How to Get from Faro Airport to Tavira?

In the east of the Algarve on Portugal’s south coast is Tavira, the capital of the Costa do Acantilado. In Spain, it lies across the Rio Grande (Rio Guadiana) from Faro and 75 km west of Huelva.

A 40km (25 miles) drive from Tavira to the west will bring you to Faro International Airport (FAO). Most tourists enter the Algarve at that point, and from there, they can rent a car, take public transportation, or arrange for transfer faro airport to tavira Note that there is no evening bus and the last train is around 10 pm. You may want to stay overnight in Faro before heading to Tavira if you arrive late at night and need a taxi, Uber, or private transfer.

Getting from Faro to Tavira

It depends on your preferences and budget; you can choose from various transportation options from Faro to Tavira. Your options are as follows:

Tavira by car from Faro Airport

In addition to taking a taxi, a private transfer or renting a car might be the most convenient and cost-effective way to move around the coast. Pre-booked car transfers are also available. When you arrive at the airport, the driver awaits you at the arrivals hall, and you proceed directly to your hotel.

You can find the offices of multiple rental car companies at the airport’s arrivals hall if you don’t have a pre-booking for a car. You can access highway A22 from there, which connects all the main towns in Algarve, making it very convenient. Tavira can be reached in just over 30 minutes with this route; however, you must pay tolls along the way. 

It is also possible to take the free N125, but the journey will be longer on this route since it crosses through the centers of different towns and there may be traffic, so it will take more than 45 minutes to complete the journey.

As a result, Faro to Tavira transfer services offer a reliable option to travelers looking for an affordable and convenient way to transfer from Faro to Tavira without the hassle of using public transport.

The most convenient transfer service is the private one, and the shared shuttle service is the most economical.

From Faro to Tavira by bus

The buses depart from Faro Airport for destinations west, such as Albufeira, Lagoa, Portimao, and Lagos, but not for destinations in the eastern Algarve. You can, however, catch a bus from Faro’s bus station to Tavira due to the airport’s relatively central location. 

There are several ways to get to the bus station from the airport, including by taxi, Uber, or local bus. The “Próximo” bus, number 14 or 16, stops outside the arrivals hall every hour. About 20 to 30 minutes later, it’ll get you to the bus station; whether it’s early in the morning or late at night, it’s in service. Buy the ticket from the driver (try paying with coins since the driver often has no chance for large bills). About 10 to 15 euros should be charged for a taxi or Uber ride of about 15 minutes.

Upon arriving at the station, purchase your bus tickets to Tavira at the ticket office. Vamus operates bus number 67. 

There are five departures during the week and only four during the weekend. It takes one hour to complete the journey. Once you have purchased your ticket, confirm the bus bay, some buses depart from inside the station, and others from the street. 

This service’s final destination is Vila Real de Santo António, so that the bus will display that information. In Tavira, the bus station is very centrally located. It is within walking distance of most hotels and about five minutes from the main square, where the city is centered.

Train from Faro to Tavira

A train station can be found in the town center of Faro, just down the street (It takes about five minutes to walk) from the bus station, but there are no trains at Faro Airport. Please follow the instructions above to find out how to get there (by bus, taxi, or Uber). It takes 40 minutes for a train to travel between Faro and Tavira throughout the day, with a frequency of about twelve trains per day. 

At the station, you can purchase your tickets for €3.25, which cannot be purchased on board the train. As this is a regional train, it takes several stops before reaching Tavira, so getting there might take a while. The seats are not assigned, so you can sit wherever you like. You can reach the Old Town and most hotels in Tavira by foot from the train station in Tavira, which is just a few minutes walk away.

Taxis and Ubers from Faro Airport to Tavira

The airport’s arrival hall has taxis lined up outside, but there is a cost associated with the trip to Tavira, which can be pretty steep. You may have to pay between 60 and 70 euros depending on the traffic, the day, and the time of day (nights and weekends are the most expensive times to travel). There is an Uber service in Algarve, and the cost of getting from Faro to Tavira is less than 40 euros. This fare may increase in the summer due to higher demand. taxi faro airport to tavira or Uber will take you to Tavira in about forty minutes.

Final thoughts

Traveling from Faro Airport to Tavira by car is an excellent way to avoid stress. Driving to the airport takes around 30 minutes, and several rental car companies are available there, such as Europcar, Hertz, and Avis.

Booking online in advance allows you to compare prices between different providers and save time. Tavira is easily accessible via the A22 highway, the most popular route.

Compared to other EU countries, Portugal’s gas prices are generally lower, and there are many toll roads. Confirm the payment options for toll roads with the rental car company.

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