Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon has been paying homage to the timeless tradition of British Afternoon Tea.

The Goring – There’s a good reason why The Goring remains the top choice, especially among those looking for some genuine experience of traditional afternoon tea.  It has been serving afternoon tea since 1840  and has almost every tea blend. You will love their fingers sandwiches and freshly baked scones, and a wide assortment of sweet cakes. Drink some of the finest blended teas from around the world in the luxurious surroundings of The Veranda.

Anya Café – The café at Chelsea is best known for the British affair with cakes, pastries as well as coffee and tea. Get served by an impeccably dressed staff in the diner-style coffee bar and gorge on those sponge cakes and handmade biscuits. Do not get anxious about your bags if you have handed them to the luggage storage at Kings Cross and enjoy your tea with a  carefree mind in the Anya Café that offers a special selection of cakes and biscuits.

The Gallery – The Gallery is a blend of a café, restaurant, and exhibition space. Enjoy your afternoon tea surrounded by drawings by David Shrigley, the celebrated British artist. Pick from the selection of pretty delights such as warm scones, Victoria sponge, finger sandwiches, truffle Croque,  lemon cheesecake, and more. A very professional staff welcomes you formally and is ready to give you that unique afternoon tea experience that is sure to leave you with some wonderful memories.

Go ahead and enjoy the great British high tea with an impressive selection and locations.

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