Top 5 Vacations for Families to Plan in 2022

Top 5 Vacations for Families to Plan in 2022

Everyone has experienced the stress of being cooped inside for too long. Now that school is back in session, you have probably been thinking of a way to get the family together for some epic fun and adventure during the next school break. This is the perfect time to plan that family vacation you’ve been longing for. 

1. Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is one of the oldest national parks in the United States. It boasts over 49,000 acres of land filled with a wide array of attractions, including the Acadia Scenic park loop road, which happens to be a sinuous 27-mile route that includes a steep drive to the top of Cadillac mountain. Got an adventurous family that would love to hike? No problem, as you can hike from town to the 1,530-foot summit of the Cadillac mountain as well. A visit to Acadia National park would make for an unforgettable family experience.

2. Glacier Bay National Park

Yes — another park. But you’d have to admit, parks are awesome! Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park is no different. This park is filled with cascading tidewater glaciers, numerous pinnacles and an abundance of marine wildlife; it’s 3.3 million acres of icy adventure. You can visit the park via an Alaskan cruise. On an Alaska cruise vacation you can expect to see wildlife, enjoy fine dining and be constantly wowed by views from Mother Nature.

3. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is home to Table Mountain, a huge National Park and Botanical garden that is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Africa. While there, you could also take a ferry tour around the famous (and seemingly infamous) Robben Island. In addition to these must-sees, Cape Town has beautiful sandy beaches — beautiful Boulder Beach is known for its colony of penguins. It’s also home to the Cape of Good Hope where the oceans meet. Fancy a visit to a wine farm? Stellenbosch is home to a lot of family-friendly wine farms. Generally, Cape Town is an energetic and lovely city, a place with something interesting for the whole family.

4. Bali, Indonesia

If you’re ready to experience a new culture that seems to have festivals all year round, Bali is the place to visit. With an abundance of water parks, beaches, festivals, rice fields and hiking trails, Bali is a top-tier place to visit. The island has rich artistic scenery, which complements the beautiful natural backdrop of the city. Its spas come highly recommended too! Visiting the magnificent and sacred Hindu temples would be something to look forward to as Bali has these in abundance. From the Punah Tanah Lot to Mount Batur, to the Ubud Monkey forest, there are a lot of things for your family to see and feel in Bali.

5. Florence, Italy

Italy is littered with many tourist attractions and family-friendly cities. Of all those cities, Florence is up there amongst the very best. A city located in the Tuscany region of Italy, Florence is a wonderful place to visit, especially for families. One of the major allures of Florence is its villas, many of which date as far back as medieval times. It has a rolling hills landscape, which combines with the city’s art and architecture to make it a wonderful vacation destination for the whole family.

2021 is fast-rolling to an end and while you might not be able to take the family on that relaxing vacation this year, 2022 is a whole new year to explore any of these locations and create new memories with the fam.

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