Visiting Prague: Any Season will do

There are cities that deserved to be visited at certain times of the year, only. As you will find out below, that is not the case with Prague. There is something going on all year long, which should incite you to go back more than once. Since the year always starts in winter, this is where we will begin this article, as it is also one of the favourites for many of you readers, when it comes to visiting cities under the snow.


Winter solstice, in 2022, will happen on December 21. This is the shortest day of the year. As we near Christmas, there is no better time to visit the city, as there are so many things to do in Prague at this time of the year. First, you will need to walk around the Christmas markets. They start opening near the end of November and continue on during the first few days of the new Year. If you can make it to Prague for the celebration of New Year’s Eve, you are guaranteed to enjoy the greatest party of your life. Any bar or club will do. Just make sure to go outside to watch the fireworks welcome 2023, as they explode in multiple colours over the Vlatva River.  


When March comes around, winter slowly starts to move away. However, make sure that you still bring your winter coat, as it gets cold in the evening. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with dance groups from Ireland and the Czech Republic, mixing it up together. In April, you will want to catch the international film festival, FebioFest. For a good time, try spending the night in a park, on April 30, as citizens celebrate the witches’ night (Čarodějnic), with bonfires, good food and beer. To continue on that note, Prague’s beer festival is held during the month of May. Although summer is just around the corner, bring a jacket for the evening, still.


If you feel sorry that you missed the beer festival last month, don’t worry as June also has its own. It is called the Mini-Brewery Festival, which features some of the best smaller brewers of the Czech republic. Best of all, it takes place in Prague Castle. July is one of the most touristic months in Prague, so expect long waiting lines when you visit sites. Throughout the month, you will be able to listen to classical music, thanks to the Prague Proms annual music series, which is presented in some concert halls, as well as on outside venues.


There aren’t just beers that get to be celebrated in Prague. In September, you also get to witness (and taste) the biggest burgers and barbecue festival in Europe. If you don’t have a great esteem for hamburgers, you will probably change your mind after tasting some of the best ones that you will find on the old continent. Finally, let’s mention the three-day fashion and design festival, that takes place in October and which is called Designblok. It features some of the best newcomers in the industry, from around the country.

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