5 Adventurous things to do in Dubai

Dubai, a city in the Middle East is a popular tourist destination for tourists all around the world. It is situated on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates and is a region with desert on one side and an oasis on the other. Apart from this, it hosts historical places, places of worship, western-style skyscrapers and other natural and manmade structures. It has a vibe which matches the contemporary world. It’s majestic and ultra-modern architectonic is in tone with likings of people of today. Thus is most visited by youngsters and newlyweds. This place is a blend of luxurious properties, paradise-like places and natural spots. But Dubai is more than the luxuries and glittering surroundings. 

It’s a superb place for the brave-hearted who want to get thrilled with ample adventurous activities. Dubai has everything – sea adventures, desert adventures, sky adventures. Thus, this city stands out in terms of tourism and attracts millions of travellers every year. The adventurous sports in Dubai please the adventure seekers and give them one in a lifetime experience. You can see Thrillophilia’s Dubai reviews if you need to plan your vacation to Dubai. You will find genuine reviews of travellers who went to Dubai through Thrillophilia.

Here below is the list of five adventurous things to do In Dubai which gives the visitors an adrenaline rush:

Snow Skiing:

In the heat of the desert, you can glide in the snow at Ski Dubai Snow Park. This is an indoor attraction for family and individuals and is referred to as one of the world’s best indoor ski resorts. Travellers who have visited Dubai often say, “When in Dubai, everything is possible.” This seems true as amid the tropical climate, there is a place where you can find snow and enjoy the marvellous snow activities such as:

  • Skiing
  • Zorb Ball
  • Chairlift
  • Penguin Encounter
  • Mountain Thriller
  • Snow Park Rides
  • Snow Bullet Ride

Ski Dubai tickets are quite affordable and offer great fun at this price.

Sand dune Safari: 

Hit the desert while sitting in a buggy or Polaris RZR. This is known to be the most adventurous ride which makes one’s heart skip a beat. This ride gives travellers a tour of the Arabian Sea and lets them discover the beauty around. Visitors can either hire a buggy with a driver or you can just rent a buggy and drive yourself. Many tour companies often give refreshments and BBQ dinners in the Arabian Desert which will keep one’s energy high while riding on sand dunes. People can opt for morning or evening sessions of this ride according to their choice.

Sand boarding: 

How can one not glide on the sand when in the desert? Sand boarding is sliding and gliding across or down the sand dunes. Boards are fastened to the feet of the rider and the rider slides from the top of dunes over the sand. This is very much like snowboarding. While sand boarding, enjoy the blowing of wind and the placid environs. This is the safest and easiest adventure sport in the desert of Dubai and can be done throughout the year. This is available at an economical price and gives an immense pleasure and enjoyment. 13 years and above can avail this sport.


Dubai offers the trendiest water sports such as flyboarding. This jet-powered ride is one of the thrilling experiences you get in this city. The duration of this activity is around 30 minutes. A person stands on a flyboard which in turn is connected to watercraft and water is propelled from below creating thrust which pushes the flyboard with a person on it in the upward direction. This gives an experience of flying above the waters. Also, for safety, helmets and other devices are used. This action-packed water sport is not very simple and requires little guidance and skill but is worth the fun.

Bunjee Jumping:  

Bunjee jumping is a sport which a fearless can opt in a city full of skyscrapers. With this sport, you can jump from a great height and enjoy the surroundings view. Person is tied to a lengthy elastic cord which in turn is connected to a tall building. Person jumps and cord extends and then again recoils making the person go upwards. These oscillations give the rider an incredible feeling. Person must wear loose and comfortable clothes and make sure that the cord are tied perfectly. Also, Bunjee Jumping operator should be chosen carefully.

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