8 Best Places for Students to Visit on Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are rapidly approaching. Not everyone wants to spend this period as an
essay writer slaving away in the library. Travel is something that widens our minds and lets us
explore other cultures. A holiday is also a great way to relax and unwind after a tough academic
year. For others, the need to work can curtail their efforts at traveling; however, it’s possible to
combine work with travel if you’re savvy enough.

With these myriad reasons for holidaying in mind, where can students go, and what can they do
while they are away on their holidays? First off, it’s vital to note that students should remain
aware and vigilant of any travel restrictions, as it could cause problems when trying to return to
their studies in the fall. So here are some of the best places for students to visit on their summer
holiday period.

1) Yosemite National Park
Yosemite is a huge national park in California, famed for its towering granite cliffs, dizzying
waterfalls, gorgeous gorges, rolling meadows, and all round spectacular natural beauty. Visitors
of the national park will find that there are some of the most unique views found in the natural

For students who have been kept indoors for so long during the pandemic will find the outdoors
a great healer. There are many ways to spend time in Yosemite, from rock climbing and hiking
to swimming or simply sitting peacefully in the wilderness.

2) New York City
The Big Apple is a perfect place for students looking for some cultural summer action, from
museums and galleries to bars and gig venues. Keep an eye out for coronavirus restrictions, but
certainly consider the draws of the city. It may be possible to get a cheaper stay, as the travel
sector is currently disrupted.

3) Nassau, Bahamas
The Bahamas are a paradise made up of over 700 different islands. Sitting to the north of Cuba,
it has become a popular holiday destination for those looking for some sun, sea, and sand. It’s
one of many places to visit for white sands and cocktails, but as being one of the best, Nassau
can recharge any student’s batteries with its tropical charms.

4) Budapest, Hungary
Surrounded by either side of the Danube, Budapest is famed for its thermal springs, the Buda
castle, and the fact that it’s been a home for humans since the Stone Age – almost 6,000 years
of continuous habitation. Budapest is also a bit of a party place, with cheap beverages and
friendly locals.

5) Mexico
Conveniently located close to America, Mexico has it all. Parties, places of historical interest,
peaceful countryside, and stunning beaches. The country has been hit hard by covid, and if
travelers are acting safely and securely, it will be a great place to spend some money in –
tourism accounts for a significant proportion of the local economy.

6) London
The United Kingdom is well on the road to recovery from coronavirus; however, not all is well
just yet. Travel restrictions include quarantining for several weeks unless one is part of a green-
listed country. Despite the potential barriers to entry, London is a fantastic city to visit, with
world-class galleries, museums, parks, and parties.

Students visiting the UK could use London as a base and visit other parts of the country too.
The Lake District, the Peak District, and the Snowdonia National Park offer natural beauty,
whereas ancient cities like Bath and Oxford have a cultural feel unlike anywhere else in the

7) Iceland
Iceland is a spectacular island in the North Atlantic. It has a small population, but a big
personality. The country is full of thermal springs and baths, has stunning landscapes, and in
the summer, has incredibly long days.

For students looking for a wilderness escape, finding a suitable pitch in Iceland shouldn’t be too
hard. It’s the perfect place to avoid crowds, and to avoid the coronavirus. This volcanic and
geothermal island is full of wonders that everyone should see at least once in their life.

8) Stay-at-home Holiday
While you have probably had enough of your immediate surroundings over the last year and a
bit, staying home as much as possible is still advisable to be heeded. How can you make
yourself feel like you’re on holiday without actually going on holiday?

Well, you can enjoy many virtual festivals and gatherings, you can invite some friends over to
stay, or you could host a barbeque party in the garden. If you happen to be living in a place with
strict rules on travel, a home holiday might be the only option available. Help for students who
are unable to return to their homes once the term has ended is in place at many universities and

Be sure to look into what your institution is offering. It could be reduced rent on accommodation
over the summer and visit summer schools – the perfect place to find essay help for the coming
year – as well as entertainment opportunities. It’s also the year to work some more and take a
longer holiday next year when things will be easier. Save money now to enjoy the full bevy of
options the world will have to offer later.

Staying safe in the pandemic
Travel is something that inspires countless college essay reports, blogs and projects. While it
seems unfair that we must remain in place for so long, in the long term we must do all we can to
limit the spread of coronavirus, stop new variants emerging, and protect those who are still

Where possible, travel locally, and keep up all the tried and tested health protocol – sanitize your
hands and surfaces, wear a mask and keep an appropriate distance away from people when
possible. This time next year, many more locations and destinations will be open again – there is
an end in sight for many people, so be humble and avoid making things worse for those less
well-off by curbing unnecessary travel.

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