How to Apply For a Netherland schengen Visa Updated 2020

Netherland visa application requirements

Did you know that Venice isn’t the only city where you can catch a water taxi? Amsterdam offers not only picturesque canals flowing through its city but also a museum with the world’s largest Van Gogh collection, the Anne Frank Museum and much more.

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But, Amsterdam isn’t all there is to see in the Netherlands. When you think of the Netherlands, one can’t help but picture the tulips gardens of Keukenhof and the windmills along the river Noord. The Netherlands is a country where fields come alive with colour, where castles refuse to let history be forgotten and bicycles aren’t just for children.

Visiting the Netherlands is something everyone must do at least once in their lifetime. Peak season is between June and August but if you’re looking for a budget holiday, you could plan a trip between November and March. The Netherlands is very welcoming towards tourists and it’s easy to get a Netherland visa for Indian citizens. If you’re planning to visit the Netherlands for a holiday, you need to apply for a short stay Netherland Schengen visa but if you are looking at moving to the Netherlands for a longer period, you will need to apply for a long stay visa.

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What is a Schengen short-stay visa?

The Schengen agreement came into being in 1985 with the Netherlands being one of the founding countries along with France, Germany, Luxemburg and Belgium. At present 26 countries have signed the Schengen agreement to open their borders for free travel between countries. This allows citizens from the countries that have signed the Schengen agreement to travel freely between them and allows tourists from outside Europe to travel through these 26 countries with a single visa known as a Schengen visa.

schengen visa cover letter

As with other visas, a Schengen visa has many categories such as tourist visas, student visas, business visas etc. A tourist visa is valid for 6 months from the date of being issued and allows a person to stay in a Schengen country for 90 days consecutively. This is known as a short stay visa. Visas that allow tourists to stay in the Netherlands for longer than six months is known as a long stay visa.

How to Apply for a Netherland Schengen Visa?

The Schengen tourist visa is one of the easiest visas to apply for as long as all the Netherland visa requirements for Indian citizens are taken care of. To apply for this visa, applicants need to fill in an application form, collect all the supporting documents and set up an interview to submit these documents and your biometric data. Once submitted, it could take up to 14 working days for your visa to be issued.

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The application form can be downloaded from here without any charge. This form is available in an editable pdf form and can be filled in on the computer and then printed or printed and filled in with ink. Printing a typed form is considered a better idea as it is more legible and makes the process of submitting an error free form much easier. The documents needed to support this application form are:

  • A valid passport

You cannot apply for any visa without a passport and that holds true for a Netherland Schengen visa as well. Your passport should be valid not only on the date of being submitted for a visa but also for six months after you come back from the Netherlands. If this is your second passport or if you have any other passports that might have been cancelled for expired, these passports will need to be submitted with the application form as well. Your current passport also needs to have a minimum of two empty pages. If you have been issued a Schengen visa earlier, a copy of these visas will also should to be furnished.

  • 2 passport photographs

The Schengen visa application has a number of strict guidelines that need to be followed when it comes to passport photographs. Photographs for a visa application cannot be cropped out of a larger photograph and must be taken within 6 months of being submitted. These include:

    • Size of photographs: 35mm x 45mm
    • The photograph must have a plain, neutral background; preferably grey, off white or blue.
    • The photographs must be clear, well-focused and printed on high-quality paper with no marks or creases
    • The applicant’s face must take up 70 to 80 percent of the passport photograph frame.
    • All the applicant’s facial features including the forehead, ears, and chin should be clearly visible
    • No headwear may be worn except for religious reasons
    • If the applicant wears spectacles, the frame should not cast any shadows across the applicant’s face or cover the applicant’s eyes.
    • The applicant needs to have a neutral expression with nothing else in the background
  • Financial proof

In order for a visa to be issued, the visa office must believe that you have the funds required to pay for your holiday. According to the European Commission, a tourist needs to have the ability to spend a minimum of EUR34 per day during their stay. This can be proven by submitting a your last three month’s salary slips’ copy, bank statements or income tax returns.

If your travel is being sponsored, you will have to provide a proof of your relationship with the sponsor. You also need to state the reason why the sponsor is willing to pay for your holiday.

  • Insurance

Applicants for a short stay visa need to be in possession of insurance that can cover any surprise travel and medical expenditure in the Netherlands. The lowest insurance cover required for each individual applying for a Schengen Netherland visa is EUR 30,000.  This can be bought from any of the approved Indian insurance agencies as long as the insurance is valid in the Netherlands. This is especially important in cases where the applicant is elderly or already on medication. If you do not want to commit to buying insurance before your visa is approved, you can also buy refundable insurance.

  • A confirmed Flight itinerary or reservation for Schengen visa Flight itinerary is a safer way of submitting a visa application without buying an actual flight ticket which can prove to be expensive if your visa is refused.
    What is flight itinerary? Is it accepted by the Schengen consulate ?
    Of course, in fact all the embassies mention the same. We have added links to the official visa pages which you can verify.France Consulate

    Your travel itinerary : you MUST BOOK your airline ticket but do not purchase until the visa has been approved.

    Spain consulate

    We recommend that you do not purchase travel tickets until your visa has been approved. On the other hand, you may provide us with a reservation, a planned itinerary or an online printout of a roundtrip ticket.

    Netherland consulate

    Travel reservation to and from schengen area, not a ticket. Note: Make travel reservation which you can cancel

    Germany consulate

    Flight (roundtrip)/travel reservations and full itinerary (if several Schengen States will be visited or if the trip covers several Schengen States and non-Schengen countries) with the name of passenger and one copy

    Italy consulate

    Round trip ticket/reservation, originating in this jurisdiction to Europe (and ultimately to Italy) and back, including internal entry and exit points of travel i.e. EURORAIL tickets, car rental, internal flights. The names on reservations have to reflect the names on passports.

    We can provide you with flight itineraries which is accepted by not only for Schengen visa but for all visas. We have customers using the same flight itinerary for Malaysia visa, Singapore visa, India visa, UK visa etc.

    In fact the European union visa requirements for visa states the same.

    As per the official document,

    Round trip reservation or itinerary with dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from Schengen state.Schengen authorities accept the itinerary when applying for the visa but request the original air ticket when visa is collected.

    That is why we have 100% visa acceptance rate although some of our customer have been requested to provide “additional documents”,none of their visa has been rejected for providing fake documents. With 80% of our customers being return customers or companies which process visas for their employees/clients, our approach is the best approach if you want to ensure the safety of your visa.

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    The best part about our service is along with getting a flight reservation without payment, you can also get confirmed hotel bookings, personal cover letter, leave/no objection letter for your visa consulates.

    Proof of accommodation such as hotel bookings We would not suggest you to make your hotel reservations before your visa is approved. We have seen many customers who make all the bookings thinking they can cancel them once they get their visa only for the visa process to be delayed resulting in huge cancellation fees.

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Netherland visa fees in rupees

In addition to the application and the documents to support your claims, you should pay a visa processing fee and other applicable charges. For adults, this amount is equivalent to around INR 4300/- and INR 1400/-. While the service charge of INR 1400 remains the same for visa applications for a child aged between the ages of 6 and 12 years, the visa processing fee is reduced to INR 2500. When applying for a Netherland visa for a child below 6 years, there are no visa processing fees or service charge fees. This amount could vary as the Euro to Indian rupee exchange rate fluctuates.

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Travelling to the Netherlands with Children

If only one parent is travelling with a minor, along with the above documents you will also need a signed consent letter from the other parent. In case, the child is traveling with guardians other than his parents, a signed consent letter is needed from both parents. In addition you will also need to submit the child’s birth certificate.

So are you ready for a relaxing vacation in the Netherlands?

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