How Long Does It Take to Get a Visa From China to the USA?

Getting a visa to the United States from China is an easy process. All you have to do is apply for a US visa for Chinese citizens by filling out an application form and providing a few documents and supporting information. 

No longer is it required for Chinese passport holders to visit an embassy or consulate, wait in long lines, and then await the approval of their visa. American travel and tourism officials have spent years updating the system, rolling out the EVUS (Electronic Visa Update System) for Chinese citizens to easily acquire permission to enter America. 

Although applicants should be encouraged by the straightforward nature of the process, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure that you don’t hit any snags along the way. 

Principle among these details is how long it takes to get a visa from China to the United States. The answer to this question requires a little bit of finesse. The EVUS alone does not grant Chinese passport holders access to enter the US. 

Instead, even before applying for the EVUS, Chinese citizens must first hold a B1/B2 visa for America. Only once they have a B1/B2 visa can travelers from China apply for an EVUS. 

The good news is that despite that extra step, the EVUS itself has a quick turnaround time. Successful applicants should expect turnaround times of up to 72 hours. This information is vital to potential travelers who must keep in mind that they will not automatically receive approval for an EVUS after clicking the submit button. 

Read on to find out more about visiting America from China and about how to acquire an EVUS.   

Acquiring Your EVUS from China

Before taking off on your dream vacation to America, you will have to acquire your EVUS. Doing so is simple but that does not mean that you should lazily go through the motions. You must pay a non-refundable processing fee with each application. 

This fee is not prohibitively expensive. So do not worry about factoring it in while you are budgeting for your trip to the US. Still, keep in mind that you need a debit or credit card and that even if your application is withdrawn or rejected for any reason, you will not have your money returned. 

Fortunately, if you are careful and precise about the information you enter, then you have nothing to worry about. The application is so simple that you can fill it out in well under an hour, giving you plenty of time to focus on the fun aspects of your vacation. 

The application requires you to give details such as those you could find on your passport information and photo page. These include your full name, date of birth, place of residence, and passport information, such as the expiration date and date of issue. 

Additionally, you will need to send a recent passport-sized photograph, which will be digitally affixed to your EVUS. 

Since you will submit everything digitally, you must have an active email address. If you have not received your EVUS via email after the 72 hours have passed, then be sure to check your ‘spam’ inbox in case the email was accidentally flagged. 

Arriving in the United States from Mainland China

There are several factors in determining your best course for arriving in the US from China. The first is where in China you are departing from and the second is where in America you wish to visit. 

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer as we are talking about two of the largest nations on the planet. While this can slightly implicate the factors, it also provides for more options. 

While aviation companies are always evolving, there tend to be nonstop flights from Beijing and Shanghai to the United States. The US destinations are typically San Francisco, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Chicago, and New York. At other times cities like Chicago are also accessible. 

If you are traveling from another city in China to a different location in the US, you may be in for a long journey. No worries, though, it will be worth it once you get there. 

Surprising Destinations in the United States Worth Seeing

Sometimes, the point of a vacation is not just to get away from your world but to escape the world entirely. If that is the case, then a visit to New York or Los Angeles will hardly satisfy you. There are far too many people in those cities. 

One of the great aspects of the US is that it has vacation spots of all shapes and sizes, including an array of quaint towns and villages that are perfect for an anonymous holiday. 

Leavenworth, Washington, Baxter State Park, Maine, and the Finger Lakes, New York are all wonderful places to disconnect and experience America. 

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