Best Universities in Colombia you should know

Suppose you are thinking of making an academic exchange to Colombia. In that case, you should know more about the best universities in this country. Especially since the academic process is essential and valuable if you make this significant decision to move for a semester or more to another place. 

The University of The Andes 

The Andes University is a private university founded in 1948. Since then, it has been known for its high academic level, making it one of the best universities in Colombia.

The Andes has been in the journal Higher Education Supplement for its academic achievements. This journal, originating from the United Kingdom, is one of the most popular and essential in that country and worldwide.

In addition, the University of the Andes has High-Quality Accreditation, given by the National Ministry of Education, so each program is guaranteed in quality.

The Pontifical Xavierian University

This university, located in the capital of Colombia, Bogotá, is one of the country’s most critical higher education institutions, founded in 1623.

Mainly, it is characterized by offering an education governed by the values of the Catholic religion. Today it is affiliated with the Society of Jesus, a worldwide religious community.

Moreover, this university not only occupies the top positions of several national and international rankings but also has several awards for its quality education.

The University of Antioquia 

The University of Antioquia (UDEA) is one of the best public universities in Colombia. It has gained popularity since its founding in 1803 for its significant contributions to society. 

Its agreements with other universities in other countries and different organizations at the national and international levels put this university on the map for those wishing to study abroad, specifically in Colombia. It is part of the Ibero-American University Network and the European-Latin American High Energy Physics Network.

Due to its high prestige, the admissions process is quite selective. Therefore, you need good qualifications to be accepted.

Del Rosario University

The University of Rosario is a private higher education institution located in Bogotá.

This institution occupies the fifth place in this list since it is one of the best universities in Colombia and throughout the continent. This is due to its student experience, where students can learn to create, debate, research, and lead. All these qualities are necessary for the training of high-quality professionals.

Moreover, it has an educational campus that is considered a historical heritage in the city of Bogotá. In addition, Rosario University has achieved the following recognitions:

*In 2017, he earned four QS Stars. Therefore, it was accredited by the world ranking of QS universities as a high-quality institution that meets all academic requirements nationally and internationally.

In 2018, it was awarded a 5-year accreditation by the European Quality Assurance Agency. This is due to its extraordinary commitment to both administrative and academic excellence.

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