New Alliance Cooperation Framework Agreement – Nigeria

Four years after the G8 Summit at L’Aquila, Italy, the international community recognizes the
importance of food security to development, inclusive economic growth, and the dignity of all
women and men. In that spirit, we welcome the success of the Comprehensive African Agricultural
Development Program (CAADP) in demonstrating African ownership and leadership, its call for
expanded public and private investment in agriculture, and desire to build on the progress African
governments have made in advancing a vision for agricultural development in Africa.
Nigeria believes that agriculture is a business and that the role of government is to provide an
environment that enables the private sector to succeed. Together, the Government of Nigeria and
the G8 members commit to the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition and to working
together to generate greater private investment in the agricultural sector, scale innovation,
achieve sustainable food security outcomes, increase income especially of smallholder farmers,
and end hunger. As partners, we commit ourselves to the following principles and actions:
Support of CAADP Country Compacts

The G8 members, consistent with commitments made at L’Aquila, reaffirm their intention to align
their agricultural financial and technical support with key priorities of Nigeria’s Agricultural
Transformation Agenda (ATA) in such a manner as to accelerate implementation of the key
priorities of the ATA and in conjunction with commitments made by the Government of Nigeria.
The ATA is the Government of Nigeria’s agenda to implement the Comprehensive African
Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP). Consistent with the foregoing, the G8 members
recognize the value of predictability of donor activities including financial and technical support
over a sustained period of time, as set out in Annex 2.

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The G8 members intend to provide support within the agriculture sector to accelerate
implementation of key priorities of the ATA, including through the Grow Africa platform with the
overall goal of facilitating increases in private investment and scaling innovation. The G8 members
intend to engage the relevant agencies of their member governments and also to bring to bear
appropriate enabling actions to accelerate progress in the areas of finance and markets, science
and technology, and risk management. To address the underlying causes of food insecurity, the G8
members intend to focus key resources and other contributions on high-priority, high-impact
investments within the ATA, including the development of the Government of Nigeria’s priority
area of the Staple Crop Processing Zones (SCPZs).

Key Policy Commitments
The Government of Nigeria intends to pursue the policy goals set out below in order to build the
confidence of domestic and international private sector to significantly increase agricultural
investments. The overall goal being to increase food and nutrition security, create employment for
millions, and generate increased income for Nigeria’s smallholder farmers.
The Government of Nigeria intends to focus its efforts on increasing private sector involvement in
production and distribution of inputs; increasing farmer and agro-businesses access to private
sector financial services, improving food security and nutrition, and improving the business
environment for private sector investment. (See Annex 1)

The Government of Nigeria reaffirms its intention to provide the human and financial resources,
and the mechanisms for dialogue with the private sector, farmers and other stakeholders, and
across government ministries that are required for the achievement of tangible and sustainable
outcomes, the acceleration of Nigeria’s transformation, and the delivery of tangible benefits to
smallholder farmers, including women.
The Government of Nigeria reaffirms its commitment to mainstream nutrition in all food security
and agriculture-related programmes.

Private Sector Engagement

Private sector representatives have communicated that they intend to invest in the agriculture
sector in Nigeria in support of the ATA, through Letters of Intent that they will prepare and
execute, and intend to advise, shape, and participate in broad, inclusive and sustained private
sector consultative mechanisms with the host government (see Annex 3).
Shared Responsibilities

The G8 members, other bilateral development partners, the Government of Nigeria and the
private sector, confirm their intention to take account of the Voluntary Guidelines on the
Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food
Security (“the Voluntary Guidelines”) adopted by the Committee on World Food Security in May
2012 as well as the Principles for responsible agricultural investment (rai) which are currently
undergoing a consultative process through the Committee on World Food Security. In addition,
they intend to work together specifically to develop pilot implementation programs for the
Voluntary Guidelines and the rai in Nigeria.

Coordination and Collaboration
Recognizing existing arrangements for division of labor between the Government of Nigeria and
development partners, the G8 members intend to coordinate their efforts with the aim of
attaining greater effectiveness. The co-chair of the Nigeria agriculture sector working group
(currently the Government of the United Kingdom) intends to serve as a lead interlocutor with the
host country, private sector, and other stakeholders on behalf of the G8, working through existing
in-country consultation groups and structures without setting up parallel or duplicative structures.
The G8 and the Government of Nigeria welcome the participation of other countries and partners.
Consistent with the New Alliance goal of improving food security and nutrition by helping 50
million people in sub-Saharan Africa emerge from poverty by 2022, the participants intend for
their combined actions in Nigeria to help create 3.5 million new jobs and provide 10 million
farmers with accelerated farm inputs and markets support by 2015. Nigeria anticipates that 50
million people will experience increased food security and increased wealth during this time
Mutual Accountability
The G8 members, the Government of Nigeria, and the private sector intend to review their
collective performance under this document through an annual review process to be conducted
jointly. These participants intend, in particular, to review progress toward jointly determined
objectives on the basis of jointly determined benchmarks in contributing to the fulfillment of
Nigeria’s Agricultural Transformation Agenda. Agreed upon objectives include: (1) progress
towards achieving wealth creation target through job creation; (2) G8 member commitments to
align their agricultural investments to the Government of Nigeria’s ATA; (3) Government of
Nigeria’s progress in implementing its policy commitments and consulting with private-sector
investors; and (4) the investment commitments of private-sector investors. The review will also
take account of the shared responsibilities related to the Voluntary Guidelines and the rai.

To know more download the progress report below.

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