Amazing Tips on How to travel by Narrowboat through Great Britain

Have you ever thought of taking an unusual vacation by traveling on a canal boat? Enjoy a scenic vacation on the canal on a narrowboat.

Sailing in Britain’s inland waterways is all about slowing down. Martyn Paterson, an expert on inland cruises, said: “When I heard a rat talking in the wind in a willow, it was about “talking on the boat.”

Narrowboats and Narrow boating

A narrowboat is a specific kind of channel boat that fits Britain’s tiny locks. During the Industrial Revolution, the UK’s canal scheme provided a countrywide transport network.

However, commercial canal traffic steadily declined with railroads’ arrival, and the last daily long-distance traffic disappeared in 1970. Nevertheless, until the 1980s and beyond, some commercial traffic persisted.

All narrowboats are 6 feet 10 inches wide. Usually, they are all made of steel. However, some older ships have wooden and sometimes glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) cabins.

The size of the boat you choose depends on your needs, the number of people on the boat, and the time you board the boat.

In general, a 30-40-foot boat is sufficient as a vacation boat, while a 50-foot boat is ideal for long-distance voyages or boat life. There is a myth that the ship cannot exceed 57 feet because the maximum length of some locks is 60 feet.

For example, Calder and Hebble limit boats to 60 feet, while Leeds and Liverpool’s canals limit boats to 62 feet. However, even if you buy a longer boat, you will cover most of the canal system.

Traveling Steps

Here are the five steps you need to consider. You can check out narrow boats here if you want to buy them! For visa-related assistance, you can get help here.

First Step

Narrowboats are built to transport goods through narrow canals during the industrial revolution. Today’s narrowboats are fully equipped with a fully-equipped kitchen.

These boats have life jackets as well. They are even more crucial if you are traveling with a baby. You must wear a life jacket whenever your child is on board. No license or previous experience is required, and tuition is provided.

Second Step

If you want to get the job done on time, rowing will not work. It takes time to get through the blockage, and there are many things about the traction that cannot be predicted. It is a free vacation. It is too slow. You can jump off for a walk and then let the boat catch up with you.

For families with young children, you should be aware that wild animals and plants can be found in canals and hedges. However, it does not mean that such travel is not enjoyable with kids. Many Victorian houses and factories have been converted into museums, bars, cafes, and restaurants, making them ideal for families with young children.

Third Step

Narrowboats are usually rented weekly, and after tours, they need to be returned to the same base. In spring and fall, boat charters start at £700 a week for a couple and go up to £1,400 during the peak season.

It includes accommodation, transportation, and entertainment, so it is well worth the money. If you are on a reasonable budget, you can adjust all the foldable furniture on the boat according to your needs.

Fourth Step

The Pontcysyllte aqueduct on the Llangollen canal is the Eiffel Tower in Wales. You can swim in the Eiffel Tower. Other popular destinations are the Roman city of Bath, the Kennett River, the Avon Canal, and the Sire on the Avon.

Trafford has starred in Shakespeare’s plays. Depart Gailey and visit the famous Wedgewood pottery factories along the Tour Counties Ring, or take a boat tour of industrial Birmingham, which seems to have more canals than Venice.

Fifth Step

Narrowboats are ideal for families with children. Victorian buildings and machinery can reveal a lot of living history.

Be sure to pack your raincoat. After all, this is England. There is only one crew member on the ship. Because the narrowboat does not have a wheelhouse, he is always on board.

A Few Tips

The narrowboat is actually very narrow! Therefore, think about whom you are traveling with. It is a great social holiday. But the living area is quite small. It is worth having more hands on the deck, but choose a good friend who will get along well with you!

Here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

  • Experts recommend using crushable suitcases, such as military-style nautical bags. They are much easier to store.
  • If you want to go on a weekly cruise, pack your clothes accordingly!
  • Keep everything clean and tidy.
  • Determine in advance where to put dirty clothes.
  • Keep the clutter away from the deck to minimize the risk of tripping.
  • Keep the kitchen clean.
  • Use garbage cans along the way to avoid littering.

All of this provides people with a safer and more enjoyable environment.


The best tip anyone can give you is to keep your sense of humor throughout your vacation, especially when trying to turn the boat. Sometimes you will need this. If you have any questions regarding the visa procedures, you can check them here!