Top 10 Exotic Places to Travel in the USA

Are you looking for destinations to travel to in the summer or if you’re in desperate need of a break away from the usual routine? Before you determine that there is absolutely nowhere to go in the USA, think again. One can travel to so many destinations whether it is by plane or better yet, go on a road trip with the whole family. Take a look at these 10 exciting exotic destinations to visit in the USA and start planning a trip with you and your family. 

  • Salt Lake City, Utah

If you’re looking for an exotic destination to take your whole family, Salt Lake City, Utah is the place to be. From shopping, incredible skiing, and if you go during the month of January take full advantage of the Sundance Film Festival. It’s an opportunity to watch movies that have no been released to the big screen yet and a chance to see directors talk about the process of the movie. Utah is a beautiful area with snowy mountain sceneries and great hotels to stay in.

  • Havasu Falls, Arizona

Better get your shorts out, Arizona is not like any cold winter that you have experienced. As long as you don’t mind a 10-mile hike, Havasu Falls is the destination for you. Don’t let all that sweat turn your nose up. It is very well worth your time because it is a beautiful landscape once you reach the falls. That’s what vacations are meant for. The experience you’ll never forget. 

  • Providence Canyon, Georgia

Have you gone to the Grand Canyon and you’ve already seen it? Well, here is a new Grand Canyon destination for you. Go on a tour in Providence Canyon State Park in Georgia. Everything from the gorgeous colors, breathtaking skyline and the tall trees standing over you is an unforgettable trip. Learn about the detailed history of how the canyon all came together during your stay.

  • Santa Lucia, Big Sur, California

California is one of the greatest places to go on vacation. There’s so much to see. Out of all the places in California Santa Lucia, Big Sur is one hopping place to take the whole family. Go out and see the mountain tops overlooking the ocean. If you’re looking for some quiet time to reconnect with yourself, take some time to sit and enjoy the peace as you bask over the view.

  • Great Sand Dunes, Colorado

Taking a trip to a place that has sand dunes, are you crazy? Not so much. Travelers have talked highly about the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado. As a national park, it feels as though one is walking through the sand dunes of Eygpt. Take a drive through the dunes and admire the view.

  • Culebra, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a territory in the U.S. It is a beautiful place to be if you’re looking to get away from it all. You may be wondering why you want to travel to an exotic location like this one. Because it is an area filled with beautiful beaches and you can learn so much about the area. Travel to Culebra, Puerto Rico now and take a sailboat out into the water. 

  • Olympic National Park, Washington

There are tons of exotic places to visit in Washington. While Washington D.C is a great destination for the whole family think about taking a trip to Olympic National Park, Washington. This exotic destination is like walking along a sandy beach while at the same time exploring through a rain forest. You have to see it to believe it. 

  • Santa Fe, New Mexico

Want to take a trip to the oldest state capital in the U.S? Santa Fe, New Mexico has everything from learning about the history of how it all came to be, followed by incredible attractions all lined up throughout the streets, and monuments of history. Book your trip now to stay in a hotel with the whole family and check out all the crafty souvenirs.

  • Saint Augustine, Florida

Are you thinking about travelling to Florida, but you have already been to Disney World? Now, it’s time to travel to other destinations in Florida. Saint Augustine, Florida is the exotic place to go for you and your family. Everything from the landscape, exciting history, and all sorts of historical buildings to visit. Take a trip during the holidays and you get the opportunity to see all sorts of dazzling lights hung up on all the buildings. 

  • Biltmore Estate, Ashville, North Carolina

The Biltmore Estate is known as one of the largest privately-owned estates all across the nation. If you’re not travelling with the kids go visit the winery that is attached to the mansion surrounded by gardens, a gigantic library, and a view that you will never forget. Spend an entire day exploring every inch of the Biltmore Estate. There is a lot to see. 

Tips for International Travelers

Apply for an ESTA online the moment that you have decided that you want to travel to the USA. Study the needed qualifications before entering into the USA. If you are unsure of your validity, check the government website to see what rules apply for your country. Fill out an ESTA travel online and get a 90-day visa waiver to authorize you and the members of your family to travel to America. Filling out an ESTA only takes 20 minutes. Don’t fill one out the day you are going to walk on the plane. No, way there is not enough time! Make sure to have all the valid papers and ESTA approval numbers with you to be allowed on the plane.

How to Check Your ESTA Status

Even after filling out an ESTA application, don’t automatically assume that everything has been completed. On some occasions, the ESTA could get banned for reasons that you overstayed the allowable amount of time that you are required to stay. Check your status on your ESTA to see that you have it before travelling. An ESTA check is used to determine whether or not you can travel to the USA or not. To check your ESTA status on whether or not you are still valid, get in contact with a government website to help you. While an ESTA means that you have a privilege to travel, it does not give approval for entry. Fill out an ESTA application and answer all the required questions asked.

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