3 Key Pieces of Skiing Equipment You Can’t Forget for your Next Winter HolidaY

Whether you’re new to skiing and need help picking up the basic essentials, or you’re a pro looking to perfect your skills, there are some fundamental skiing tools you should look into for a perfect ski trip. Here are three tools that skiing enthusiasts should never go without.


It might seem obvious, but boots are of great importance. Without the right boots, your skiing trip could end in disaster. The closest contact you have between your body and the ground is your feet, this is what controls the board. There are a lot of small movements and corrections you make with your feet to guide the board and if these changes aren’t making a difference to your boots, they won’t make a difference to your board either. This can be quite irritating at the least and possibly catastrophic at worst as it means you would have no control over your descent. For this reason, you need to make sure you pay close attention to choosing some great boots. If there’s one piece of equipment you prioritise when shopping for your ski gear, it should be this.

Hand warmers

One trinket that sounds silly but can be really useful is hand warmers. They are a very basic piece of equipment but can go a long way in improving your trip. Just holding the small devices, you can help your hands to dry much quicker which allows you to get back out on the slopes faster and make the most of your skiing time. Furthermore, this piece of kit is very small so it won’t add much weight or bulk to your suitcase or your racewear.


Once you have all your equipment picked out, there’s something else you shouldn’t hit the slopes without – knowledge. Don’t worry, there’s no test, no studying or memorising, since modern tools like pistepro.com allow you to instantly access a wealth of information to make sure you can enjoy your skiing to the fullest all whilst staying safe.

It allows you to see snow forecasts and study site maps all in one place. Maps can be viewed or downloaded so you never have to face an access problem, and they detail lift systems and altitude ranges. You can even set up snow alerts to make sure you’re never caught out.

These are all important things to consider, regardless of your skiing history, experience or skill level. Ski slopes can be dangerous if you’re not careful so make sure you’re well equipped with the best tools before your next trip!

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