How to get Hungary Schengen Visa Appointment in London

Hungary Schengen visa appointment in London

Where else to better experience classical music than the Budapest Opera House? The only stumbling block in your quest for musical enlightenment being the unavailability of Hungary Schengen visa appointment dates in London. The Hungarian Consulate in London issued over 1000 visas in 2017. So getting an appointment date in London could prove to be a challenge.

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Once you have the appointment date, the next step is collecting all the documents required for Schengen visa.

Our aim in this article is to guide you through the steps involved in getting a Schengen visa appointment and the other alternatives you have if you don’t get an appointment. If you don’t want to go through the hassle yourself, fill our Schengen visa appointment form and we’ll do it for you.

Schengen appointment

How to get Hungary Schengen visa appointment in London – The basics

There are no walk-ins allowed, so you have two options when it comes to booking your appointment. The options are

  • Directly through the consulate
  • Through a third party such a VFSGlobal

To get your visa appointment through VFSGlobal, you’ll first have to land at their homepage.

Scroll down to find the tab saying “Schedule an appointment

After you have been redirected, click on the link saying appointment link.

To continue you will have to register as a new user

Once you fill the relevant details, you’ll be able to book your appointment through VFSGlobal.

VFSGlobal has enough bandwidth to be able to handle at least 30 application per day. VFSGlobal charge a “service fee” of $25, which could be more in some cases. Whether you go through the consulate or VFSGlobal, appointment dates are subject to availability.

What if there is no appointment date available for Hungary Schengen visa?

You have a number of alternatives available to you. Those being

Change your jurisdiction

If you don’t get an appointment, you could check if there are openings in Manchester or Edinburg and try booking your appointment from there. This doesn’t guarantee an appointment as other cities are usually booked well in advance.

Change your main Schengen visa consulate

Countries like Luxembourg, Malta, and Slovenia receive a lower number of visa applications. So, the option to change your main Schengen consulate to such a country is available to you.

We can help you make temporary travel plans for these nations which you can show when you go for your appointment.

When you get a Schengen visa, you have the freedom to move through any Schengen country of your choice. For instance, you can land in Malta, stay there overnight and then catch the next flight to Hungary.

Or you could land in Hungary, mention it to the officials that you intend to spend a few days in Hungary before moving to Malta or wherever your primary consulate is based for the rest of your vacation.

Wait for someone to cancel their Hungary Schengen visa appointment

An alternative suited only for people with the patience of a monk, this method involves keeping a lot of tabs open and waiting for the exact moment someone cancels their appointment in any consulate. This method sure is cumbersome but many people have successfully booked their appointments by being patient. If you don’t want the hassle just fill our Schengen visa appointment form and we’ll take care of this obstacle for you.

Read our article to know more about getting a Hungary Schengen visa appointment in 7 days.

Want us to get you a Hungary Schengen visa appointment?

If you live in any of the following countries, we can surely help you with getting a Schengen visa.

  • India
  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom

We are experienced in handling requests for corporate employees who require Schengen visas at short notice.

Our method involves checking with all available consulates for any and all open appointment slots.

We charge an additional $35 for services rendered, but the total cost of getting the appointment is not decided by us.

We take an advance payment of $10. The remainder of the amount is due only when we have an appointment booked for you and not before that. If you want us to get the appointment for you fill our Schengen visa appointment form.

Schengen visa appointment form

  •  Once you fill the form and make the advance payment through PayPal, Western Union or Bank Transfer, we’ll send you an email explaining our working procedure.
  • We’ll have the details of the appointment for you with 8 hours of the initial payment and will get in touch with you about the same
  • Once you confirm your requirement of the appointment with the final payment, we’ll get you the appointment and reference number.

And so with this, you’re ready for your appointment.

FAQ on Schengen visa appointment

If there are still questions that remain unanswered, we have tried answering them for you in this section

Will one appointment suffice for the whole family?

No, you require individual appointments for each individual member of your family. Even VFSGlobal does not let you book one appointment for the whole family but it lets you use the same account to book 5 Schengen visa appointments.

Can you help me make the appointments for me?

If you fill our Schengen visa appointment form and mention the number of appointments you require we can book them for you.

Will the appointment be verifiable on the government website?

Yes, you will be able to verify the appointment on the government and the VFSGlobal website.

How long will it take for you to get me my Hungary Schengen visa appointment?

It will take us around 8 to 10 hours to find an open appointment slot.

Once I receive the quote for an appointment, how long do I have to pay you the remaining amount?

Considering we handle 250 appointments a day, we can give you an opening one hour to make the payment and confirm the appointment.

Can I pay you an additional amount to get the appointment faster?

No, it is purely first-come-first-serve.

What are the accepted methods of payment?

We accept payments through PayPal, Western Union, or bank transfer.

Where do you provide the Schengen visa appointment booking service?

We currently operate in the following countries:

  • USA
  • UK
  • India

Can you help me make Schengen visa appointments for multiple applicants?

If there are more than 3 or 4 applicants, we can provide appointments only on different dates or in different consulates.

What if I realize I don’t want the appointment?

Once we make the appointment we will not refund you, since we would have paid the fees and the consulate officer. If you inform us before we book the appointment we will refund you the whole amount.

What are required in booking Schengen visa appointment?

The required documents are proof of name, passport number, expiry date passport issue date etc.

What is the cost involved in booking the appointment?

The charges involved in booking an appointment depend on a variety of factors like the number of days between your request and the appointment. We would charge an additional $35 as our fee.

Do I need to have a travel insurance for Hungary Schengen visa?

Yes, it is a requirement that you have travel insurance to cover any expenses that may arise during your stay.

Consulate General of Hungary in London Information


Embassy of Hungary

35 Eaton Place,

London SW1X 8BY


+44 (0) 20 7235 5218


+44 20 7823 1348


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