11 Fashion Emergencies to Prepare For When Traveling

Having jammed zippers can be a nuisance, especially if you’re wearing jeans or denim cutoffs. Fortunately, broken or stuck zippers can be remedied by dabbing on a lubricating substance. For instance, you can use your lip balm to coat the zipper pull’s openings as well as the front and back of the zipper teeth. The smooth texture will make it easy to glide the zipper into place.

However, you can also prevent such accidents by avoiding zippers altogether. Instead of packing jeans, you may opt for leggings, harem pants, bermuda shorts, or skirts as your bottom pieces.

Ripped Seams and Undone Hemlines

Going on a trip can give you a refreshing change of pace from your daily life. It is also a chance to try new and exciting things. Once you’ve got travel essentials like your passport and plane tickets in order, you may want to pack tastefully curated outfits to enhance the experience. That said, you shouldn’t discount the possibility of having an “oops” moment with your clothes at any moment. From ripped seams to attention-grabbing stains, there are a lot of potential mishaps that could affect your enjoyment of your trip.

Whether you’re going on a business trip or a big getaway, you need to prepare sufficiently for any wardrobe malfunction that may come your way. To help you out, here are some of the most common fashion faux pas that you should be aware of when traveling.

Runs and Holes in Your Hosiery

It may be tempting to simply throw away your slightly ripped tights, leggings, and hosiery while on a trip, but you can choose to save money through some quick fixes. If you notice a snag in your hosiery, try putting clear nail polish on both ends of the run to “glue” the part in place. Additionally, you may opt to use hairspray as a temporary fix. To keep the run from worsening, spray a generous amount of hairspray over and under the snag to stiffen the garment’s fibers.

Of course, these problems are also preventable by packing high-quality hosiery. As such, you may want to buy tights that are comfortable, durable, and stylish enough to spare you from fashion emergencies and last well beyond your trip.

Broken Zippers

Packing a small sewing kit with a needle, thread, and extra buttons is a no-brainer if you want long-lasting solutions to small holes and tears. But if you need a short-term fix for unsightly rips in your clothes, you can use adhesive items like fabric tape. This kind of tape can also be used to fix loose hems as well as shifty, ill-fitting clothes. But of course, it would be ideal to bring clothes that fit well and don’t have glaring flaws.

When your hemline comes undone, place the tape along the affected hem and fold it up to the original length. Then, apply pressure to the fabric to seal it in place and keep it from getting loose. 

Loose Buttons

Sewing on buttons only takes a few minutes to do, making it one of the easiest long-term remedies for clothes. Essentially, sewing is a great way to ensure that your buttons will stay in place even after a few washes. But if you don’t have a sewing kit or lack the time to stitch, you can always use a safety pin to close off the open area.

Deodorant Marks

Deodorant marks can ruin your outfit as well as photo ops during your trip. To get rid of these white stains, simply rub the affected fabric against itself. Keep rubbing vigorously until the marks finally come off. In addition, you can use close-knit fabric such as pantyhose to rub against the stain. If the stain persists, you may opt to soak the fabric in white vinegar to get it off.

Makeup Stains

Falling into a deep sleep is inevitable during long drives and flights. As you give in to drowsiness, you may forget that you’re wearing makeup and leave stains on your collars and sleeves. To eliminate those pesky lipstick and foundation marks, you can rub some shaving cream on the affected areas.

Snapped and Exposed Straps

Needless to say, broken straps on your bra, dress, or blouse can be a nightmare. For tops, placing a safety pin to reconnect the broken end usually does the trick. For bras, however, you can also use a paper clip or clothespin to anchor your straps together. You can also use this technique to turn your bra into a racerback style when wearing tops with a halter neckline.

Spills on Your Clothes

Spills of any type of liquid on your clothes are unavoidable when you’re out and about. If you don’t have a stain remover, use a dry towel to blot up excess liquid on the fabric. Then, soak a towel in cold water and use it to gently remove the stain. Avoid rubbing vigorously, as this will only make the stain seep further into the garment. If the stain is from red wine, try soaking your clothes in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap. 

Another remedy for stains such as ink and coffee is to soak the clothes in vinegar. Soaking the fabric in soap and warm water is usually effective for light stains. Bloodstains, however, are best removed by cold water as heat will only deepen the stain. In particular, stains on delicate pieces should be washed off by fully submerging the item in water. Trying to wash it off in small portions in a bathroom can leave discolored rings due to stains that haven’t been completely eliminated.

As an extra precaution, you may want to keep a shawl with you at all times to instantly hide stains when the situation calls for it.

Scuffed Shoes and Broken Heels

Broken or damaged footwear can impede your ability to walk and put you at risk for injury. Avoid this problem by checking your shoes for damage before packing them along and bringing an extra pair or two to easily replace the broken pair. Use superglue to temporarily repair the ruined heel, then take it for professional repair when you get back from your trip.

If your suede shoes get scuffed, you can use a pencil eraser to rub out the scuff. For leather shoes, you can use petroleum jelly and toothpaste. Scuffs on canvas kicks, on the other hand, are best removed by baking soda. 

Gum Stuck to Clothes

If you happen to get some gum stuck to your clothes, don’t fret! Just use duct tape to repeatedly lift the goo off, especially if the gum is still pliable. You can also use rubbing alcohol or a spritz of hairspray to harden the gum and scrape off the residue.

Wrinkled Clothes

Last but not the least, is wrinkled clothing. Properly folding your clothes in your suitcase may prevent noticeable wrinkles, but still, you need to have an iron or a garment steamer to keep your clothes neat when you have to go out. Some hotels may already provide these appliances for your convenience, but if they’re not available, you can also use a blow dryer as a substitute or press your clothes against two towels to smooth out the wrinkles. 

Don’t Let Your Clothes Ruin Your Trip!

No matter how well-prepared you are for your trip, disaster can strike your outfit at any minute. Packing wisely with durable clothes is good practice, but it still pays to know some basic fixes that you can do with items you can find in your hotel or at the local drugstore. For your next trip, make sure to keep these tips in mind so you can maximize your getaway and move past every rip, stain, or wrinkle.

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