Experiencing Nature at Its Best: The 6 Must-Visit Ecotourism Spots in Grenada

Cinnamon, cloves, allspice, nutmeg, bay leaves, and turmeric are some of the spices that gave the stunning island of Grenada its title, “the Isle of Spice.”

However, the country’s many attractions are also sure to spice up your stay here. Its combination of natural and human-made tourist spots can give you the right amount of fun and excitement. Grenada’s natural attractions, in particular, are always worth exploring. The country’s beaches, rainforests, mangroves, and national parks are the perfect settings for various activities. Additionally, they are the best places for getting up close with and experiencing the benefits of immersing yourself in nature.

Grenada’s Best Ecotourism Spots

Whether you are visiting the Isle of Spice or settling here after acquiring your Grenada citizenship by investment, below are the six ecotourism spots that will let you explore and enjoy nature at its finest:

1. La Sagesse

Without a doubt, Grand Anse is Grenada’s most popular, sought-after beach. However, La Sagesse can give the world-famous attraction a run for its money.

La Sagesse is a secluded coastal area in the southeastern part of Grenada. It is an ideal spot for holidaymakers and locals looking for a quiet, relaxing day at the beach.

The beach has grey and white sands and smooth coves. It also has an area that features rugged yet picturesque coastal rocks.

The quiet, calm, and scenic coastal area already make it one of the best places in Grenada to explore and commune with nature.

Aside from the beach lined with palm trees, La Sagasse’s coral reef is great for snorkeling. The area also has a dry thorn scrub and cactus woodland and a salt pond.

Additionally, La Sagesse has a mangrove estuary, which is one of the most alluring ecotourism spots in Grenada. It is also one of the best bird-watching areas on the island. Some of the fascinating species you will find here include the Caribbean coot, brown crested flycatcher, and northern jacana.

Aside from being a nesting area for birds, the mangroves are a natural spawning ground for fish. All these natural features make La Sagesse a fantastic, all-around ecotourism spot in Grenada and an amazing place to enjoy a sustainable beach getaway.

2. Levera National Park

The 450-acre Levera National Park is considered a complete ecotourism spot in Grenada.

The Levera National Park is home to one of the country’s most popular beaches. Its marine area also has exceptional coral reefs and seagrass beds that protect lobsters and beautiful reef fishes, making it a great snorkeling spot.

From May to September, the beach here serves as a hatchery for sea turtles

Additionally, it has a lagoon and mangrove swamp, which is a natural habitat for various avian species, including black-necked stilts, common snipes, herons, and other waterfowl.

If you want to be more proactive, you can also volunteer for the Ocean Spirits, a local organization that monitors and protects sea turtles and provides outreach programs throughout the island.

3. Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve

If there is one place that you will love getting in touch with nature repeatedly, it’s Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve.

Grand Etang is the country’s most popular hiking and trekking spot. The rainforest is teeming with the country’s largest assortment of flora and fauna.

The area’s main feature is the Grand Etang Lake, a 36-acre crater lake in one of the island’s extinct volcanoes.

Some of the plant species you can find here are the gummier, mahogany, teak, balata, marina, and several rare orchids. You will also be able to see armadillos, mona monkeys, frogs, lizards, and tropical mockingbirds when you are in the area.

Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve has a series of hiking trails perfect for hikers of different levels. Aside from the fascinating flora and fauna, the hiking trails can also take you to the park’s waterfalls and hot springs, some of which are the most beautiful and popular in Grenada.

4. Seven Sisters Waterfalls

One of the most popular and beautiful attractions in the Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve is the Seven Sisters Waterfalls.

To reach the waterfalls, you need to follow a hiking trail. The trek will take you through the park’s lush, tropical rainforest teeming with eye-catching colorful plants and flowers.

After a 30-minute hike, you will be able to see the first two sets of waterfalls of the Seven Sisters Waterfalls. The water from these features falls into a large pool perfect for swimming.

If you want to see more waterfalls, you will have to hike higher up the mountain.

Since the Grand Etang National Park is a massive area, it would be best to have a guide as you navigate the rainforest and hiking trail.

5. Concord Falls

Concord Falls is another destination worth going on a long hike for.

To reach Concord Falls, you need to follow a hiking path of the Mount Que Qua Trail. The journey is about an hour long and will take you over hilltops and streams and the three cascades of the waterfalls.

The lowest cascade is a popular swimming and camping spot, with the necessary facilities around the swimming area.

To reach the second, higher cascade, you need to go on another 20-minute hike. The falls have a 40-foot cascade, a more tranquil swimming area, and lusher vegetation.

The third cascade is harder to reach since it is located higher and requires two more hours of hiking.

6. Lake Antoine

Located in Eastern Grenada, Lake Antoine is another crater lake in an extinct volcano. Although it is shallower than the Grand Etang Lake, it is still home to a wide variety of wildlife.

If you want to go for a walk, the lake’s perimeter trail is the perfect destination and setting.

The area is also popular among birdwatchers since it is home to an assortment of fascinating avian species, including the large-billed seed-finch, gray kingbird, limpkin, snail kite, and the fulvous whistling duck.

You can access Lake Antoine by following the signposted road about a mile north of River Antoine.

Options for Going to Grenada

To visit Grenada, you can come here as a tourist. However, you won’t go wrong with taking advantage of its Citizenship by Investment Program or CIP.

Under the CIP, you can obtain a Grenada passport within six months. Its investment routes include purchasing a residential or commercial property, which means you can own a home or a building or space for business purposes.

Once you become a citizen, you can go to Grenada anytime and stay as long as you want. Moreover, you can enter more than 130 countries, including the Caribbean and European nations, visa-free.

You will also enjoy various tax benefits in Grenada when you become a citizen of this country.

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