4 Steps To Take If You Get Injured On A Cruise Ship

4 Steps To Take If You Get Injured On A Cruise Ship

For most people, taking a cruise ship vacation can be one of the most memorable moments in their lives. In most cases, voyagers save for their trip for several years, forgoing some essential needs. 

While cruise ship trips might be exciting, they can turn disastrous if an accident occurs. In most cases, voyagers don’t expect to get hurt while aboard. For this reason, most might not know what to do in case something unfortunate happens.

What To Do If You Get Hurt In A Cruise Ship

Today, cruise ship accidents might not be as common as they were a few decades back. This is because the law provided strict regulations for operators and companies who own these vessels. These rules helped increase accountability for cruise line heads and employees. As a result, the ships are better maintained, making them safer for passengers. 

Even so, unfortunate incidents still occur in these maritime vessels. A voyager could get injured from a slip and fall, elevator, or fire accident. In most cases, those who work in these ships are usually trained to protect the cruise line from any legal liability. Therefore, if passengers get hurt due to operators’ negligence, they might not get much help from the employees.

If you’re injured on a cruise ship, this article provides the proper steps you should take to ensure you get justice for yourself and the deserved compensation if that’s necessary. However, the most important step to take is to talk to a maritime lawyer. To get the best attorney, consider those from firms like Lipcon, Margulies & Winkleman, P.A. or other reputable professionals around your local area. Since they’re experienced in the field, these experts can efficiently assess your situation, allowing them to give you proper advice. 

If they identify that the cruise ship operators are responsible for your injuries, they’ll help you get paid for your damages. If the vessel owners don’t provide the demanded compensation, the lawyer will fight for your legal right in court. 

Steps To Take

However, before you speak to an attorney, here are some steps you can take if you’re injured on a cruise ship:

1. Report The Accident

Immediately after you get injured, you must report the unfortunate incident. Usually, cruise lines have standard protocols everyone should follow in case of an injury. Therefore, make sure you abide by these so they can efficiently handle your case. 

In this process, ensure you ask for copies of your injury report. These will serve as evidence in case the issue escalates. 

2. Seek Medical Help

The second step you should take is to seek medical attention. Usually, there are infirmaries in these vessels where you can ask for treatment. In most cases, you’ll have to pay for any expenses yourself. Even so, this shouldn’t worry you. If your attorney establishes that the ship operators are responsible for your injuries, the cruise line will repay you.

After getting treatment, it’s also vital that you get copies of your medical records. These will also serve as evidence in your case. 

This step is quite vital, so you shouldn’t skip it for any reason. If you neglect this step, the cruise line might use this as a line of defense. The company might claim that the accident didn’t occur since you didn’t ask for medical care. Additionally, they could also argue that you didn’t get the injuries on the ship, which might’ve been your reason for not seeking treatment. In this case, you risk losing any compensation you might be entitled to.

3. Collect Evidence And Document Everything

After reporting the accident, getting treatment, and gathering documents in both steps, collecting evidence is the next measure. Here, you’ve got to go back to the accident scene and take photos that might be necessary in your case.

If there were witnesses at the injury scene, ensure you ask them to give you their room numbers, names, and necessary contact information. Also, if there were any cruise ship staff members around, get their details, too.

When gathering all of these pieces of information, ensure you document it since this is what you’ll present to your lawyer. Also, if the issue escalates and legal action is necessary, your attorney will present these details to court as evidence.

4. Talk To Your Attorney

The last step to take in case of a cruise ship injury is to talk to your lawyer. In the initial stages, you might have found an excellent attorney experienced in maritime cases. After taking all the steps above, it’s now time to present all your case details to a legal professional. 

The lawyer will examine all details you’ve submitted. After that, they’ll identify your legal options. If they establish a settlement suitable for your case, they’ll help you get the proper amount deserved. 

However, it’s important to note that there’s usually a time limit for filing a cruise ship claim for compensation. Therefore, you must submit your reports and evidence to your attorney as soon as possible after your accident.


Cruise ship trips are usually exciting and are coveted by many. However, an exciting tour could turn into a nightmare if an accident happened. If you’re injured in one of these vessels, and the operators are responsible, this article provides the measures you should take to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

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