Singapore Visa at Zero Cost

Singapore is a magnificent country to visit. The country offers almost everything for a perfect and ideal holiday destination. Needless to say, people from all around the world flock here to spend their vacations. Also, statistics of the last decade suggest an increase in the number of Indians travelling to Singapore. And hence the demand for Singapore visa has also increased.

The reason could be the fact that Singapore offers the best of both worlds. While keeping you in touch with your Indian-ness, it also offers a world-class tourist experience.

But if you want to embark on a Singapore tour, then you need to have get Singapore visa before hand since there is no visa on arrival nor India is one of the visa free countries that can visit Singapore.

Singapore visa for Indians involves “offline processing”, however, one can apply for it online with the help of a qualified travel agent. Please note, the offline process, does not require a visa interview or biometrics with the embassy.

If you prefer the convenience of an @home service, then you can apply for your visa with a 100% cashback of your entire visa fee at Blinkvisa!

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apply for singapore visa for indians

Getting Started with Singapore Visa

If you are wondering how to get a Singapore visa for your next travel then you have landed on the right page. Getting a Singapore visa has become easier than ever before with the introduction of eVisa or ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization).

However, not all nationals can apply for a Singapore visa online. As some may have to submit the original passport or its equivalent including the hard copy of documents. On the contrary, nationals eligible for online visa or e-visa must apply only through an authorized travel agent or operator like Blinkvisa. In the case of offline Singapore visa for Indians, you have to submit the hard copy of documents including the passport to the embassy. Surprisingly, you don’t need to do that by yourself as Blinkvisa handles everything for you (both online and offline application process).

You will get the Singapore online visa or eVisa delivered to your mail inbox as a PDF document. And you have to take a colour printout of this along with your other travel documents while travelling to Singapore.

What is a Singapore visa?

A visa is an endorsement or an acknowledgement that the holder of the travel document (passport) mentioned in the visa copy has been granted permission to visit and exit the specific country based on the conditions of the visa type.

Singapore visa is a multiple entry visa, which gives you access to visit Singapore multiple times throughout its validity. A Singapore Tourist Visa can act as a multi-purpose visa as it could be used for tourism purposes as well as visiting friends or family residing in Singapore.

Singapore visa processing time in India

It takes around seven days to get a Singapore visa. However, we do recommend you apply at least 30 days in advance just to be on the safer side. Such that you won’t have to delay your trip, in the case, if the embassy requests for more documents.

Singapore online visa vs Singapore eVisa

Singapore online visa or Singapore eVisa is a pre-arrival authorization, which is electronically linked to the applicant’s passport. This facility is open for only a very few countries.

The Singapore online visa facility was provided to ease the process of getting the visa done. However, the online visa cannot be applied by an individual by himself. You need to apply through a credible travel agent like Blinkvisa.

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The A – Z Of Singapore Visa Requirements

There is no doubt that the visa process is one of the most critical yet very tedious procedure to follow. If you’re not aware of the process yourself, you could get lost on the web surrounded by chunks of information, making it more difficult to go through. But Blinkvisa takes all your troubles away as the expert visa agents will guide you through the process until you get your visa*. They will even suggest the perfect type of visa you’ll need based on your requirements and purpose of visit.

And don’t forget one of the most liked features of Blinkvisa – Getting 100% cashback on your visa fee.

* Subject to approval by the embassy

What are the documents required for Singapore visa?

As with any other country, to apply for Singapore visa you must submit certain documents to embassy for proper checking and thereby approval of the same.

You will have to submit a proper selection of documents depending on the visa you’re applying for as well as your current employment status.

These are the mandatory documents which you have to submit along with some additional documents listed further:

  • Original Passport
    • At least six months validity
    • With at least two blank pages
    • Old passport also required if you have any
  • Photograph
    • Passport-sized 3.5in x 4.5in
    • Matte finish
  • Covering Letter explaining your travel
    • If you’re self-employed, then letter needs to be on Business letterhead
  • Financial Status
    • Bank statement of the last three months
  • Flight Tickets
  • Hotel Bookings, if any

Besides, there are some additional documents you will need to furnish based on your employment status. These are explained below:


  • Latest months salary slip
  • Employee ID card


  • ITR of last year
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Partnership Deed
  • Last three months bank statement


  • Proof of Pension OR
  • Last Six months bank statement


  • School / College / Institute ID Card


  • A letter of consent from parents with a proof of their Signature, if the minor is travelling unaccompanied, without or with one single parent
  • School ID card copy for students
  • Financial documents like ITR, updated 3 months Bank Statement of the

If you’re visiting family or friends in Singapore then you will also need to submit:

  • Invitation letter
  • Inviter’s ID passport or PR
  • Form V39 A
  • Address proof like any Electricity bill, any Utility bill etc.

If someone else is sponsoring your trip, then you need to submit:

  • Sponsorship letter
  • Sponsor’s national ID proof like Passport, PAN card or Resident permit
  • Updated bank statement of last 6 months

Note: If you reside in Bangalore, the documents will be directly picked up from your home and your visa delivered to your doorstep. More information further in the article.

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Genius way of Getting Singapore Visa Fee to ‘Zero’

Singapore is the next travel destination on your bucket list. Surely, you must be getting your budget ready for your trip. And, amidst all the various expenses, Singapore visa fee must not be missed out as this is a considerable part of Singapore tour.

Nevertheless, you can reduce the Singapore visa cost to ‘ZERO’ if you apply for your visa via Blinkvisa. To apply for Singapore visa with Blinkvisa, all you need to do is fill a one minute form.

Let’s talk about Singapore visa Fee

In this section, you will find the Singapore visa fees of the two most common Singapore visa types i.e.- Singapore Tourist visa and Singapore Business visa. The price of Singapore visa does not differ because of the visa category. Here are all the details you need to know regarding the price of Singapore visa.

Earlier it was possible to get Singapore visa online, but it is not available anymore. Nowadays you can get one via authorized visa agents only. Also, you need to submit your passport to the embassy to get the same. However, you need not visit the embassy in person.

But when you apply for your visa through Blinkvisa, we offer you 100% cashback of your visa expenses. It means that you are going to get your Singapore visa for free!

Singapore tourist visa fee

Singapore is one of the most visited travel destinations because of various tourist attractions. A Singapore tourist visa is an online visa or ETA ( Electronic Travel Authorization) allows tourists to visit this country for tourism.

You can see the breakup of the Singapore Tourist visa fee at Blinkvisa, given below.

Singapore Business Visa Fee

Singapore is a perfect place to find professional opportunities which inspire a huge number of people to maintain business relationships in Singapore. In fact, thousands of visitors travel to Singapore every year for business purpose.

Just like Singapore tourist visa, one has to apply for a Singapore business visa through an agent only. Blinkvisa helps you in getting your business visa in the smoothest way possible.

Singapore tourist visa fee  

How to pay Singapore Visa Fee?

When you apply through Blinkvisa, you just have to pay INR 500 at the initial stage to get your process started. Once the visa gets approved, only then you have to pay the rest of the visa fee. Also, as soon as you pay INR 500, you’ll get the entire fee credited back into your account regardless of your visa approval status.

Special Note: Usually when you go through any travel agent or operator, you will have to pay the visa fee in advance but the unique feature of Blinkvisa is that you only pay INR 500 at first.

If your visa is not approved for some reason, you will not have paid the full amount and thus saved your money on Blinkvisa as compared to other agents.

Now that you have entire visa fee back into your account wallet, what can you do with it?

You can get huge and attractive discounts on flights, hotels, and activities when you book from Blinkvisa. Also, you can find more about this further:

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Understanding Singapore visa for Indians

Singapore visa for Indian passport holders is an electronically issued visa, which you cannot apply for by yourself. Meaning you need to go through any qualified agent. This visa permits you to visit Singapore for either tourism or business purposes. The tourist visa is also used for visiting friends & family living in Singapore. In which case, you may refer to it as a Singapore visit visa or visitor visa.

How can you get a Singapore visa with Indian Passport?

Blinkvisa has made the process of application for Singapore visa for Indians extremely simple and smooth. You won’t have to spend too much time trying to figure out what you need to do, what type of visa you need, and the process of application.

In this section, you will learn everything you should know about the Singapore visa for Indians / Singapore visa for Indian passport holders.

So, let’s start.

What are the different types of Singapore visa for Indians?

The two most popular and used visa for Indians are Tourist Visa and Business Visa.

Singapore tourist visa for Indians

Singapore tourist visa is a multiple entry visa which is a mandatory document to visit Singapore. This visa comes in the form of ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization. The Singapore eVisa policy has qualified 14+ countries that can get Singapore e-Visa and fortunately India is one of them.

The processing time of Singapore tourist visa for Indians in 5 to 7 business days. But it is always better to apply for the visa in 30 days ahead of your travel date. Being in advance keeps you free from the last minute worries, which may come if you apply for the visa a week before the travel date.

The validity of Singapore e-Visa is up to 2 years and one can visit Singapore for tourism, business, and medical purpose with an e-Visa. The e-visa comes with a maximum of 30 days of stay period at a stretch. In order to enter Singapore, your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of entering Singapore. This is a multiple entry visa which means after the visa approval, you can enter Singapore multiple times during the 2 years of validity.

Singapore Tourist Visa Information

Singapore Tourist Visa fee for Indians

The Singapore tourist visa fee is INR 2100 however it does not include Blinkvisa charges or GST of 18%. While the total fee comes up to INR 2690, the breakup is shown below:

Singapore tourist visa fee

Singapore Business Visa for Indians

Singapore Business visa is a prior electronic approval for a visit to Singapore on business purposes. This comes as an e-visa which you can easily download and take a print out of the same while travelling.

Though Singapore Business visa is en e-visa, it has offline processing. You need to have assistance from an authorised agent. Blinkvisa can easily help you procure one. Besides, you can get a cashback on the visa fee that effectively gives your visa for free.

Singapore Business Visa Information

Singapore Business Visa fee for Indians

The actual Singapore business visa fee is INR 2100 however it does not include Blinkvisa charges or GST of 18%. The total fee comes up to INR 2690. You can see the breakup shown below:

Singapore business visa fee

What are the documents required for Singapore visa for Indians?

  • Original Passport with at least six months validity from the date of travel
  • Visa application form – Form 14
  • Passport photo size 3.5in x 4.5in with Matte finish
  • Personal covering letter explaining your travel
    • If self-employed cover letter on Business letterhead
  • Invitation letter from the host company and Form V39(A)
  • Flight Tickets
  • Hotel Reservations if any

There are some additional documents required, which will be explained further in the article or click here to check now.

Blinkvisa will help you with form, the document scrutinization, and submission as well. In addition, you get 100% cashback on your entire visa fee.

Is there Singapore visa on arrival for Indians or Indian passport holders?

Unfortunately, Indians can’t get visa on arrival for Singapore. You need to have a valid visa before you are even allowed to board the plane.

Earlier, Indians could visit Singapore without a visa by asking for an invite from a friend or relative. Anyone who is a citizen of Singapore could invite someone using their SingPass. This option is no longer available and is now replaced with the Singapore e-visa which you can apply with a qualified visa agent.

Singapore Transit Visa for Indians

You will need Transit visa when you’re going from one country to another with a change of flight in the middle; in some other country. If you’re visiting some country but need to change your flights in Singapore, you will require this visa.

Fortunately, Indian citizens do not need this visa if they are transiting through Singapore Changi Airport and meet the below conditions:

  • You have a flight ticket to onward journey, and valid visa as well (if needed)
  • Not leaving the transit area of the Airport
  • The authorities have carried out the luggage check for the final destination
  • You will not clear Immigration to enter Singapore
  • You are not travelling on a low-cost airline except for passengers travelling visa Scoot-Thru.

Nationals of certain Level I countries may enter Singapore under the Visa Free Transit Facility (VFTF):

Indian nationals who are in transit to or from any third country by air may be eligible for 96-hours Visa Free Transit Facility (VFTF). If you are an Indian traveller who is not in possession of a valid Singapore visa and not eligible for VFTF, you are not allowed to enter Singapore.

Indian nationals who are in transit to or from any third country via Singapore, you may be eligible for the 96-hour VFTF if you meet these requirements:

  • You may enter Singapore by any mode of transport but depart only via air or sea. You must have a valid onward air/ferry/cruise ticket departing Singapore within 96 hours; and
  • You must have a valid visa*/long-term pass (with a validity of at least 1 month from the date of entry into Singapore under the VFTF) issued by any of the following countries:
    • Australia
    • Canada
    • Germany^
    • Japan
    • New Zealand
    • Switzerland^
    • United Kingdom
    • United States of America

* A visa is considered valid so long as it is good for entry into one of the eight countries listed above.

Singapore Visa from Bangalore

Did you know that Bangaloreans can get the visa done at the comfort of their homes?

Yes. Blinkvisa can get your visa processed without you leaving your home. Since our office is Bangalore based, our executives will directly arrive at your home to pick-up your documents, at no extra cost.

You can also visit us to get more details and consultation with our visa experts at our office located at:

L-176, Ground Floor, 5th Main, Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

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How to apply for Singapore Visa?

If you are wondering how to apply for Singapore visa for your next travel then you have landed on the right page. Getting the visa has become easier than ever before with the introduction of eVisa or ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) or online visa. In this article, we are going to explain how to apply for Singapore visa in just 4 simple steps and why should you apply it through Blinkvisa.

4 Easy Steps for Singapore Visa Application process

Here, we’ll explain the 4 easy steps which you can follow to have your visa at hand. You’ll be able to apply for a Singapore visa with minimal efforts from your side:

Step 1:

Visit and fill in some basic information like the type of visa required, destination and your contact number.

Click ‘Get Visa’

apply for singapore visa

Step 2:

In the next step, you will have to give your personal information such as name, email id, phone number, number of people travelling and so on.

schedule personal details

Step 3:

The third step will be to schedule an appointment with our visa experts by selecting the date and time slot. If you reside in Bangalore, our visa expert will come to your home or office for all the required assistance in visa processing.

Schedule visa appointment

Step 4:

The last step of the visa processing with Blinkvisa is making the initial payment. The visa fee is INR 2690 for both Singapore business visa and tourist visa.

But while applying it through Blinkvisa, you just have to make an initial payment of INR 500.  By paying this nominal amount you can schedule an appointment with our visa experts.

Why should You apply for Visa through Us?

Getting your Singapore online visa has been made easy for you by Blinkvisa, but what else do we offer?

Let’s keep it short and simple. Blinkvisa offers you five benefits which no one else can:

  • 100% Cashback on your visa fee including Blinkvisa charges and taxes
  • Up to 15% discounts on Hotel and Flight Bookings
  • Specially curated Travel Plan just for you
  • Expert visa assistance and Document Scrutinization
  • You only need to pay INR 500 initially until your visa gets approved. You can pay the rest only after your visa gets approved.

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How to use Cashback to get discounts on Hotels & Flights?

Once you get the cashback, you can visit our booking portal There you can select the details like dates, departures, number of persons, etc and get an overview of the availability of hotels and flights. As you can see below, the discount rates are unmatchable with any other service. You get the discount using Blinkcash; which is the cashback you received earlier.

So basically, it’s your visa money which has been converted to your travel expenses, making your visa Free.

Sample Hotel Discounts

Singapore Hotel Discounts

Sample Flight Discounts

Singapore Flight Discounts

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Visa Policy and Exemptions

Singapore only allows a few countries to avail the online visa facility. These countries are Level 1 Countries and include the following:

Level1 Countries

The other countries must get their visa in advance. The passport has the visa affixed on it. These are Level 2 Countries and include the following:

Level2 Countries

5 Things You Must Know About Singapore Visa

  • Your visa will get rejected if the information is not properly filled or any document is missing. Request for more documents may be necessary sometimes which can get the process delayed.
  • The visa granted has a duration which has its own merits depending on the documents you provide.
  • Possession of a visa does not guarantee entry into Singapore. You can enter Singapore only by the discretion of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers at the point of entry. Visitors must also meet entry requirements such as holding a valid passport, sufficient funds for the period of stay in Singapore and confirmed onward/return air ticket (if applicable).
  • The validity of the visa refers to the period where the holder may seek entry into Singapore. Your duration of stay will be decided by ICA officers on duty at the respective checkpoints.
  • The stay period mentioned on the visit pass endorsement given on your passport and it is not tied to the validity of your visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Singapore visa fee for Indians?

The Singapore visa fee for Indians is INR 2100. It does not include Blinkvisa charges and GST of 18%. In total, the cost comes up to INR 2690.

2. What is the Singapore Tourist Visa?

Singapore tourist visa is a document or sticker on a passport which gives you access to explore the country as a Tourist. It’s main specifications are:

Validity: Up to 2 Years
Stay: 30 Days
Entry Type: Multiple Entry
Processing Time: 5-7 Days
Fee: INR 2690

Same is applicable for the Business visa as well, however, requirements change.

3. Do Indians need a tourist visa for Singapore?

Yes! Being an Indian you will need to have a tourist visa for Singapore to visit this country. Your Singapore visa will be an e Visa with a maximum validity of up to 2 years.

4. Can I get a Singapore visa on arrival for Indian citizens?

This option is not applicable to Indian citizens. Indians must have a valid passport and a Singapore tourist visa to enter Singapore. In fact, Singapore does not provide visa on arrival to citizens of any nation.

5. Is Singapore tourist visa is free for Indians?

No, It is not free. You will have to pay INR 2690 for each Singapore visa. But if you apply for a Singapore visa through Blinkvisa, you will get the entire amount as Blinkwallet cashback which is usable in flight bookings, hotel bookings and tickets for activities in Singapore making your visa free.

6. What is the validity of Singapore Visa?

The validity of a Singapore tourist visa for Indians is 2 years from the date of issuance of the visa. But the tourist visa for Singapore does not allow an Indian to stay more than 30 days in Singapore at a stretch. It is a multiple entry visa hence one can enter multiple times within the validity of 2 years.

7. How will I receive my visa?

The approved Singapore visa will be in PDF format. You can take a printout of the same while travelling. The soft copy of the visa should also be handy.

8. What do I do if I do not have a bank account?

You can simply get a sponsor for the trip. The unemployed persons and those who do not have a bank account can get a sponsor. In such cases, the sponsor should submit his/her bank statement. You might need to submit the reason for getting a sponsor.

9. Do I need to take a travel/health Insurance?

It is recommended to take a travel or health insurance like medical expenses or treatment can be costly in Singapore. Blinkvisa can assist you in travel insurance. You may be asked to present travel medical insurance in case of any medical emergencies and any proof of funds for your travel. You can get a travel insurance HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance for as low as INR 300.

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